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Hang Your Halo

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Ryan has always admired Brendon Urie, his classmate, and secretly loves him. What happens when the boy finally speaks to him?

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He chewed on his pencil’s pink eraser, it tasted like nothing. Ryan just wanted to look at possibly the most perfect back of the head with perfect dark hair and a soft white neck.
He sighted and the boy in front of him seemed to notice because he turned around ignoring the Algebra teacher’s explanation. “Boring huh?” Ryan simply nodded, surprised that he was talking to him. He had never done that before.
The algebra teacher looked at them with her big black eyes and like that their conversation was over.

Class was over and they all stood up ready for next class.“Hi Ryan!” he said touching Ryan’s shoulder.

He turned around and faced Mr. Perfection. “Oh, hi Brendon.”

“So I was wondering if you wanted to hang out after school.”

Ryan shivered a little and tried to smile. “Sure.”

Brendon gave the hugest grin. “Awesome, meet me in the bus stop.”

The turned out to be so slow after Brendon’s invitation. Until finally last period of the day, Biology which Ryan so happened to have with Brendon was next. This time Brendon sat right next to Ryan. “Wow, I totally forgot we had Biology together.”

Ryan tried hard not to blush so he just smiled. “Well is not like if you knew my schedule.”

“Not all, but I know which classes we have together.”


“Yeah, you see I’ve always wanted to talk to you and I never got the courage until today,” Brendon explained. “I’m a little insecure.”

He insecure, Ryan laughed at this. “You are insecure?” he asked gaining confidence.


“Hey at least you talked to me, I’ve been trying to talk to you for years and probably if you hadn’t talked to me that would have gone for the rest of school,.” Ryan confessed and the slightly blushed for saying it.

“Have you ever skipped school?”


Brendon laughed. “Come on, before she comes. Its just one period.”

“No, I couldn’t do that,” Ryan said. “I would get in trouble.”

“You won’t! I promise.”

Ryan looked into Brendon’s deep brown eyes. “Fine.”

He smiled. “Quick, before someone notices.”

Brendon grabbed Ryan’s hand and they both sneaked out, no one noticing. Sneaking out was pretty easy; the halls were filled with rushing students trying to get to class on time. “Where are we going?” Ryan asked as soon as they were out of school.

“I know the perfect place.”

Did he know the perfect place? “Brendon how did you find this place?” Ryan asked looking at his surroundings.

In the deepness of one of the creepy parks there was the perfect picnic spot. Green grass; small stream no loud city noise. “One day I had some problems and decided to hide here. After some time I noticed that no one came here so it became kinda like my secret spot,” Brendon explained, sitting on the grass.


“Come sit with me,” Brendon said, and Ryan did so. “I’m glad you said yes.”

“Yeah,” Ryan said. “So who else knows about this place?”

“Just you and me,” Brendon answered. “Its our little secret,” he placed an arm around Ryan.

“Brendon I…”

“What’s wrong Ryan?” Brendon asked holding his hand.

“I don’t think this…” he was interrupted by Brendon kissing his lips. Ryan kissed back.

For a few seconds it was just lips touching. “Look Ryan, I really like you and I was wondering…”

“Yes,” Ryan interrupted.


Ryan kissed Brendon. “Yeah!”


It was already dark. Ryan was using Brendon’s tummy as a pillow while looking at the stars. “You’re amazing…” Brendon whispered.

Ryan giggled. “Brendon I know it’s only been 6 hours but I think I love you.”

He sat up with Ryan’s head now on his lap. “Are you serious?”

“Is that wrong?” Ryan asked worried.

“Not at all,” Brendon said kissing his lips for the thousandth time today. “I love you too.” Ryan also sat up and wrapped his arms around Brendon. Their lips met yet again, this time it was deeper. “You know what?” Brendon asked.


“I want you Ryan…” he said and kissed him.

“Sorry?” Ryan jumped up. “What?”

“Oh come on Ryan!” Brendon tried to kiss him, but he pushed away.

“I can’t do that!”

“Baby, hang your halo! You won’t need it,” Brendon slurred and kissed him, this time well received.

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