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The Wrath Of Tonks

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Tonks puts her foot down.

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"Come," Albus turned toward the front door, "We need to let Remus off the hook."
"Couldn't we just let Tonks take it all out on Remus?" Harry said with a quiet smile, "That way she does not have much left for me?" Albus raised one eyebrow to Harry, "Yeah, she will have enough for me even after Remus is gone."
The two quietly enter the apartment. Harry noticed Tonks was not yelling any more. The silence in the apartment was deafening. Neither Tonks nor Remus could be seen. Harry was about to reach out and tug on the old wizard's robes in panic. From the couch they could hear Tonks' voice. The sound was not of pain or anger. Harry Look confused at Dumbledore, whose eye were sparkling and mischievous smile spread across his face.
Albus broke the silence and answered Harry's confusion with a simple clearing of the throat. With this sound Tonks and Remus suddenly sprang from the couch Tonks came up first pulling Remus to his feet. Both of their faces were redder than Tonks' current hair color. Harry was trying his best to stifle a laugh and failing miserably.
Albus broke the tension, "I see that you two came to an agreement?
Harry burst into a fit of laughter. The two adults glared at Harry as he said between gasps, "Are you sure I won't be in the way?
Tonks look of embarrassment was replaced with a death glare to the youth, "Harry, you are skating on thin ice with me. For your own health I would not say another word.”
Harry wanted to be placed under a disillusion charm. Fortunately Albus broke Tonks' glare of death, "Have we come to an agreement about Harry staying?”
Like night and day Tonks' voice changed to a pleasant tone, "Albus, Harry is staying here. I know you are very busy and I don't want to keep you a moment longer. She turned to Remus with a knowing look, "I will talk to you tomorrow.”
Harry was rooted to the same spot as Tonks led the two wizards to the door and sent them on their way. He flinched as the door closed yet never moved from the spot. Tonks sat on the edge of the recliner across from the couch. Her hand shot out pointing to the couch. She commanded, "Sit!”
Harry slowly shuffled over to the couch. He stood in front of Tonks, "Listen…”
"Sit," She commanded louder looking past him at the couch. She waited while he stiffly sat on the edge of the couch, "I wanted to speak to you eye to eye. No dominance in height to make the conversation even. He nodded mutely. There was a pregnant pause in the room that seemed to last longer than history class with Professor Bins. Tonks broke, "You were about to say?”
Harry did not realize he was holding his breath till he let the air out, "I am sorry Tonks.”
Tonks' face showed no emotion to this olive leaf of peace, "What are you apologizing for?”
"I hurt your feelings.”
"Yes you did Harry. That is the only reason you are apologizing?”
"No, I was angry and took it out on you. There was no excuse for what I said," Harry looked to the floor, "I hope you are still my friend.”
"But not a sister?”
Harry rested his elbows on his knees and covered his face with his hands. His words were barely heard, Tonks could hear the statement fine, "I don't want you to die.”
Tonks carefully took his hands from his face. With he hand she gently raised his chin where he was looking her in the eyes, "Why would I die?”
Harry's eyes sparkled with unshed tears, "Anyone who calls me family, real family dies," his last word were stuttered out in sobs.
While crying he pulled away from Tonks and retreated to the front door. He was ashamed and embarrassed and wanted to get out. Tonks somehow sensed what he was trying to do and was hot on his heals. When he paused to open the door Tonks lightly touched his shoulder. This simple touch seemed to knock Harry off his feet. He crumpled to the ground and wept. Tonks was surprised at her own tears; she had thought she wept all of her tears for Sirius her cousin.
Tonks dropped to her knees and wrapped the young man, wracked with sobs, in her arms. She gently stoked his hair and whispered, "Calm down, Little brother.”
"Please don't say that.”
"Look at me," Harry slowly raised his head and looked into her face, "I am not going anywhere.”
Harry sobs slowly subsided and after gulping for air was able to breath normally. With a tear-stained face he looked seriously at Tonks, "you can't promise that.”
Tonks face was tear stained as well. She shook her hear slowly, "no one can promise they will live to see the next day. Heck Harry, you could get run over by a bus while crossing the street. This does not mean you can shut everyone out because they might not be around. You are not living either. If you stop living then He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has won.”
"Does this mean you still want to be my sister?" Harry asked apprehensively, "Even with all I have told you? He almost told her about the prophecy, but did not feel right about telling her first, for some reason.
"Gee Harry! I don't call you my little brother for my health." She said with a smirk.
An evil grin spread across the young man's face, "Since we had an argument. Does this mean that we have to kiss and make up?” He started rolling on the floor laughing.
Tonks face went red with embarrassment. She then smiled at the fact that at least he was laughing. She scrunched her face in mock anger, "laughing at me eh?” This only made the teen laugh harder, "I'll give you something to laugh about. Harry,” Tonks began tickling him mercilessly.
With barely any breath left Harry tried to yell, "Uncle!
Tonks immediately stopped, "Harry, I thought we already covered this. I am your sister; I think we need to have a little talk about the difference between boys and girls." Tonks retorted trying to do her best Sigmund Freud impression.
With waggling eyebrows, "will there be visuals with your lesson?”
Tonks crossed her arms, "Harry Potter! Just you wait, I'll tell Hermione how you've been trying to get a peek at my bits and pieces. Harry was dumb struck his mouth acting like a codfish gasping for air, "Can't tell me you aren't hung up with that bit of crumpet.”
Failing miserably, Harry gave a glare, "How long have you and the professor been seeing each other.”
Tonks sighed in defeat, "OK bro, we wont bring up each other's love interest till we have the nerve to talk about our own. Deal? Tonks helped Harry from the floor.
