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Naruto and Sasuke were rivals but soon love came into their lives. They enjoyed every second of it until the secrets of their past caught up with their present and are threating to ruin their future.

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How it all started, well he was never very sure. As far as it concerned Naruto he was just competence, an obstacle in his road to being the best. But when things started getting fiery there was no stopping it.

You see Naruto Uzumaki wasn’t your standard kid. Now don’t think too much about that, he looked like your average teenager, not too tall but not short, spiky blonde hair, stabbing blue eyes and tan skin, very normal, except for the six whisker like scars in his cheeks, three in each.

He wasn’t average because he was him.

Naruto had been cursed since he was just a little boy. He has grown up all by himself, in fact if it weren’t for his teacher Iruka Umino, who knows where he would be standing. Growing up with no parents is what probably made Naruto an outcast. That and “the secret”.

“The secret” is something only few people know that concern Naruto and his parents. It’s the reason why many adults kept their children away from him, as if he was a pest.

Enough of Naruto’s past for now and lets open the gate of the present.

For attention Naruto has turned into some sort of a troublemaker but all he really wants is respect. Of course he doesn’t understand why people hate him so much, since he knows nothing about “the secret”. That’s why he has joined “Konoha’s Music Academy”, the most prestigious music academy in the world, so he can become the best musician and people will finally notice him.

He isn’t the best, but his effort beat anyone else in the academy. Now he has finally gotten to the final stages, the problem is he is easily distracted by his number one rival Sasuke Uchiha. Their relationship has evolved into something more complex that simple childish rivalry and that’s how it all begins.

Naruto left the classroom in which he was previously playing the drums, his favorite instrument, as practice, to bump with his number one rival, Sasuke Uchiha. He frowned as he saw Uchiha’s cocky smirk that only showed how full of himself he was, just because he was an Uchiha.

“You idiot!” Naruto screamed, “What the hell are you doing here anyways?”

It was way past class time, in fact it was already night.

“I could ask you the same thing, but I know you were just trying to practice.” He said as he places both of his pale hands in his pocket.

“Trying! What’s that supposed to mean?!” the blonde boy screamed, also clenching his fist.

“You suck Naruto, there’s no way you will be good some time soon.”

Naruto was now burning in rage, “Idiot! At least I don’t go around showing off just cause of my name. At least I’m unique, not like you trying to be like your brother!”

Sasuke flinched at Naruto’s last remark and pinned him to the wall violently, “Don’t you dare compare me to my brother.” Sasuke whispered in Naruto’s ear.

For the first time in a long time Naruto felt scared. The way Sasuke Uchiha was looking at him was fatal. “I don’t get it,” Naruto slurred, “If you hate being compared to your brother, why are you always trying to be like him.”

Sasuke let go of Naruto and looked away, “I don’t want to be like him, I want to be better.” He turned and looked at his blue eyes, “But why do you care?”

“I don’t care!” Naruto shot back.

Sasuke looked away, “I thought so.” He finally said with a sad smiled and walked away.

Naruto felt shaky and his heart was pounding hastily, and as if in an impulse he ran after his rival, “Wait up Sasuke!”


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