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Odaiji Ni

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Itachi and Deidara go out on a mission. Itachi gets sick. Deidara must take care of him.

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Itachi looked at Deidara and Deidara back at him. They both stood in front of their leader who was giving him his usual poker face. It made no sense to neither of the Akatsuki the reason why they were partnered up for this particular mission, Deidara felt sick just to know he was going to be around him for so long.

“Any details?” Itachi asks, also with his regular poker face.

“No,” Pein answered. “Just make sure you two succeed, failure is definitely not an option.”

“If you want to guarantee success then you shouldn’t send me with this rookie,” Itachi comments, ignoring the dirty glances Deidara is giving him.

“Stupid Uchiha, un,” Deidara whispers to himself. He can’t let himself be bothered by the Uchiha’s attempts to derision him. It won’t do any good.

“The reasons I chose you two in particular will become very obvious once you reach your objective,” Pein informs. “So no arguing, you may go as soon as possible.”

Deidara looked at Itachi. “Hn, whatever…”


Deidara packed some extra clay in case he needed it before leaving along with Itachi. He still couldn’t believe his bad luck. Itachi was probably the Akatsuki he hated the most along with Hidan.

The first few hours were complete silence. According to Pein-sama, it would take them a day and a half to get there so it was a pretty long mission considering the couple couldn’t stand being around each other. Deidara took small glances at Itachi as they walked side by side with his visible eye. The Uchiha was like a walking statue, he would even flinch when the sunlight hit his eyes or when a bug flew too close for you to feel comfortable.

“We need to find a place to rest,” Itachi spoke for the first time since they left.

The blond looked at him with his eyebrow arched, even if it was not visible. “It's still a little early, don’t you think, yeah?”

“From now on the path is going to be more difficult, it’s better to face it while we are rested. Not that that matters much for me, I’m saying it cause I don’t want you to slow me down,” Itachi explained. “So we’re staying on an inn in the next town.”

Deidara looked ahead. There was definitely a town some meters away. “Hn, you know, I’ve been through more harsh things than this. In fact, this mission is going to be a piece of cake. But if you want to be an old man and go to bed early, then I won’t mind, un.”

Itachi didn’t say anything. He was smarter than that.


Thanks to Kakuzu being so cheap, they had to get a room together. Deidara definitely didn’t feel like sharing a room with Itachi. It was just too much to be around that guy.

He took another look at him. Itachi was sitting on his bed, wearing only a black shirt and his black pants, his Akatsuki robe was lying next to Deidara’s in a piece of furniture near the entrance. His eyes were closed and his hands lay on his lap. Now that he looked at him carefully, he seemed a little pale, more than usual. Itachi usually had pink cheeks.

Pink cheeks

Deidara turned red as he heard himself think about it. Why the hell had he noticed Itachi’s pink cheeks? It was not normal for him to see such details on a person, especially not Uchiha Itachi. He hated him for crying out loud.

He decided to dismiss those thought and go to sleep. Yes, sleep would soothe his mind and give him energy for tomorrow. Deidara needed to be in perfect shape in order to demonstrate his full potential in front of Itachi. He couldn’t let himself be diminished by that guy.


It took them less than they expected to reach their objective. Deidara hated to admit it but leader-sama was right. The quality of ninjas that guarded the place where something only the two of them could handle perfectly. Deidara created one of his beautiful clay birds to defend Itachi while he entered the labyrinth that possessed the object leader-sama requested.

This labyrinth was not something you could simply pass through the air. In fact, Deidara suffered many injuries from the attacks unleashed by the labyrinth walls for those who thought that it would be smarter to get through it by air. Itachi seemed to have less trouble in land. Thanks to his Sharingan he could easily decipher the traps and illusions that were set around the place and Deidara just had to make sure none of the guarding ninjas got to him since the Uchiha needed to concentrate.

They managed to get to the object but just when Itachi grabbed it, he collapsed. Deidara quickly headed down. Itachi was unconscious but the object didn’t seem to have any poison or genjutsu that could have caused it. The blond had to concentrate on getting him out now but it seemed that removing the object had triggered some kind of alarm that made millions of guarding ninjas get to the spot and attack them.

Deidara had to think fast. First, he placed Itachi along with the object in his clay bird and made them fly away. Then he created thousands of clay spiders in order to attack all those ninjas. He wasn’t very good with close combat but he managed to get pass some shinobi and grab a hold of his clay bird’s leg.

The bird flew away as fast as he could manage and along the way Deidara threw bombs so that nobody would be able to follow them. Finally, they seemed to be out of danger. Deidara crept to the top of his bird to check on Itachi.

First impression wasn’t good. The Uchiha was even paler than yesterday; he actually seemed a little grey in Deidara’s eyes. He pressed his hand against his forehead and noticed Itachi had a fever. This instantly made Deidara worry about his health so he decided to fly back to the inn they had left hours ago.


Itachi had been unconscious the whole time. Deidara had never taken care of a sick person so he wasn’t sure what he should do. He was tempted to call someone from the inn for help but that would probably risk the mission’s secrecy and its success and Deidara was sure Pein-sama preferred Itachi dead than a failure in the mission.

He placed a fresh towel, wet with cold water in his head and sat next to Itachi’s bed on a stool to see if he would wake up. Deidara wasn’t worried, or at least he wouldn’t admit it, he just couldn’t travel with someone so sick. Making so many bombs had left him with no clay and the bird had been hit by some ninjas back in the labyrinth so it wouldn’t have withstood such a long journey.

