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It was strange waking up besides Sasuke. It felt like this past year was all a bad dream, that the Uchiha had never left. He seemed to be in a profound sleep but Naruto learned that it only lasted as long as he was next to him. As soon as Naruto leaves the bed, it will take approximately five minutes for Sasuke to wakeup.

Naruto wish he could stay in bed a little longer, but he had band practice, so they had to get ready. The blond looked attentively at Sasuke. Yeah, he had missed him so much and knew it was right to forgive him. He loved him after all.


Sasuke felt sort of empty as he woke up. He looked around and wondered if he was still asleep, after all he was in Naruto’s apartment. Then it suddenly hit him, of course he was with the real Naruto. Why else would he be asleep?

“Five minutes exactly,” he heard Naruto’s voice say.

Sasuke sat up and noticed Naruto was in the kitchen preparing something that smelled like pancakes. “What are you doing?”

“Breakfast,” he answered. “I hope you like pancakes.”

“Who doesn’t like pancakes?” Sasuke said as he stood up and walked towards Naruto. “Anyways, whatever happened to the Naruto who could only put food on the microwave?”

“You probably won’t want to hear this but, Itachi taught me how to cook,” Naruto answered nonchalantly.

“I figured,” Sasuke responded. “Who else would have such patience?”

Naruto didn’t argue back since he knew Sasuke was right. He turned to look at the boy who was now next to him. “I was thinking, since you’re back, well… you can return to the band. I mean, we all agreed Sai was just temporary bassist at first. He can go back to playing rhythm guitar like he was originally supposed to. I know it’s been a year and all, but I know he won’t mind.”

“If you want me back, then I will,” Sasuke answered and pecked his lips. “Good morning, by the way.”


As they ate their pancakes, Naruto couldn’t help but think about the real reason he had been saving that breakfast. He had wanted to prepare them for Itachi after he finally gave in, but Naruto figured that now that Sasuke was here, Itachi would never come back. In a way, it made him sad. Itachi had been there through his depression and brought back happiness to his life.

“What are you thinking about?” Sasuke asked, noticing how deep in thought he was.

“Oh, nothing really,” Naruto lied. “I can’t believe you’re actually here.”

Sasuke smiled. “Yeah, I really thought you wouldn’t take me in after what Sakura told me.”

“You talked to her?”

“Of course, I had to find out how you were before coming to look for you. I wasn’t sure I was making the right decision and well, even if I acted a little crazy at first, it might have turned out just fine.”


Sasuke sat on Naruto’s bed wearing some of his old clothes. Even if he had grown taller, some if still fit. Naruto was changing into some clothes too. “Hey Sasuke,” he called.


“Be careful with Gaara,” he answered. “He has a thing against you since you left. I’m afraid he might try to kill you or something.”

Sasuke looked at Naruto who was now looking at him with worry in his eyes. He knew about Gaara’s past as well and he understood why Naruto would be worried. “I knew he was in love with you,” he commented. “That’s why I didn’t want him around.”

“I know, he’s been very open about his feelings,” Naruto told, remembering the many times they made-out before Itachi had come. “That’s why I want you to be careful.”

“Do you know Sakura is also in love with you?” Sasuke asked.

Naruto blushed. “She confessed in the weirdest way,” Naruto replied. “I remember it perfectly. We were at her place working on a song and she suddenly said ‘Funny how when you stop crushing on me, I suddenly start’. We laughed after that, but I was conscious she was serious.”

“You liked her a lot if I recall correctly, why didn’t you take the chance?”

“Sakura is my best friend,” he answered. “I couldn’t hurt her. Anyways, she’s in a good relationship now. I think things will really work out for them. They seem happy.”

“Is it that Sai guy?” Sasuke asked.

Naruto laughed. “No way, Sai is so gay,” he responded. “You’re actually going to think it’s weird, but she’s dating Kakashi-sensei.”

“Wait,” Sasuke said and paused. “Are you serious? Isn’t he like our teacher? That’s too strange.”

“We graduated already so technically its okay and the age difference don’t seem to bother them, after all Sakura is very mature and sensei is kind of childish,” he answered with a smile. Naruto turned around and looked at Sasuke. “Hey, while we are on graduation, what are you going to do?”

“The guy who was taking care of me said he would talk to Tsunade-sama,” Sasuke answered. “Apparently, they are old acquaintances and since I basically just missed the final exam, he said that he was going to ask her if I could do the exam and if I pass, get the diploma.”

“That’s great!” Naruto shrieked finally finished and walked towards Sasuke. “So, let’s go.”


“Before we go in,” Naruto said while he stood next to Sasuke in Sakura’s door. “I know we are ‘waiting’ but could you just give me a short kiss.”

“You are too cute,” Sasuke whispered, and softly kissed his lips. “I’ll kiss you as many times as you wish.”

Naruto smiled. “How long do we have to wait?”

Sasuke kissed him again. “Let's give us a week to see what happens.”

“Great!” Naruto exclaimed and kissed Sasuke. He then proceeded to knock on Sakura’s door.

