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Alone Again

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Naruto looked in the mirror as he passed a hand through his wet hair. Never in his life had he worried about being clean or looking good until Sasuke came along. He had turned Naruto into a insecure boy and all because he was way too eye-catching to even be real.

Last night had been perfect. Even if he had chosen not to have sex with Sasuke yet, they had cuddled all night until they both fell asleep. It seemed almost surreal how they had both gotten together and how much they enjoyed it.

As he looked in the mirror he wondered what the future held for both of them and if things were always going to be this good. They might be since Sasuke had just left to his apartment and Naruto already missed him. He had woken up early to go to his place for some clothes and to inform that he was moving out.

Sasuke only felt at home when he was around Naruto, so he had asked to if he could move in which Naruto instantly responded with a kiss. They were so happy it seemed like the perfect idea.

“Good morning Naruto!” Sakura greeted as soon as he entered the classroom. She was sitting in a desk located on the front row.

“Hi Sakura!” Naruto immediately exclaimed, blushing a bit.

“You look different today,” she noticed. “What did you do?”

He walked towards her and placed both of his hands on his back. “Not much actually,” he answered. “I’ve just been a little more self-conscious lately.”

Sakura giggled softly. “Is it because Sasuke?”

Naruto was shocked. How did she know? “But… H-how?” he stuttered.

“I saw you two on the terrace,” she explained. “And then Sasuke confirmed it.”

“Oh,” Naruto whispered looking at the floor. “Aren’t you mad? I know you like Sasuke.”

“Mad? Not at all, I’m happy for you two. Anyways, Sasuke was never interested in me and also, its even surprising his interested in anyone at all!” she commented. “I guess I’m glad it’s you and not some bitch or a pimp!”

Naruto laughed as he sat next to her. “Thanks!”

“Where’s Sasuke anyways?” she asked some seconds later.

“He went to his place to get some of his clothes,” Naruto explained. “He should be here anytime now, since he left really early.”

But Sasuke never arrived. The day passed by slowly to Naruto’s eyes, even if it was Friday, the day they had early dismissal. His eyes were stuck on the door all day but the boy that he had admitted he loved never arrived. Had he regretted saying he loved Naruto? Was he hurt? Did he forget it was a school day? All those thoughts floated around Naruto’s mind as he watched how his lover never arrived making him more scared as every millisecond passed.

“Sakura!” Naruto screamed as she ran towards her as soon as Asuma-sensei dismissed the class. “You have to help me!”

“What’s wrong Naruto?” Sakura asked, worried when she noticed how beat up Naruto’s face looked.

“Sasuke! He didn’t come!” he started screaming. “I think something might have happened.”

“Shhh… Settle!” Sakura exclaimed. “Everything is going to be alright. Maybe he was just lazy or tired.”

Both of them knew missing school was very anti-Sasuke but neither wanted to think about something serious or dangerous. “Come with me to his place!” Naruto requested.

Sakura blushed a little and then nodded.

Naruto stood in front of Sasuke’s apartment’s door fearing the worst. “Sakura, what if he regrets it?” he asked, both of his hands in a fist and shaking.

“The way he looks at you,” Sakura whispered and the looked into Naruto’s blue eyes. “He regrets nothing.”

He opened the door, trusting Sakura and the scene he found was worst than his most frightening nightmare. Sasuke’s body laid on the ground next to a big blue suitcase. His skin looked paler than normal, his eyes were closed and his cheek and forehead were bruised.

“SASUKE!!!” they both screamed as they ran to his side.

He was half awake, his dark pupils barely showing and constantly complaining silently. “Naruto,” Sasuke called softly. “You are here.”

Sasuke’s weak smile made Naruto smile too. “Of course I’m here, now don’t worry. Everything’s going to be fine.”

“Naruto, I already called an ambulance!” Sakura screamed. Apparently as soon as she saw Sasuke she ran around the apartment looking for a phone.


His face was too pale, even for Sasuke Uchiha. When their touch had met, Naruto had noticed how tan he looked next to Sasuke, but now he simply looked dead. His soft pink cheeks were now purple and his mellow pale lips were bloody. That’s how he looked when he was rushed into the emergency room.

Naruto noticed the girl sitting next to him, his classmate Sakura Haruno was looking very nervous. She kept intertwining fingers and shifting position. “I’m sure Sasuke’s going to be fine,” Naruto commented, instantly grabbing Sakura’s attention.

The girl smiled and nodded. “You’re right Naruto.”
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