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How Soon is Now

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Ryan's love for Brendon has made him kind of psycho-ish.

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Try it you’ll se what I fool I am.

It was a Monday morning, supposedly a good day. I mean free day, well duh! We were supposed to relax be all happy cheery and whatever else. But no I couldn’t be like that. Why?


As I watch Spencer smiling and having a good life it think, why Ryan? Why? Stupid you! Can’t you be normal? Can’t you think straight? I mean why are you gay. Why? And of all the gazillion guys in the world why did you have to fall for Brendon fucking Urie?

Yeah, that Brendon Urie, you know my band mate. Oh but look at him, he’s so perfectly perfect. I’m so hot right now. I want to jump over him. AH! I love him.

But no Ryan you can’t, it’s no good for you. See Brendon is s-t-r to the a to the i-g-h-t meaning straight. Have been around Gabe too much? Note to self, stop listening to ¡Viva la Cobra! For at least a week, maybe it would do you some good.

Missing the point, again!

Wait, there is no point. So yeah we’re fine, perfect just dandy.


Nah ah! How can you be dandy when he’s perfect and god is teasing you making him hotter by the minute? Screw minutes! SECONDS!!!

Maybe I’m just too crazy. Perhaps crazy enough to jump over Brendon and make out with him.

Let’s see, mental exam:

Question: Why are you?
Answer: Because well hello duh!

Sounds crazy enough lets go jump over Brendon.

“Ryan! What the fuck?!” I heard Brendon scream and I laid over him on the floor. I started giggling like a maniac which I am if you haven’t noticed and soon I noticed he was giggling too.

“Why the giggle?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Why you giggling?”

“I don’t know either.”

We kept laughing like maniacs for an hour. Thank god we were alone. Honestly I noticed that when I noticed that Spencer didn’t say anything. “You know what?” I asked Brendon.


“I’m so hot right now,” I slurred in his ear.

Brendon smiled and hugged me. “I’m pretty hot too…” he said, emphasizing every syllable.

Well he was hot I was hot so lets do the math.

Hot + hot = horny love making

I kissed Brendon’s lips and yeah he kissed back. Might I say perfect!

“Ryan…” he said in between kisses. “I love you.”

I smiled and kissed him some more. “I love you too Brenny.”


Yeah! Maniac Ryan Ross!.
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