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Deidara has finally captured Naruto, but what happens when he discovers he can't just let him die.

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Naruto searched in the darkness of the night someone that could perhaps be of some help, but his hope lessening, his will of fire was extinguishing. Even Naruto now feared death. He looked at the blond Akatsuki who had captured him and wondered if there was a way to break away from his clay ropes that were wrapped around his body. He had tried to break free so many times; his body was bruised and drained. There was no escape.

Deidara watched the blond Jinchuuriki and wondered why he felt so culpable. It was his job as an Akatsuki member to capture all the tail-beasts but this one in particular was one he didn’t want to retrieve. Every time he looked at the Konoha nin, he felt bubbles in his stomach and his heart started beating faster and faster each second. Having him tied with his strong clay ropes, seeing his hopeless efforts to escape and his grave bruises made him want to die for causing such suffering on the boy.

“How are they extracting Kyuubi?” Naruto asked, after an hour of silence. His eyes looked empty when he asked this, as if he had absolutely given up on life.

“What the point of knowing?” Deidara asked, looking carefully at Naruto. “It won’t help save you, un.”

“Curiosity!” Naruto shrieked. “Geez, you can’t even give a dying man one last wish?!”

Once again, guilt hit Deidara. Why did he have to remind him he was about to die? Guilt was slowly consuming him, but he couldn’t let him see that. “Hn, whatever…”

Naruto look at the ground feeling very disheartened. No matter how hard he thought, he couldn’t find a way to escape. The only hope he had left is that someone would save him but not even he himself knew where he was. It was decided, his end was near. “I would have wanted a more talkative Akatsuki to capture me; at least it would have been more fun.”

“You’re going to die, you shouldn’t be having fun, un,” Deidara uttered. “Why don’t you like reflect on life or something?”

“Well lets see, my life hasn’t been that bad except for…”

“I meant mentally!” Deidara exclaimed.

“Oh,” Naruto said miserably.

Guilt struck again. Why did he have to treat him so crudely? “Fine, I guess you can tell me,” Deidara spoke. Naruto smiled so perfectly, it made Deidara’s heart melt.

“Okay so, my childhood was really wretched you know, being a jinchuuriki and all people really hated me and just wanted me to die. Kids too you know, they were distant. I had no friends. Then Iruka sensei became my sensei and things got a little better cause I knew he believed in me and I…”

Deidara listened carefully to Naruto’s story, feeling pity for the kid.

“..but I guess the worst part was when I fought with Sasuke. I mean, we used to fight a lot but that last time was like we were really enemies and he really wanted to kill me. And then when we met up recently and he tried to kill me again and UGH!!! I hate him so much!!! Why did have to go with Orochimaru!? I promised him I would help him defeat Itachi and that fucker ditched me! He fucking left me alone!!”

Deidara was impressed by his words. He didn’t think Naruto would hold so much sentiment, especially over the Uchiha kid. “Did you love him?"

Naruto looked attentively at the Akatsuki, his face flushed and fresh tears covering his blue eyes. “Love him? Yes maybe, we were lovers so it figures, but I think he never really loved me. I could feel it when he kissed me or we had sex, he was just distant,” Naruto answered with a weak smile. “I think the only thing I regret now that I’m going to die is that I never brought him back. I really wanted to have him back, see him again as a friend at least, because he was always my friend, putting aside everything we had as a couple. He was the one who supported me and…”

No more, he couldn’t stand it anymore. Deidara stood up from his spot in the corner of the cave and moved to where Naruto was. He quickly destroyed the clay rope and wrapped his arms around Naruto. “I can’t take it anymore…”

“What are you doing?” Naruto asked, without moving a muscle and shocked.

“I want to make you forget Sasuke, un,” Deidara declared. “I don’t want to see you crying or hurt! I can’t let you die!”

“But… you…” Naruto tried to speak but he was too confused.

“I know this sound pathetic, yeah, but I just… want to love you,” Deidara verbalized. “I want to love you and I want you to love me back!”

“Are you crazy?! You are an Akatsuki and…” Naruto was cut off by Deidara’s lips brutally crashing into his. At first, neither of the blonds moved their lips, but Naruto looking at Deidara’s icy-blue eyes decided to take the initiative and moved his lips softly.

Deidara reacted in that second and inserted his tongue as he pinned the jinchuuriki against the cave wall. He was careful to go through all of his mouth, making sure his tongue touched everything. When they finally parted so that both could catch a breath, Deidara instantly kissed him again, this time simply licking his tongue softly and the moving to his soft lips.

