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“You what?!” Naruto squealed as he clenched his fist tight. “Look Naruto, it’s nothing really. I..."

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“Naruto, I…” Sasuke tried to say, but he wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do. The truth was he loved Naruto very much but he was positive Naruto didn’t feel the same way.

“You what?!” Naruto squealed as he clenched his fist tight.

“Look Naruto, it’s nothing really. I just get carried away very easily and umm…” he stayed silent for a while as he quickly glanced at the window. “You know Naruto even if there were any feelings, it wouldn’t matter. After all, what’s the point of loving someone when he doesn’t love you back?”

Now if Naruto was smart and understood concepts really easily, he would have noticed what Sasuke intended to express, but of course Sasuke knew that and that’s partially why he said it. “Okay, but I mean let’s never even think about it again.”

“Whatever you want,” Sasuke reassures with a smile.

“Now let’s watch some TV!” he commanded and threw himself in his couch.

Sasuke followed him, sitting right next to him. Being friends was just enough for him now. Naruto put on Pushing Daisies and they were transmitting the first episode. “I can’t believe you watch this you idiot.”

Naruto looked at Sasuke with disappointment in his eyes, “I’m sure you have never seen it before! No one who has watched Pushing Daisies can say that!”

“Oh really?” he said and moved closer to Naruto’s face.

“Yeah! Can you even imagine what it must be like not to be able to kiss your loved one?” Naruto questioned his friend.

Sasuke smiled, “I can imagine…”

As they watched the story, Naruto started to wonder what his father was like since he was seen how much Chuck had suffered after her father’s death in the television drama. “I wonder what my father was like,” he thought out loud. “I bet he was pretty cool!”

“You never met your father?” Sasuke asked with a little shock in his voice.

“No,” Naruto started. “All I know is that I’ve never had anyone to support me. The closest thing I have to a family is Iruka-sensei and that pervy sage.”

“Pervy sage?” Sasuke asked, intrigued by his nickname.

“Yeah, I think his name is Jiraya. He’s a total pervert, who is always peeking on girls and writing pervert books. He’s so annoying, but he has raised me so I guess he is sort of like a father. He actually knew my father but never talks about him. I don’t think he wants me to know about him. I mean, I don’t even know his name or how he looked. It’s very weird.”

Sasuke watched almost mesmerized at Naruto talking. He looked so cute when he was arguing with himself. “Hey Naruto,” he called.

“Yeah?” Naruto consulted looking at Sasuke wide eyed.

“Nothing, I was just thinking…” he looked at as his hands which were on his lap. “My father, sometime I wish I had never known who he was.”

“Why is that?”

“He never really cared about me,” Sasuke explained. “All he did was compare me to my older brother.”

Naruto noticed how cold Sasuke’s look had turned so he decided to get closer since he knew his friend enjoyed the closeness. “Sasuke, whatever happened to your brother? I mean I know about that but...”

“I don’t know and I don’t care!” Sasuke screamed. “He killed my family!”

Tears started to run down Sasuke’s pale cheeks which made Naruto feel terrible for asking. He wrapped his arms around his friend’s slim body, “Please don’t cry!” Naruto begged. “Don’t cry!”

Feeling Naruto’s warm body made Sasuke feel safe. “I won’t.” He stated and let himself get lost in Naruto’s blue eyes.

“Hey Sasuke, it’s getting late. Want me to order some pizza?” Naruto asked as he let go of Sasuke.

“Sure, why not?”
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