"Deal," dusting himself off, "you got anything to eat? All this talk has made me hungry.”
Harry had one of the best nights he had had in a fortnight. They helped each other in the kitchen making Pizza and drinking butterbeers the entire time. When the Pizza was piping hot the adjourned to the living room to watch TV. Harry was trying to watch the news, but relented that he did not need since Tonks was an Auror after all. So he settled for watching Football. It was a rousing game between ‘Birmingham City’ and ‘Newcastle United.’
Tonks noticed Harry starting to nod off as the match went into the last period. She led him to his new room. Harry was too tired to notice the pile of clean laundry lying on the bed. He quickly lay down and used a pile of Tonks’ unmentionables as a pillow. Harry was fast asleep before Tonks could say something to Harry.
The next morning Harry woke up the doorbell ringing indecently. He groggily got out of bed not noticing the brazier draped across his head. In the living room he saw a person that made his heart feel light, for and odd reason. Hermione’s back was to the hallway. She was talking adamantly to Tonks.
“Have you even spoke with headmaster Dumbledore about getting him out of that awful place?” Her fist placed firmly on her hips. The smile on Tonks’ face was making her angrier by the second. “Would you stop grinning like a Cheshire cat and tell me when we are getting Harry out of Surry!”
Harry quietly stood behind Hermione with the same beaming grin as Tonks. Hermione was still on with her rant. “I have half a mind to go right to that fire grate and tell Dumbledore to his face,” she turned toward the fireplace and caught the sight of Harry out of the corner of her eye. “Hello Harry,” she quickly said, “I am going this instant to do just that since you”
Harry’s face was suddenly engulfed in long locks of auburn hair. “Harry!” was all he could hear as Hermione practically yelled into his ear as she grabbed him in a bone-crushing embrace. Hermione pulled back so Harry could see he smiling face. He look of surprise and elation changed to a look of confusion. “Um Harry,” as she tried to stifle a snicker, “Is there something I should know?”
Harry’s face changed slowly from bewilderment to annoyance. The females were to the point of tears in laughter. Harry crossed his arms, “What?!” He said with annoyance.
She carefully reached up and pulled something off Harry’s head. Harry’s face went beet red as he saw a brazier in Hermione’s hand. Harry crossed his arms and pouted, “What is this pick on Harry day.”
Both girls gave bogus pouting faces as they did their best baby talk, “Ah, Did we hurt willte Harrwy’s feelings?”
Harry shook his head in defeat. In a huff he started toward his bedroom. Over his slumped shoulder he grumbled back, “Tell me when the estrogen has cleared.”
Harry did not get two steps before the young ladies grabbed him by the arms and steered him to the couch. With a slight smirk on Hermione’s face, “I am sorry Harry you looked so cute with her bra draped over your head.”
Harry’s face never faded from the glowing red, “You two are never going to let me live this down huh?”
Tonks rolled her eyes, “Come on Harry once all your friends know. What is there to live down?”
Harry buried his face in the couch. It seemed to him the two female were never going to stop laughing. He got up the nerve to try and get up from the couch, but was stop by the two. “I am sorry Harry,” Hermione spoke sobering up, “it was so cute and we could not resist.”
“Yeah Harry,” retorted Tonks, “We wont tell anybody.”
Harry touched his chin in thought, “I wonder if I could write up a contract, like you did Hermione, to keep you two to your word.” The two looked in mock shock. Harry grinned, “Yeah, I trust you.” He did a ham handed segue way to try and change the subject, “So when you said ‘we will get you out soon’ you were talking about Tonks?”
Hermione smiled shyly, “Hope you don’t mind.”
“Mind Hermione you are a god send.”
Hermione beamed at him, “I would do anything for you Harry.”
Harry suddenly went from jovial to ashen. His lips disappeared into a white line. The word barley came from his mouth in a choked whisper, “Don’t say that.”
Hermione sat confused, but before she could reply Tonks realized where this conversation was about to go and jumped up to intervene, “Wait just a minute”
He cut her off quickly, “Tonks,” He said in a monotone voice, “Please let me have a minute alone with Hermione.”
Tonks threw up her hands in exasperation as she stormed across the room. She flung open the door and turned to the two on the couch, “Harry!” She yelled through clenched teeth, “If you do this you will be a bigger ass than I thought you were!” Before either of them could respond she slammed the door. Bam! The apartment vibrated from the impact.
Hermione winced but Harry seemed to not respond. She looked at him confused, “What is Tonks on about?”
Harry sighed and his shoulders slumped, “I need to talk to you about what you just said.”
Hermione narrowed her eyes, “What is wrong with what I said?”
“You said, I would do anything for you Harryand that is how you got hurt. I don’t want that to happen again.”
“I did that as my own choice. I made you take us.”
“I am not going to let that happen again.”
Hermione stood with her fist clenched at her side, “How are you going to stop me?” She laughed harshly, “Stop being my friend?”
Harry’s gaze never left the floor. The silence was deafening the room. Hermione stood and waited what felt like an eternity. She was the one that broke the silence, “You are going to stop being my friend?”
“Hermione you have to understand anyone that get close to me gets killed. Look what happened to you... and Ron, Neville, Ginny” The last came out in a whisper, “Sirius.”
Hermione crossed her arms closing herself off. In a shake voice, “you have made up you mind haven’t you.”
Harry only nodded.
“Fine Harry,” she said with all the courage she could collect, “This makes my life a lot easier.”
Harry never moved as Hermione made her way to the fireplace. With a toss fo some flu powder she yelled “number,” her voice cracked, “Number 12 Blackwood Street!”
In a flash she was gone.
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