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Something New

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Sasuke looked carefully at Naruto’s facial expressions. He looked so terrified and baffled that Sasuke felt a little guilty about kissing his cheek, but the fact was that it felt good. “I was j...

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Sasuke started playing a simple tune on the guitar. His favorite instrument was the bass guitar, so an acoustic was somewhat different to what he was used to. “Do you play it very often?” Sasuke asked, just for conversation. He hated the silence.

“Just after my drum practice, it’s a way of resting and also practicing,” Naruto answered.

Sasuke smiled, “You are constantly practicing, aren’t you?”

“I’m trying to be the best!” Naruto screamed as he sat next to Sasuke.

Sasuke tried to concentrate on playing the guitar, but Naruto’s presence was continuously distracting him. No matter how hard he tried to concentrate on playing, his friends company was inevitable so eventually he had to stop. “You play now,” Sasuke suggested, handing Naruto his guitar.

“Sure, why not?” Naruto said and took the guitar. He started playing something of his invention, whatever he felt like playing. All that ran through his mind was impressing Sasuke. Naruto wanted to show him what he was made of until unexpectedly, Sasuke began laughing. “What?!”

“You suck!” Sasuke uttered and laughed. Of course he knew Naruto didn’t suck, he was actually very good but Sasuke really enjoyed teasing him. He loved to see his enraged reaction towards Sasuke’s dumb remarks.

Naruto placed the guitar on the floor and looked at Sasuke, “What do you know!?” he screamed. “You fucking idiot!” Sasuke just kept laughing at Naruto’s response which made the blond boy even more furious. “You want a piece of me?”

“Well,” he laughed as his own nasty thoughts. “I mean, you think you can handle me?”

For some reason, Naruto was getting angrier by the second. He jumped over Sasuke, pinning him to the bed and looked at him with fury. “Don’t you dare…” He was interrupted by Sasuke leaning forward and kissing him on his whiskered cheek.

Naruto blushed and sat next to Sasuke feeling like his stomach was about to disintegrate. “What was that?” he said slowly.

“Just a peck,” Sasuke said casually.

“A peck? Are you insane?” Naruto was now touching his cheek, just were Sasuke’s pale lips had once been.

Sasuke sat up next to Naruto, “I better get going.”

“Wait Sasuke!” he stood up and stood in front of his bed, were Sasuke still sat. “Why did you do that?!”

Sasuke looked carefully at Naruto’s facial expressions. He looked so terrified and baffled that Sasuke felt a little guilty about kissing his cheek, but the fact was that it felt good. “I was just playing Naruto,” he answered and stood up. “If you don’t want it to turn into more, it won’t. See you tomorrow!”

Naruto watched as Sasuke Uchiha left his apartment. That night he did eat nor sleep. In his mind only laid the thoughts that concerned Sasuke Uchiha. The way he had confessed his thoughts about their friendship, the way he had squeezed his hand as they ran through the rain, the feeling of his warm lips on his cheek and of course, his last words. “If you don’t want it to turn into more, it won’t.” What did that mean?

It was already morning and as usual Naruto stood up, (he didn’t wake up since he didn’t sleep at all) took a quick shower, drank some milk and ran to the academy. For the first time, he arrived first to homeroom. His teacher Iruka looked at him oddly but Naruto ignored this and said, “Good morning!”

“Good morning Naruto! I see you woke up early today,” Iruka greeted as he looked at some papers.

“Yeah well, I didn’t sleep at all last night,” Naruto explained.

“I hope that isn’t my fault,” Sasuke said as he entered the classroom, “Or is it?”

Naruto blushed as he heard Sasuke’s voice, “No! It was just the rain you know.”

Naruto sat on his usual spot in the back and watched as Sasuke sat right beside him. “I hope you don’t mind.”

He shook his head harshly, “No! It’s okay! We’re friends right?”

“I understand if you feel awkward after what happened yesterday,” Sasuke said, “but really I hope we can still be friends.”

Friends, the word seemed so odd to Naruto now but they were still using it constantly as if trying to reassure something. Naruto watched as every one of his classmates showed up, some saying “good morning!” others simply ignoring the fact that other human beings existed.

“Good morning Sasuke-kun!” A short, pink-haired girl greeted as she sat next Sasuke.

“Good morning Sakura,” Sasuke greeted unexcited.

Naruto watched as Sasuke played his blue Epiphone bass for the teacher, later that day. His black bangs were on his face which had a small grin. This was very strange, Naruto thought, since Sasuke never smiled. In fact, now that he thought about it, he only saw Sasuke smile when he was making fun of him.

“Hey Naruto,” Sakura, who was a sit away from him, called.

He looked at Sakura blushing a bit, since he had a crush on her. “Yes, Sakura?”

“Why are you and Sasuke-kun talking so much?” she inquired.

Naruto looked at her oddly, “What do you mean?”

“You know he barely talks to anyone, especially you. In fact, I’ve never seen him talking to you that isn’t to call you looser.”

He smiled wide, “We are friends,” Naruto said casually. “It’s what friends do, right?”

Sakura was now confused. She was positive Naruto and Sasuke hated each other but here the blond boy was saying they were friends. Her eyes quickly glanced at Sasuke and then at Naruto. They were looking at each other and smiling. This was definitely something new.
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