The girl opened pretty quickly. She was wearing a red shirt and a short white skirt with black flip flops. “Hey Naruto, we were waiting for you,” she said but quickly paused when she noticed Sasuke. “Sasuke-kun, I see you settled things with Naruto.”

“Yeah,” Naruto said. “Although we’re not back together yet, we’re giving ourselves some time to see how things go.”

“Oh, well come in, everyone has arrived already.”

They both walk in together. Naruto, unaware, grabs Sasuke’s hand and walks straight to the garage where they usually practice. When they get there he sees Kakashi-sensei along with Gaara and Sai. “Hey guys!” he greets.

Gaara’s green eyes instantly turn to look at Sasuke with hate. Kakashi on the other hands greets him with what everyone assumes it’s a smile. “Sasuke, so it’s true you’re back. Nice to have you around again.”

“Thanks Kakashi,” he answers.

Sai looks at Sasuke attentively in the eyes then his glance turns to their hands held together. “You must be Naruto’s ex-boyfriend, nice to meet you, I’m Sai.” He gave Sasuke one of his many fake smiles and held his hand out.

“Yeah, likewise,” Sasuke answers, taking his hand.

“Guys I have something to tell you,” Naruto announced. “Well, I was thinking, since Sasuke is our original bass player and Sai was originally the guitar why don’t we go back to that.”

“That’s a good idea Naruto,” Kakashi said as he held Sakura in his arm. “That would finally solve our rhythm guitar problem. What do you say Sai?”

“That sounds perfect, I prefer the guitar anyways.”

“Wait!” Gaara interjected. “What guarantees us that Sasuke won’t abandon us like last time?”

“Last time I left because Naruto asked me to,” Sasuke answered. “As long as he wants me around, I’ll always be here.”

“So our band depends in how good you’re in relationships…” Gaara concluded.

“Gaara!” Sakura scolded.

“It was my fault we broke up last time,” Sasuke confessed. “But I’ll never make that same mistake. I’ll do everything it takes to be perfect for Naruto.”

“Okay kids, stop the love quarrel,” Kakashi interrupted. “I know Naruto is very attractive and you all want to win him over but now it’s time to practice so live it for later.” Everyone threw daggers at Kakashi. “I was just saying. Anyways, since Sasuke doesn’t know the songs you have you’ll have to teach him and Sai also has to practice and come up with new tunes so let’s work on that. KMF is just around the corner.”

Everyone agreed on this and so they started working it.


Someone knocked on the door. Seeing how concentrated they all were, Kakashi was the one to attend. “This is odd,” he commented as he noticed it was Itachi.

“It's time,” he said. “Where is Naruto?”

“How long is he going to be gone?” Kakashi asked, worried that it might be too long.

“Not much, leader is going to tell him everything tonight and he is free to go whenever he wishes,” Itachi replied. “There’s still a lot to fix with Sasuke.”

Kakashi nodded and guided him to the garage.

“Itachi!” Naruto exclaimed and ran towards him. “What are you doing here?”

Itachi gave Naruto one of his smiles that only the blond could recognize. “We have to go now Naruto.”

“Now?!” Naruto exclaimed. “But I’m in the middle of practice and…”

“Don’t worry Naruto,” Kakashi interrupted. “We’ll just keep teaching Sasuke and helping Sai.”

“It won’t take too long,” Itachi promised. “Now let’s go.”

“Where are you taking him?” Sasuke said strongly. “I don’t trust you with him.”

“Sasuke…” Naruto said.

“It's okay Sasuke, I’ll take care of Naruto,” Itachi uttered.

“I don’t believe you,” Sasuke shot back, anger fierce in his eyes.

“Sasuke its okay really,” Naruto intervened. “Itachi would never hurt me. We have been planning meeting Itachi’s leader for a long time and I really want to go. Wait for me at home.”

Sasuke looked at his blue eyes, at his smile. “Fine,” he said.


Damn! I had to re-write this chapter since my computer died again and all of my updates died as well in there. I have to re-write a lot so I have a lot of work. But hey I like to take breaks between my updates and in those breaks I love to write one-shot for you. Interested? Well the info is below.

Ok, about the story. So, I admit it… I’m a diehard KakaSaku fan. Yeah, I can tolerate a few straight couples, my fav being ShikaTema, duh and also NaruSaku, sometimes I have my moments with SasuSaku and ItaSaku. The couple I can’t tolerate is NaruHina. I hate them and if they end up together I’ll hate Kishimoto, that’s all. Lol

Enough rambling, okay so Sasuke is so back yay! I have some surprises later on. Next chapter is gonna be super dramatic cause I think you all don’t have a clue about Itachi’s leader’s identity. Prove me wrong if you want.

I love Sai recently, that’s why his character might seem a bit eegghhh. I just love him since one of the last manga chapters in which he was so cute and gay.

Gaara I love him since ever but I kind of needed him to be a jerk for now.

Sasuke is ooc but I don’t really care as well as Itachi.

Omg this is so long I’ll stop.

Now one-shot request info!

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