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Naruto takes care of a wounded Sasuke.

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“You are sick,” he muttered and I could barely look at him. Might I add, my voice is partially gone. Yes, it is. But he, he doesn’t care right now. He really doesn’t. Maybe that’s why I secretly love him. He’s just perfect, maybe too perfect.

I want to tell him how I feel but my lack of voice is a big impediment. Who am I kidding? That’s just an excuse, I probably will never be able to tell him. He would never love me back, he is not like that.


“Good morning,” his sweet childish voice says near my ear. “Can you try talking today?”

I open my mouth but nothing comes out. It burns, my throat still burns. I notice how disappointed his blue eyes are and I can’t help but feel wretched since I know I’m responsible for that look. I’ve cause every misery in his life, yet he still is here.

He’s just too perfect.

I also notice he has many wounds. His face, his arms and his neck have visible lesions, the rest of them are probably covered by his clothing. I caused those injuries. What was I thinking?


“Sasuke, rise and shine!” he shrieks as he wakes me up into a new day. I look at him and smile. He seems a little happier this morning and this makes me contented. He is smiling and I love to see him like that.

The routine is the same as always. He is tender with my wounds and feeds me cautiously to make sure I don’t choke. My throat still burns but I know its healing. I made a promise to myself and I won’t break it. When my voice returns, he’ll know how I feel. I don’t care much for rejection, as I said before he’s perfect. He won’t mind my one-sided love. He will still be my friend.


“Sasuke…” I hear him moan.

He is asleep in the couch. I sleep in his bed since I don’t have a place of my own anymore. He mumbles my name a couple of more times and I know he’s dreaming of me. I stand up and walk to him, his face shows pain. Am I causing him pain again?

His blue eyes suddenly stare at me and I feel stupid for some reason. “Sasuke,” he calls. “What’s wrong?”

I don’t say anything, just kiss him softly and expect to be pushed away anytime but to my surprise he kisses back.

“What the meaning of this?” he asks as the sun rises. We kissed for many hours.

I remember I can’t talk and curse myself.

“Sasuke…” he whispers. “You are still hurt.”

I see him glancing down and it makes me feel awful. It’s my entire fault. “I love you Naruto,” I manage to choke out, my throat burning more than ever.

He just looks at me and smiles.

We kiss for many other hours.


I wrote this a 2:08 a.m. to be exact and I just got this urge to write something short, senseless and sweet. Hope you enjoy it.
Oh yeah, I write one-shot on request so if you like one just leave your emails.
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