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Nutella + Tomato = Sex

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Sasuke just looked at Naruto, wide eyed. He wanted to do it. “Now?” he asked idiotically.

He decided not to answer but instead he started unbuttoning his white shirt and kissing his chest. Naruto slid down to his hard tummy and tried biting it softly. Both boys were really enjoying this. Naruto was obsessed to the exclusive flavor Sasuke’s skin had. It was a strange mixture of sweetness and salt.

“Wait,” Sasuke moaned. Naruto instantly stopped and looked at Sasuke’s face. “Lets get something to eat first, I’m starving.” It was true, he was very hungry but the real reason as to why he had stopped Naruto was because he started getting panicky.

“Okay,” Naruto replied nonchalantly. “I guess I’m hungry too.”

Sasuke speedily pecked his lips. “You are always hungry,” he whispered and they both stood up.

He watched as Naruto stuffed his mouth with Nutella. Sasuke hated sweets but watching Naruto’s limps covered with the velvety chocolate made him want to kiss him even more than before. Chocolate was positively a turn on.

“What?!” Naruto blurted, noticing that Sasuke was looking at him.

“Nothing,” he answered feeling stupid. His face felt hot and his legs were shaking, Naruto was making Sasuke way too tense. The idea of finally “doing it” had made him like this. Why? He wasn’t sure. Nights ago, he had been sure that’s what he wanted to do and if it wasn’t for Naruto’s uncertainty he would have probably nailed it so why did he feel like this now?


Sasuke smiled as he got closer to Naruto. “I’m just nervous,” he confessed.

“Psht… Why would you be nervous?”

Sasuke stood up and walked to the fridge. “I think I love you more now than I did before,” he stated as took out a ketchup bottle from the fridge.

Naruto’s cheeks turned red. His chocolate covered fingered was touching his bottom lip as he looked at the kitchen table. Sasuke always knew what to say to make his stomach turn.

He now had a spoon in hand when he sat next to Naruto. “Love you…”

He licked his finger, removing all the sweet from it and then looked at Sasuke as he poured some ketchup on the spoon and softly licked. “Eww… That’s gross!” Naruto hollered.

Sasuke smiled. “You think so?” Naruto nodded firmly. Suddenly Sasuke jumped over Naruto and kissed him.

The taste of tomato sauce instantly filled his mouth and coming from Sasuke’s mouth, it didn’t taste so bad. Naruto kissed him back instantaneously, like he always did, putting every ounce of his energy into it. Sasuke broke the kiss for a few seconds and covered his lips with the creamy Nutella. Naruto smiled at this and kissed him, now tasting the chocolate in his lover’s lips.

Sasuke started unzipping Naruto’s orange jacket as he softly kissed his collarbone. “Your skin is so soft,” he whispered, trying to get a reaction from Naruto, which he got. His lover boy’s cheeks instantly became hot and red which made Sasuke want to lick them even more.

As he let Sasuke kiss him, he noticed a few purplish marks all over Sasuke’s body. Marks he had made on that night he had discovered his love for his Uchiha. Suddenly, he blushed even more as he ran his hand through Sasuke’s neck, figuring that all those doctors and nurses had probably seen them and thought that he had been raped by whomever had caused his injuries.

“Don’t worry about them, you have some too,” Sasuke whispered in Naruto’s ear.

His voice and the warmth of his breath made him shiver and then he noticed the millions of purple marks around his body caused by continuous sucking. Naruto smiled, feeling a sudden rush of emotions. Now he was sure he wanted to consummate his relationship with Sasuke.

Sasuke removed Naruto’s jacket and then quickly his shirt. He loved seen Naruto’s tanned chest but not as much as he loved to kiss it. His tongue and lips quickly touched every single spot of exposed flesh in his body. In that moment, Sasuke was sitting on the wooden chair of the small dining table situated in the kitchen. Naruto sat on his lap letting Sasuke touch him as he held his lover’s shirt strongly trying to not moan too much.

But he couldn’t hold on for much. Not only was Sasuke softly sucking on his neck but he could also feel him getting hard. In motivated Naruto to go on, it meant he was doing things right. Sasuke wanted him.

