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His face was too pale, even for Sasuke Uchiha. When their touch had met, Naruto had noticed how tan he looked next to Sasuke, but now he simply looked dead. His soft pink cheeks were now purple and his mellow pale lips were bloody. That’s how he looked when he was rushed into the emergency room.

Naruto noticed the girl sitting next to him, his classmate Sakura Haruno was looking very nervous. She kept intertwining fingers and shifting position. “I’m sure Sasuke’s going to be fine,” Naruto commented, instantly grabbing Sakura’s attention.

The girl smiled and nodded. “You’re right Naruto.”

“Naruto…” Sasuke called, but no one answered. His body felt heavy and weak. Everything was dark and cold and he could hardly breathe. Why was he in this place? What had happened to him? His exterior body felt numb but his insides were burning. This feeling, he knew he had felt something like this before.

After what seemed like years of infinite struggle in the cold, he felt warmth in his cheeks. Once again, Sasuke was able to breathe and take in some fresh essence, a very familiar one. The smell of ashes and ramen, it was Naruto.

Naruto was next to him. His heart could tell. His distinctive aroma and warmth surrounded him. Sasuke wanted to scream, hug him and kiss him but his body still felt numb. Then he felt them. Warm tears rolling down his cheeks, tears that didn’t belong to him. They were Naruto’s. He was screaming his name and crying. Why was he crying? Sasuke was alive, he didn’t need to cry. Sasuke was next to him, he didn’t need to scream his name.

But he kept feeling foreign tears and hearing choked screams. Sasuke also wanted to scream, but his lungs weren’t with him. They seemed to be death or at least hibernating. [i]”Wake up!”[/i] He screamed in his insides, but they wouldn’t respond. Why didn’t they respond? Sasuke wanted his whole body to come back to life. He wanted to be with Naruto again.

It was his entire fault. Itachi Uchiha’s fault. He was the one who hurt him and cause him pain. His older brother was the one keeping him apart from Naruto, his love. He needed to beat Itachi! He needed to wake up!

“SASUKE!!!” Naruto screamed again, as he held his hand strongly and cried. “Don’t leave me!”

Sakura watched him feeling stupid. What was she even doing there if she couldn’t help either of them? Trying to calm down Naruto was an obvious failure, as she had experienced and Sasuke seemed to be in a comma.

“Sasuke…” Naruto choked. “Why don’t you wake up?”

“Naruto…” Sasuke whispered causing both of his visitors to stare at his face, wide eyed. “Shut up!”

Naruto threw himself on top of the bandaged boy and kissed his lips. “Sasuke!” he screamed.

Sasuke smiled as he felt his lover’s warm touch. He was finally free from the prison his body had turned into and Naruto was with him. “Hey Naruto,” he said with a crooked smile, his lips were still swollen and bruised.

“Sasuke,” Naruto repeated also smiling while starring at his dark eyes. “I thought I was going to be alone again!” he bawled as a stream of tears started to flow from his eyes.

He wrapped his arms around his slim body and kissed his forehead. “I’m never going to leave you alone you dobe, remember I love you?”

Nodding, Naruto also wrapped his arms around Sasuke. “I love you too,” he stated and kissed his injured lips softly.

When they broke the hug, Sasuke looked around the hospital’s room and spotted Sakura almost hiding near the door. “Hi Sakura,” he said in his usual tone.

She smiled nervously and blushed. “Sasuke-kun, I’m glad you’re alright.”

“Thanks,” he replied.

Naruto stood up and walked towards Sakura. “See Sakura-chan! I told you Sasuke was going to be fine!”

Sakura laughed. “You were the one weeping and screaming like crazy,” she commented.

He scratched his cheek and faced Sasuke. “Well, I was worried!” he whined as he turned red.

“You are such an idiot,” Sasuke commented. “I only woke up because you were screaming in my ear and getting me all wet with you tears.”

Naruto crossed his arms and grunted. “Next time I’m going to leave you dead on the floor, believe it!”

Sasuke laughed. “Fine by me.”
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