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Don't Cry

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Ryan can't stand loving Brendon anymore

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Every single inch of his body was aching. Ryan couldn’t take it anymore. It was just unbearable. He wanted to scream but he couldn’t. He just couldn’t. Why? Cause he was crying.

He looked so pathetic thrown on the floor, water smudging his eyeliner in the middle of his kitchen. The thing Ryan loved about living alone, no one could see how much he suffered. He could cry all day and no one knew.

Ryan stood up, trying to recover his composure and cleaned his eyes. As he looked at the black stain on his hand, he just started crying again. This is what he did to him, what Brendon Urie did.

Perhaps Brendon had no idea what he caused and maybe if he knew he would start to stop it, but right now Ryan could only blame him. In fact it was his entire fault, but he couldn’t admit it.

He cried and cried, nothing could end his grief. Maybe Brendon comforting him, but that was almost impossible. Once again, his body collapsed and he was back on the floor looking pathetic.

“Don’t cry…” a voice said.

Ryan cleared his view and looked at Brendon standing there looking at him. “What are you doing here?”

Brendon smiled and kneeled next to Ryan. “You have been gone for about a month; I had to see what the hell happened to you.”

He couldn’t look into Brendon’s eyes. Ryan felt ashamed. “How did you get in?” he asked, with a hint of anger on his voice.

“Key hidden in the ugly plant you have on you entrance, biggest cliché in key history,” Brendon said trying to cheer his friend.

“You should have knocked.”

“I had the feeling you wouldn’t answer,” Brendon said. “I thought you trusted me.”

For the first time, Ryan looked at Brendon, into his captivating eyes. “I trust you, but this is just too much.”

Brendon looked at Ryan’s bloodshot eyes; his black makeup was all over his cheeks. You could easily tell he had been crying all day and not bothered to clean his face. “Ryan, you can tell me everything.”

“I can’t tell you this,” Ryan uttered.

“Yes you can,” Brendon mumbled and kissed Ryan’s cheek.

Ryan blushed madly at this. “Brendon...”

Brendon couldn’t help kissing him, this time he aimed to the corner of his mouth and as it seemed so well received his proceeded to his mouth. Ryan didn’t seem bothered and all so he decided to continue until Ryan pushed him away. “I’m sorry!” was all he could muster.

Ryan was smiling, his eyes didn’t seems tired or sad or anything. Instead, they were bright. “You kissed me,” he said slowly.

Everything on his face told Brendon he had done nothing wrong. “You liked it?”

“Yeah, that’s possibly the best kiss I’ve ever received,” Ryan said, not able to hide his excitement.

“What did you expect? I’m Brendon Urie after all.”


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