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Neji begins classes with his new tutor, Itachi Uchiha but somewhere along the line, their relationship turns into something more.

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“Itachi, honey!” a woman’s voice called.

Itachi Uchiha appeared on the top of the stairs and as he looked down he saw his mother accompanied by a young boy, maybe a little older than his own brother Sasuke, next to her. The boy’s pale grey eyes looked directly at his own.

“This is Neji Hyuga. His uncle was the one who spoke to you yesterday about tutoring him,” his mother explained.

Itachi nodded. “Come with me,” he said.

The young brunette walked slowly up the stairs and followed Itachi to his room.


Neji had an intense gaze every time he looked at Itachi. In fact, if Itachi has a softer personality he would probably be scared by now.

“Since our classes are intensive, five hours a day, I thought that perhaps we should come up with a schedule,” Itachi began as he led Neji into a chair next to his own blue desktop chair in the wooden desk in the corner of his room, right next to his bed. “The first hour and half, we are going to work on your homework, and then we will work on a subject. I was thinking a subject a day on a specific order so that when we’re done, we can keep the cycle.”

Neji simply nodded. “You have put a lot of thought into this,” he phrased.

“This is paying for most of my education in Oxford,” Itachi replied.


“I’m on my senior year in college,” the Uchiha explained. “As soon as I’m done, I’ll move to England.”

“Oh…” Neji diverted his glance.

“Anyways, let’s work on your homework.”

“I really don’t need your help,” Neji said abruptly. “I have no idea why my uncle asked you to tutor me, but the truth is I don’t need it. I get excellent grades.”

Itachi remembered his uncle mentioned he might react that way, so he simply shook it off. “Well then, at least let me watch what you’re doing. So it doesn’t seem like your family is wasting money.”

Neji didn’t say anything. He just proceeded on working on his Physics homework.

Itachi watched closely as he worked. Occasionally, the younger boy would stop, place the end of the pen in his mouth and ponder for a few seconds. But then, instantly, he would come up with a solution and finish the exercises.

“You have a mistake,” Itachi suddenly said.

Neji glared daggers at him. “Where?”


“Friction is always opposite to the movement,” Neji said quickly. “If the man is moving forward, the friction goes backward.”

“Stand up,” Itachi said. Neji, surprisingly, obeyed. “Now walked forward as you look attentively at the movement your feet make.”

Neji raised an eyebrow and walked. “…Friction goes forward.”

“Precisely,” Itachi said satisfied. “The movement your feet make goes backward.”

Neji sat back down and corrected his exercise. Maybe having Itachi Uchiha as a teacher wasn’t such a bad idea.


“Hey Neji,” a girl greeted.

Neji looked up from his book, In Cold Blood, to see his classmate TenTen, right in front of his desk. “Yes?”

“It’s Friday, want to catch a movie?”

“No,” Neji answered bluntly and continued with his book.

“Why not?!”

“I have classes after school.”

“It's Friday darling, why the hell?!”

Neji looked at the girl, her brown eyes looked furious.”None of your business and no, I won’t ditch.”

TenTen walked away after that. Neji smiled inwardly, he really wanted school to be over so he could go to Itachi’s. In only two weeks of tutoring, Neji could feel a connection with him. It was strange, but he couldn’t just deny his excitement.


Neji knocked on the door and Mrs. Uchiha answered.

“Hi Neji!” she greeted letting him in. “Itachi is waiting for you upstairs.”

The Hyuga nodded and slowly walked to his room, trying to control his anxiety. When he entered, he noticed Itachi was sleeping peacefully in bed. A small smile crept on his lips when he saw such a scene.

“Itachi,” he whispered when he was next to his bed, but he didn’t even move.

Once again, Neji smiled. This time it seemed mischievous. He softly crawled in bed, placing his legs on Itachi’s side, as well as his hands. His face moved forward and he pressed his lips against his tutor’s.

A red tint covered his cheeks and he thanked god Itachi didn’t move. Neji decided to do it again, this time parting his lips slightly. Itachi didn’t move this time either but afraid that a third time would be noticed, Neji quickly left the bed.

He sat down in his usual chair on Itachi’s desk and began working on his homework.

Unknown to him, Itachi opened his eyes. He carefully stood, not making any sound, and walked towards Neji, getting right behind him. He smiled like he never had and pressed his lips to the top of his head.

