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When It Rains

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It was raining so Deidara decides to take his sleeping partner to a shelter. As he's drying him so he won't get sick, he removes his mask and for the first time he sees his gorgeous face.

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It was a rainy day. Deidara flew on his clay bird followed closely by his partner Tobi, who was also on one of his creatures. It seemed as if his masked partner had fallen asleep and Deidara didn’t want him to get sick because a sick Tobi just meant trouble. They had created the perfect alliance and now they only knew how to work together. Their styles had sort of merged into one, a very powerful one.

They descended quickly and Deidara rented a cabin so they could stay there until the rain stopped. The blond bomber had to carry Tobi into his bed since he wouldn’t wake up. Deidara couldn’t help but be worried over his kohai, so he took a clean towel and dried him. He carefully removed his mask.

For the first time, Deidara saw his face. It was pale and beautiful. His cheeks were pink as well as his small mouth. The blond couldn’t believe his eyes as he looked at him. “Damn, he’s gorgeous…” Deidara whispered as he carefully dried his porcelain skin. “Why the hell does he wear a mask, un?”

Deidara didn’t move from his side. He just wanted to look at him forever. Tobi was the most beautiful human being he had ever seen. “Senpai,” Tobi whispered in a normal voice. “Deidara-senpai,” he repeated.

“I’m here Tobi,” Deidara said, placing a hand on his cold forehead. “I’m here… hmmm…”

He slowly opened his eyes, to reveal dark grayish orbs. Tobi looked at him carefully. “Senpai, why are you so close?”

Deidara blushed. “Un, well you were calling my name so I came over to see what was wrong, yeah. And you woke up,” he answered awkwardly. “I was a little worried, since you got wet and I didn’t want you to get sick cause that will totally slow us down, un.”

Tobi looked at him in confusion. “Oh, I see,” he said. That’s when he noticed, he placed his hands on his face and felt exactly what he didn’t want to feel, his warm skin. “My mask!” he screamed. “Where is my mask?!”

Deidara handed him the orange spiral mask. “You were wet, so I took it off to dry your face,” he explained. “I hope you’re not mad, hn.”

“No, its okay,” Tobi said. “Tobi just doesn’t like to show his face,” he explained, putting his mask back on. “But I guess it’s good that senpai knows how I look because he is the only one who does and the only one Tobi wouldn’t mind showing it to.”

His cheeks went red. “But I don’t understand, why would you hide your face?”

“Umm… Well, when I was young, people would look at me as if was a monster and Tobi didn’t like that so he started wearing a mask,” he explained. “It actually worked, people were still distant but they wouldn’t look at me anymore so I decided to never take it off again around any other human.”

“I didn’t know that,” Deidara whispered.

“Yeah well, I guess Tobi’s just too ugly,” Tobi said and laughed.

“Don’t say that!” Deidara hollered getting closer to Tobi.

“What do you mean senpai?” Tobi questioned, feeling awkward since Deidara was so close.

Carefully, Deidara removed Tobi’s mask. He softly caressed his cheek and leaned closer. “You are gorgeous, un,” he whispered and kissed his pink lips.

“Senpai,” Tobi whispered blushing. “What are you doing?”

“Kissing you, un,” Deidara answered. “Now don’t talk.”

Tobi received another kiss, this time deeper. Deidara licked the insides of his mouth, making Tobi moan. “Senpai…” he moaned.

“Tobi,” Deidara said panting as he broke the kiss. The boy looked at him with his dark eyes. “You’re fucking gorgeous.”


This is just a short cute Deidara and Tobi fics in which Tobi is just a random character and not...


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