With every moan, Sasuke smiled even more. His face was now flushed and hot and his body had this thingly sensation that was simply telling him he craved for Naruto’s love. Out if nowhere and probably instinctively, Naruto started rocking his hips against Sasuke sending a type of satisfying static through all their bodies.

“Naruto,” Sasuke moaned as he felt the slow but steady caress. “That feels so good.”

Naruto smiled and planted a kiss on Sasuke’s lips. “If that’s what Sasuke wants,” he said and kept rocking his lips. Sasuke closed his eyes and just got lost in the elation. That was until he felt a taste of tomato in his mouth. He opened his eyes and saw Naruto’s kissing him and holding a bitten tomato in his hands.

Sasuke soon noticed Naruto was basically feeding him tomato, knowing how much he loved it, through his mouth. As they kissed, they both played with the fruit in his mouth until Sasuke finally swallowed it. “When did you get the tomato?” he asked.

“When you weren’t looking,” Naruto answered. Once again, he kissed Sasuke’s lips and in that second, Sasuke started unbuckling his pants. Naruto was a little scared but he wasn’t going to stop him, not this time.

“Let’s move to the bed,” Sasuke suggested.

Naruto smiled and kissed him. Without parting their lips, they both moved to the bed. Naruto fell on the bed and Sasuke on top, still exchanging the kiss. Soon, both boys were naked and seeing each other like that for the first time, made them a more edgy.

Sasuke’s cheeks went red as he felt Naruto’s hand caressing his inner thigh. He was being so gentle and precise it surprised him it was his first time. Sasuke wanted Naruto to think the same thing about him, so he moved from his lips to his chest, through his tummy and to where his leg started. His skin was warm and apparently more sensitive, since he started moaning as soon as his lips met it.

It seemed as if his moans were just escaping one after the other one liberally. Naruto couldn’t control them anymore. He held onto Sasuke’s head as he felt his warm tongue exploring him. It was a sensation unlike anything he had ever experienced, the best feeling ever. That was what he thought just after he actually felt the real best feeling ever. Sasuke’s tongue had gone beyond his thigh and was now softly caressing him. He felt as his tongue slowly went up and down, leaving a warm sensation that was making him go harder.

“Sasuke,” Naruto moaned. Sasuke smiled as he kept doing his job. Never could have imagined doing this sort of things could be such an experience. Tasting Naruto was something he would love to do for the rest of his life. And yes, Sasuke did plan to be with him all his life.

Naruto bit his bottom lip and wrapped his legs around Sasuke’s shoulder. He was very good at what he was doing, not that he had anyone to compare, and Naruto just knew no one could be better.

“Naruto,” Sasuke called. His blue eyes instantly looked at his, which were now on the same level. “Do you want to go first?”

“First?” Naruto’s cheeks turned red. “No, you do it,” he then said.

Sasuke softly kissed his lips. “If you want me to stop, just say it.”

Naruto nodded and kissed Sasuke. “Just do it.”

“Fine,” Sasuke whispered. His hand slowly moved down to Naruto’s more sensitive areas. His moaning confirmed he wanted this so he proceeded to what was finally going to complete their relationship. Slowly but surely, Sasuke slid inside Naruto causing a painful scream to escape from his mouth. “I’m sorry,” Sasuke apologized.

“Keep going,” Naruto moaned.

Sasuke nodded and proceeded on rocking his hips against Naruto’s body, making sure everything went swiftly. Naruto’s screams were harder every time he pumped, but in between them Sasuke who hear him whispering some “right there” and “that’s it”. Those moans made him just continue as well as the satisfaction he was feeling in that instant. Sasuke had never imagined sex could be like that.

Perfect. That was the only way to describe it. Sasuke kept going on and on, faster and faster. Their moans collided as they reached the higher levels of delight. “Sasuke!” Naruto screamed, wrapping his arms around Sasuke. “Sasuke!”

His screams made him happy. Now he knew he had done everything right. They climaxed and Sasuke collapsed on top of Naruto. As they panted, trying to get in as much oxygen as they could, they started laughing, laughing from joy. “I love you Naruto,” he whispered, still trying to breathe.

Naruto smiled and kissed Sasuke’s cheek. “I love you too…”
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