Neji stood still as he felt the kiss. “W-what are you doing, sensei?”

Itachi didn’t say anything; he simply walked over to his chair and sat.

His pale grey eyes looked at Itachi from their corner. He seemed just like always, like nothing had ever happened. Neji proceeded with his work, but then he stopped and looked at Itachi. “What was that?”

“Aren’t you slow?” Itachi muttered.

Neji glared at him. “I’m serious.”

Itachi returned his glare. “Well, I thought, why should you be the only one able to steal kisses?”

His cheeks went red. “You were awake?!”

Itachi nodded.

“You bastard!!” Neji said throwing a punch to his face.

Itachi barely managed to stop it. “I’m sorry; I just wanted to see what you would do.”

Once again, Neji blushed. “I hate you.”

The Uchiha smiled, causing Neji to stare at him in awe. “Do you, really?”

Neji looked away getting redder. “No,” he answered. “I think I love you.”

Itachi hadn’t expected such a confession, at least, not so soon. “Are you sure about that?”


Itachi stood up and locked the door, pressing his back against it. “I thought it would take you longer to fall for me.”

Neji didn’t say anything; he simply walked towards Itachi and kissed his lips. Obviously, the older man responded, instantly taking control. “Wait,” Neji managed to say, breaking the kiss.

“What’s wrong?”

“Your mother…”

“She wouldn’t dare disturb us,” Itachi answered.

Neji smiled, as he was pushed into a kiss again. This time, Itachi was being more passionate and violent. They moved to bed, Neji laying on it and Itachi on top. As the Uchiha continued his fierce kisses now on Neji’s neck, he unzipped his cream sweater and continued kissing his chest.

Moans started escaping Neji’s mouth. Then, he began running his hand through Itachi’s long black hair, removing his ponytail. Itachi, once again, moved to his mouth and kissed him gently. “I think it’s better if we stop now,” he said, getting off Neji and sitting on the foot of his bed.

“What?! Why?” Neji asked, also sitting up.

“This is illegal,” Itachi responded.

“I’m not a kid!”

“You’re sixteen and I’m twenty-one… It’s wrong.”

Neji stood up. “It's not that much of a difference! Besides, I’m almost seventeen!”


“Itachi-sensei,” Neji said softly, as he sat on Itachi’s lap, wrapping his legs around him, as well as his arms. “I love you.”

“We have to continue with your tutoring,” Itachi said, ignoring Neji’s begging face.

“No we don’t, sensei,” Neji responded. “I want to be with you.”

Itachi kissed him gently. “Neji, it’s hard to say no to you.” He ran a hand through his dark brown hair and kissed him again, removing Neji’s sweater and running his hands down his back.

Neji returned it eagerly, rocking his hips softly against Itachi as they kissed.

The Uchiha removed his black shirt and continued kissing Neji. The younger boy kept moving against him and moans kept escaping from his mouth. Itachi decided he couldn’t take it anymore. He placed Neji on bed and began removing his pants as he kissed his neck.

“Mmm… Sensei…” Neji moaned, placing his hands on Itachi’s hips.

Itachi prepared Neji for this, causing the younger boy to react in ways he had never imagined. When he finally proceeded to the action, the result for both of them was unimaginable. After moans and screaming of the other’s names, they were left tired, sweaty and panting.

Neji looked at his sensei, who was now next to him. He faced him and placed his hand on his cheek. “I love you, sensei.”

Itachi smiled and kissed his student. “I love you too Neji.”


Wow, it took me long to write this one but since I was given the liberty to come up with the story, I thought a lot about it. Especially cause I wanted to find a real connection that could have been made between them in the series even if it was an AU. So, I thought, Itachi is smart as well as Neji and Neji’s uncle ends up wanting him to be the best so why wouldn’t he want Itachi teaching him.


Anyways, they did end up a bit OOC, but hey, I think it’s impossible not to.
This is for MewMewGodess. I’m sorry if it came out a bit stronger than what you asked for.

I actually have a good idea for a sequel, so if anyone is interested, do tell.

Want me to write a one-shot for you? I can write almost whatever you like!! Just send me your email through here or send it to my own email I swear I don’t spam!! I hate those imbeciles. Anyways, once I have it I’ll send you a form with some simple rules and some questions like what do you want it to be about.

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