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He's Back

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"What's wrong, Gaara?" Naruto asked naively as stared into his friend's deep green eyes.

Gaara had said he wanted to talk with him, so they had entered Sakura's house, leaving everyone else in the garage, so that they could have more privacy. They now stood in the kitchen facing each. "Who's that guy?"

"Oh you mean Itachi, he's my new boyfriend I guess, cause well, we haven't really made it official, but I do like him a lot," Naruto replied.

"Isn't he a little old?"

"Well yeah but I'm already eighteen; it doesn't really matter," Naruto answered as he poured himself a glass of water. "At least he's not fifty, right?"

"Yeah," Gaara replied.

Naruto looked attentively at Gaara, putting the glass down. "Why do you ask? Is there something wrong?"

Gaara got closer to Naruto until he faces were inches apart. "I just don't want you to make a mistake," he said. "I don't think I would stand seeing you hurt like it happened with the Uchiha. This time I wont hold back, I'll really kill him."

"Gaara…" Naruto slurred. He knew Gaara wasn't kidding. When Sasuke left, he got so mad Naruto swore Gaara would kill Sasuke when he saw him. Good thing he never came back. Now what scared him the most is Gaara's police record. He hadn't actually killed anyone, but had been close in many occasions.

"Just take care," Gaara said and kissed Naruto on the lips.


"Good to see you again," Sakura said.

"Sorry I can't say the same," his companion answered. "This place brings back a lot of bad memories."

"You cant say they are all bad," Sakura continued. "I'm sure you would give anything in order to have them back."

"But I screwed up, so they won't come back," he shot back.

"I'm guessing if you are here and you especially looked for me, you want to know about Naruto," she stated. "Right Sasuke-kun?"

"You are still very smart," he commented. "And yes, that's exactly what I'm doing here. Is it true he's with Itachi?"

"Yes," Sakura answers. "They have been together for some time now."

"That bastard," Sasuke slurred, his eyes looked darker.

"Listen, Sasuke-kun, Naruto has been through a lot. You have no idea how much he has changed since you left. Before Itachi-san came, I could have sworn the old Naruto was completely gone. He would almost never smile and when he did, it wouldn't be that one we were all used to. He became very cruel and had many mood swings. Sometimes he would simply start screaming at anyone and picking up fights with Sai and Gaara or even Kakashi-sensei and he would also start crying uncontrollably, of course not in public, but he would go to my place and stay there crying all day. And also he tried killing himself on various occasion! Good thing me or Itachi-san were always there to stop him. But after that time he saved Naruto, things got a little better. He regained his interest in music and he would smile again and it made me happy to see him like that, to see the old Naruto…"

"Sakura, do you love Naruto?" Sasuke asked with a smirk on his face.

Sakura's cheeks went red. "I ummm…"

Sasuke smiled. "Anyways, I'm think I' going to see Naruto," he announced. "Is he still living in the same apartment?"

"Yeah!" Sakura quickly answered.
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