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“Don’t be so shy,” Sasuke whispered, kissing Naruto softly. “You are mine and I want to kiss you.”

Possessive. Everyday, Sasuke was getting more and more intense when it came to Naruto. It even scared him to leave his boy alone with Sakura, since he knew he still liked her. More so, Gaara came in the picture. Sasuke knew that guy had eyes for his Naruto and that scared him.

“Sakura,” Naruto called. She was sitting next to him on the coffee shop they had decided to meet up, so they could reunite with Gaara. Sasuke, who was sitting across from Naruto, had decided to go to the bathroom, and Gaara hadn’t arrived yet. Sakura turned his head and looked at Naruto, her eyes told him she was waiting for a question. “Have you noticed Sasuke’s been acting very weird,” he questioned.

Sakura scrutinized his perfect blue eyes, noticing how gruesome they looked this morning. For a second, she thought that maybe Sasuke and him were hitting a hard point in their relationship, but the way they saw each other, it was very hard to imagine. Sakura wished she could look into someone’s eyes and see that desire for love, but for now she was only pleased with how simple her life was and how great her friend were.

“What do you mean?” Sakura asked back. After a couple of minutes, she noticed she hadn’t answered his question and that the boy was still looking at her with those dull eyes.

Naruto looked at the opposite side, biting his lower lip. “I don’t know how to say this,” he began. “But, lately he had been a bit more physical.”


“Forget it,” Naruto whispered.

“Listen,” Sakura said. “I might not really know Sasuke that well but I can tell he loves you. Don’t worry about him acting weird, maybe his just going through something…”

“I wish he would just tell me,” Naruto commented. “I mean, he has told me things but I know something’s missing. He is hiding something. Every time I try to ask him something, he kisses me or does something to avoid telling me the truth.”


Naruto looked up and saw Gaara standing there. He looked kind of intimidated; both cheeks were lightly pink but made an incredibly strong contrast on his white skin. “Hey Gaara!” Gaara softly smiled. “Sit!” Naruto motioned.

Sasuke looked at his blurry reflection on the restroom’s mirror. He looked so insignificant, so tired. His hands met his pale lips as he remembered kissing Naruto before leaving the apartment. His boy has probably noticed how weird he had been lately. He had probably noticed how emotionally distant he had been and it was all because he was scared.

Itachi had said he wanted Naruto.
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