Naruto expressed low moan letting himself be consumed by all of Deidara’s essence. The Akatsuki moved to his jaw and nibbled on it softly, then moved down to his neck. There he settled, licking his warmth and biting harder every time, loving the sounds Naruto was making. “I want you…” Naruto voiced.

The Akatsuki looked at him in astonish. In his mind he had never thought of having sex with him, he just planned on kissing him, but now that Naruto had said it, he knew he wanted it too. “I can’t believe you are begging for me, yeah,” Deidara said.

“You begged first,” Naruto replied.

Deidara smiled and unzipped Naruto’s black and orange jacket revealing a black shirt. His hands moved underneath it, followed by his mouth, which was softly licking his tan tummy. Naruto moaned softly, running his hands through Deidara’s soft blond hair. His body was so sensitive no matter were he touched, the jinchuuriki would react.

“Deidara,” Naruto begged. “Please…”

The Akatsuki smiled and moved back to Naruto’s lips while his hand went underneath his pants and with his hand’s tongue, he started licking there too. They did this for a long time, until Deidara decided to stand up and remove his dark cloak. “Lets get serious, yeah!”

Naruto smiled. “Fine by me.”

Deidara pulled Naruto down to the floor and started removing his clothes slowly until he was left completely naked. The Akatsuki admired his body carefully. “

“Stop looking at me like that!” Naruto screamed, flushing madly.

“I’m sorry, its just that…” Deidara blushed too. “You are more than I expected.”

Naruto sat up to face Deidara. “Oh really? So where you thinking about me for a long time?”

“Un, well kind of since the first time we fought,” Deidara confessed. “Its just that you were different and I couldn’t help but instantly be interested in you, un, but you know we were enemies so I couldn’t like tell you or anything, yeah, but I still couldn’t stop thinking about you. And then leader-sama told me it was my job to capture you and, un, well…”

Naruto kissed Deidara. “Hey at least we get to be together one night before you take me there…”

“Yeah,” Deidara whispered as he pressed his forehead against Naruto’s.

“Now, don’t get all depressed…” Naruto uttered and started kissing him again.

Deidara took control once more, pushing him once again to the floor, this time getting over him and kissing him fiercely while his hands explored his body, feeling how warm he was. “Naruto..” he moaned, as he felt his hands getting rid of his pants and touching him hesitantly.

It was hard to get used to this situation, but Naruto had to admit he was enjoying it. Deidara was making him feel so good, he was sure he had never felt this way before, not even the times he was with Sasuke were this good.

Naruto’s eyes shot open. He had this feeling in his heart something wasn’t right, but he didn’t know what. He looked around the cave to find his clothes next to him, but Deidara was nowhere around. He quickly dressed and walked outside. The fresh summer sun burned his eyes, which made him understand it was already late.

He walked around the area, but there was no sign of Deidara. That’s when he felt it, he put a hand on his pocket and grabbed the piece of paper he found there. It was a small yellowish paper that had blue letter scribbled on it.


This is so unlike me, I can’t believe I’m actually writing it but I just couldn’t leave you there with no explanation whatsoever. So, first of all, I want to apologize for everything. I never wanted to hurt you, its just that I wouldn’t admit my true feelings towards you. I wouldn’t admit to myself that I had fallen for you. Yes, I love you Naruto. From the moment we first met, I knew you were someone unique, someone I wanted to get to know. Too bad we aren’t meant to be. You are an honorable Konoha nin, while I’m an Akatsuki. Its better if we never see each other again.

I wanted you to know that I want you to go on with your life, fulfill your dreams. That’s a privilege I didn’t want to take away from you, that’s why I let you go. I wish I could have stayed with you for ever and make you forget about that dumb Sasuke Uchiha, but as I said before we are not meant to be.

Last night was wonderful. I will always remember that night as the best of all. Well, that is if I do get to live after letting you escape. I think leader-sama won’t be very pleased. Anyways, I want to let you know that I you shall not look after me, its better if we are separated so just don’t search for me.

And remember, I will always love you.


P.S. This is probably the only love letter I’ll ever write, make sure you keep its safe!

Naruto read the letter about ten times, until he couldn’t stand it anymore. He pushed it back into his pocket, not caring if it wrinkled and started crying. He loved Deidara. The Akatsuki had really made him feel things he never knew a human could feel. He wanted him back. Naruto wanted to have Deidara with him every second of his life.

But now he was gone.


I just love this couple, its my second fav right after SasuNaru.
I admit it, I love unhappy endings. Why? I don't know. I guess its my cruel nature.
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