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Naruto was now inches away from his face, “I’ll show you Naruto.

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After school, that same day, Sasuke managed to get away from his fan-girl group and meet with Naruto. As soon as his dark eyes met with Naruto’s blue ones, a huge smile grew on his face and Sasuke hugged Naruto as if they hadn’t seen each other in ages.

Naruto thought this was a little odd but he was also happy to finally be alone with his friend so he hugged him back. “What do you want to do Sasuke?”

“Why don’t we just hang out in your place?” Sasuke proposed, “I had fun yesterday.”

A pinkish color instantly covered Naruto’s cheeks, “Umm… Yeah! Let’s do that.”

“Can I stay in your place tonight?” Sasuke asked, as they were walking towards Naruto’s apartment.

“Sure, but why?” he asked.

“I just don’t want to be alone,” Sasuke answered, blushing a tint.

They both arrived to Naruto’s apartment just when it started to rain again. He ran to the window and watched as the sky dimmed even more, “It sure is raining a lot lately!”

Sasuke joined him, “That’s why I’m leaving my bass at the academy. I’m screwed if it gets wet.”

The proximity they were both experiencing made them feel tense again. Sasuke looked intimately at Naruto’s features trying to figure out why this was happening. Naruto on the other hand, watched the water falling from the sky, trying to ignore the revolting pressure his body was emitting.

“So, Naruto…” Sasuke began to say. “I’m your guest, what are your plans on amusing me?”

Naruto scratched his head, “I don’t know, there’s not much to do in here and I’m very hungry and there’s nothing to eat!” he complained as he walked around the small apartment. “It’s also raining so we can’t go out and eat and…”

Sasuke put his left hand on Naruto’s mouth, “All you think about is food!” he exclaimed. “You know there’s more to life than just food, right?”

“Hey!” he screamed, removing his friend’s hand from his mouth violently. “There’s nothing wrong with food! If it weren’t for it you would be dead!”

Sasuke laughed tenderly, “Do you really think there’s nothing better than food?”

“My music almost tops it, but no there’s nothing better!” Naruto said with his usual hyperactive tone.

“Too bad you are so close-minded. I had something that you might discover tastes sweeter than anything you’ve ever ate before,” Sasuke teased.

“Really?!” Naruto shrieked. “What is it?! Tell me!”

Naruto was now inches away from his face, “I’ll show you Naruto.” Naruto was about to say something but Sasuke was faster and to shut him up he quickly bit Naruto’s bottom lip and then smoothly kissed him.

The bite wasn’t strong enough to make his lip bleed, but it still produced a huge amount of pain on the blond boy. The pain of course was nothing compared to how confused and bizarre Naruto felt. For a couple of minutes he just stood there looking at Sasuke.

“Did you like the taste?” Sasuke inquired, slightly fearful of how Naruto’s reaction might turn out.

The boy actually licked his lips but didn’t say anything afterwards, just threw himself on the bed and looked at the white ceiling. Sasuke decided to sit next to Naruto and just watch him process everything. As he lay in the bed, Naruto grabbed Sasuke’s hand and sat up. “Sasuke,” he called and as soon as he looked, Naruto rushed to his lips and kissed him keenly.

Both boys kissed for a long time, making sure to investigate every inch of each other’s mouth, neither of them sure of what was going on. Soon both of them were using their hands to explore each other’s body and each movement made them reach of ecstasy they never imagined existed.

“Stop!” Naruto suddenly screamed and pushed Sasuke away. “What the hell?”

“Naruto…” Sasuke began but he was interrupted.

“Why did this happen?! This makes no sense!” Naruto kept screaming as he walked around the small apartment.

“You kissed me,” Sasuke expressed in a childish tone. “I had to kiss back.”

“It was a moment of insanity!” Naruto yelled as he hit his head with both fist. “Maybe it’s because you look so much like a girl.”

“Hey! That’s insulting!” Sasuke screamed. He then stood up and walked over to where Naruto was now standing, “Listen, and let’s just forget about it okay? Clearly, you don’t feel that way towards me. There’s nothing we can do about…”

“But Sasuke,” Naruto interrupted again.

“Yes?” Sasuke responded looking deeply at Naruto with his profound dark eyes.

“Do you feel that way?”
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