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“Naruto,” Sakura called.

It was obvious that Sakura had many questions; someone normal wouldn’t take this situation so easily. Now that Itachi had left, she had taken the chance to ask everything she held back during the meeting. “Yes, Sakura-chan?”

She looked into Naruto’s deep blue eyes. “How long have you been seeing Itachi?” she asked.

“I met him before I broke up with Sasuke,” Naruto told her. “He was actually what made us break up.”

“What?” She asked, looking deeply into his eyes with her bright green ones.

“I’ll explain from the beginning,” he said. “That day, when we met up with Gaara and Sasuke ran away, I followed him but quickly lost him. I stood around feeling horrible and that’s when I met Itachi. He approached me and kissed me on the lips. I was very startled after that, so I didn’t move from that spot until Sasuke found me. He took me home and took care of me, since I was wet from the rain and then I couldn’t contain it. I had to tell him that he had kissed me. Then he asked if I had liked it and what else could I say? I had liked it! I really had and I just couldn’t lie. I thought Sasuke would get mad at me but instead he started kissing me like crazy, saying that I was his and that no one else could touch me and that really made me mad! I’m not a fucking toy! He had no right to treat me like if I was his property or something like that!”

By the time he stopped, he was already crying. Sakura hugged him. “Oh please, don’t cry,” she said, also wanting to cry. “I shouldn’t have asked!”

“No, its okay Sakura,” Naruto said smiling. “I’ll keep going. So, after that I was really depressed, I really wanted to kill myself, actually I tried and…”


It was dark outside. Naruto looked outside of the window, hoping to see Sasuke coming into the building. His dark blue bass was wrapped in his arms and Naruto swore it still smelled like him. It had been the longest week of his life and he surely wanted to end it.

The emptiness his heart was left with made his pain overpowering. That’s probably the reason why he took his next decision. In a way, he regretted telling Sasuke to leave and now that he knew he wasn’t coming back, he had to punish himself.

He had to die.

No one would stop him since no one cared. People would probably be happier without him. So, why not? He left the bass aside and climbed up onto the windowsill, took a step towards its edge so he was outside. It was raining today, but the wind was ice cold. Naruto looked outside with a blank look in his eyes and smiled.

“Yes, this is it…”

Just when he was about to jump from the tenth floor someone pulled him into the house and wrapped his arms around him, instantly sending warmth through his body. That figured then kissed him softly, making him feel safe and comfortable.

Naruto looked at this figure carefully, his black eyes, pale skin and dark hair. There was no doubt in his mind he was Itachi Uchiha. When he realized this, he wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed him passionately, wanting to feel that warmness.

“Naruto, stop,” Itachi said, breaking the kiss.

“No, please don’t stop! I’m begging you!” Naruto screamed crying. “I need you!”


“Please, kiss me,” he begged.

Itachi wouldn’t admit it, but he melted on under the younger boy’s gaze and kissed him.


Flashback filler, yes it’s starting to seem like the real anime.


Anyways, hope you like it and leave some feedback.
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