“Deidara?” Itachi spoke softly.

Deidara looked at him with both of his blue eyes; he had removed the scope for the mission in case his ability was needed. “Itachi-san, are you feeling alright, un?”

“I don’t need you to take care of me,” he said as he sat up and removed the wet towel. “Let's go back to…”

“No!” Deidara interrupted. “You have a high fever and are as white as paper, you will stay here and rest till I say so, yeah!”

Deidara pushed Itachi back to bed and placed the towel in his head. “Leader-sama is going to be mad if we don’t get there in time.”

“I don’t care,” Deidara responded. “You could die if you go in that state.”

Itachi looked away. “I’m going to die anyway so what’s the point?”

Deidara also looked away. He had heard the rumors but now he was fully aware of it. “You will slow me down, so rest for tonight and we’ll be out tomorrow.”

“Fine,” Itachi said.

“If you’re in a better condition, un,” Deidara finished.

Itachi looked into his blue eyes. “Why are you treating me this way?”

Deidara had always thought Itachi’s Sharingan were the creepiest eyes he had ever encountered but seen his regular onyx eyes proved him wrong. They were so deep and dark they caused chills to run down Deidara’s spine.

“I don’t know,” Deidara answered. “I really don’t.”

“We’re leaving,” Itachi said and stood up.

“Hey!” Deidara screamed and pushed Itachi back in bed. The Uchiha tried to stand up again but Deidara was holding him down by the shoulders as he sat beside him. “I’m not even putting half my strength into this and you can’t even move, un. There’s no way you’ll survive that trip.”

“Move,” Itachi slurred. “I can’t take another night here with you.”

“Oh so that’s it, you hate me that much.” Deidara released Itachi and walked away to his bed. “You don’t need the help of someone you hate. Die if you wish, yeah.”

“It's not because I hate you,” Itachi murmured, sitting up again and looking straight at Deidara, who was now sitting on his own bed Indian style.

“Then why don’t you want to be around me?” he asked, looking straight into his onyx eyes and trying not to show any fear.

“Because I…” Itachi’s cheeks turned red but before he could say another word he fell back to his pillow.

Deidara immediately ran to help him. he pressed his hand against his forehead and noticed his fever had gotten higher. “Shit,” he muttered. “You idiot, I told you, you are too weak.”

Itachi slowly opened his eyes. “I’m fine…”

“Yeah right,” Deidara remarked, getting a fresh cold wet towel and placing it of his head. “Your fever is getting worst, please don’t do unnecessary things.”

“Deidara,” Itachi slurred. “I love you.”

Deidara was speechless for a moment but he quickly shook it off. “Hn, now you’re saying incoherencies. Why don’t you rest before you start hallucinating or something?”

“I’m perfectly aware of what I’m saying.”

Itachi was looking directly into his blue eyes and Deidara could see the frankness in them. He chose to divert such sincere gaze. “Nah, you’re bluffing. How could you love me?”

“Deidara,” Itachi slurred. “Why wouldn’t I?”

“You’re freaking me out, un,” he said. “There really are no reasons for you to have feelings for me.”

“I love the way you look, the way you talk, how you eyes look when you’re around me,” Itachi speaks. “I love how you’re so passionate about your art and how egocentric you can be sometimes. And, I think that after today, I love you even more for taking care of me even though you dislike me.”

Deidara was left astounded again. He tried to back away, but Itachi grabbed his wrist. “Why are you saying this?”

“I’m correcting you,” Itachi replied. “Those are some of the reason I have feelings for you.”

“This is too weird…” Deidara whispered.

“Deidara,” Itachi called as he pulled the blond closer to him. He looked into his eyes and gave him a simple smile.

Deidara’s heart started beating faster. Never in his life had he imagined he would see Itachi Uchiha smile yet there it was, the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. At first, he fought the urge but his eagerness was stronger, it had always been like that. Deidara is very impulsive.

That smile was just what Deidara had to see in order to realize why he was noticing the small details Itachi had to offer and the instant worry that had surged when he saw him collapse back in the labyrinth. The urge was inevitable, so he pressed his lips against Itachi’s and then gave him a tender kiss.

“Why did you do that?” Itachi asked shocked, the smile had disappeared.

“It was an urge!” Deidara quickly responded. “I…”

Once again, the smile appeared in his thin pale lips. “Do you like me?”

“Maybe…” Deidara answered flushing madly.

“I see,” Itachi slurred and kissed Deidara. “I hope that ‘maybe’ turns into a ‘yes’.”


“Are you sure you’re alright?” Deidara had asked Itachi as they left the inn with a worried face. Itachi was far from alright, but he was strong so he managed to endure the long journey. It took them even longer to return, but even at such a slow pace, Itachi would stop even to rest.

Not sure how, both Akatsuki returned to their hideout. Pein seemed very pleased with the result, even if it had taken them a little more that he expected. he quickly dismissed both boys without further worry.

“Hey,” Deidara said in order to catch Itachi’s attention.

They were about to go their separate ways, Deidara back with his Danna and Itachi back with Kisame. “What is it?” Itachi asked.

Deidara moved forward and kissed his cheek. “Odaiji ni,” he whispered.

Itachi smiled, but Deidara didn’t notice this since they had parted in their separate ways.


This is xxSakiHyugaxx request. Since she requested for shounnen ai and PG, I guessed she wanted something simple and sweet. I hope you really like this and that it fulfills your expectations.
“Odaiji Ni” means “get well soon” in Japanese btw.
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