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Chapter 10 - Secret

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What the fuck was he so happy about?

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A/N Heyy all. I know what you're thinking. Holy updates! I've been in a writing mood and I hope it continues through the holidays. That said I've got lots of Christmas plans so hopefully there'll be a new chapter after the weekend. Happy Hoildays!

Chapter 10 - Secret

I sat in my truck in the school parking lot, trying to decide whether I should cut school. Another bus pulled up in front of the school; I watched carefully to see if Mikey was on it. Sure enough he stepped off, but something about him was different. Instead of his normal shuffle, he walked with purpose, his eyes straight ahead instead of on the floor. I wanted to run over to him and apologize, but I knew I couldn't do that. Instead I threw my truck in reverse and tried to back out of the lot. I stopped abruptly, almost hitting a black 1979 Mustang, "Pull your head out of your ass, jerkoff!" the girl in the drivers seat yelled out of her window. I groaned, getting out of the truck.

She pulled into the spot beside me, and angrily got out. She was really hot, and I found it hard to believe I'd never seen her around the school before. She was wearing a Misfit's tee and tight jeans, with an inch wide section of flesh between. I leaned on the roof of the car, "Sorry about that." I said, flashing her a smile.

She rolled her dark green eyes. "Just watch where the fuck you're going next time." her voice was thick with a Jersey accent. She ran her fingers through her long dark hair and slammed the door shut.

I rushed over to her, "Wait, let me make it up to you. Can I buy you lunch?" I asked, touching her arm lightly.

"Ridiculous, my first five minutes at this school, I almost get hit by a car and hit on by you," she mumbled. That explained why I'd never seen her before.

"I'm not hitting on you, I just want to make up for being a dick." I lied. She stared at my in disbelief. "I promise."

"Alright, lunch. Maybe I should know your name first?" she asked.

I extended my hand, "Frank."

She smirked. "Amy." The school bell rang. "Shit, late on my first day too, gotta go Frank see ya later," She started jogging toward the school. I took my time getting to homeroom, where I was bitched at for being late. After attendance was taken and announcements were made we were dismissed to go to first period, which was History. I hated that class, 'cause none of my friends were in it...except Mikey. This was going to be a long class.

I got to the class, late again, and there was only one seat left. Thirty seats in the class and the only one that could be empty was next to him. I suppose it was logical, he didn't have any friends. Poor kid. If it was possible, he looked even better than he had on Friday. I shook the thought from my head.

I slumped down into my seat and noticed Mikey's straight posture and bright expression. What the fuck was he so happy about? I felt like shit.

Mr. Olstad got the class's attention. "Okay class, put your books away. You have the class to finish the exam," he said.

"Fuck, we have a test?" I mumbled. I hadn't even brought a pencil. I asked everyone around me for a writing utensil of some sort as Mr. Olstad handed out the tests, but to no avail. I sighed and cursed internally. "Mikey, you have a pen?"

He turned to me and smiled, then dug around in his backpack for a minute, pulling out a pen and handing it to me. "Here you go, Frank." he said.

His attitude was pissing me off, and I couldn't figure out why. I bullshitted my way through the test. When Mikey got up and left to go to the bathroom I rushed through the last question and asked to be excused as well. I found Mikey in the bathroom washing his hands.

"What the fuck is your problem?" I asked, shoving him roughly into the sink.

Pain washed over his features, "What are you talking about!" he yelled, pushing himself away from the sink.

"You're all fucking happy, what's that about?" I realized what I said afterward and knew how stupid it was but I wanted to know.

He scoffed, "Are you fucking kidding me? You think I have to be miserable just 'cause you don't want anything to do with me?"

When he put it that way... ""

"Exactly. Fuck you, Frank. Leave me alone." he tried to leave, but I stopped him. "Don't fucking touch me,"

I let go of his arm. "Okay," I started, staring at the floor. "I just got freaked out. I'm sorry."

The anger disappeared from his face, "So what are you saying?"

"I'm saying..." I didn't even know. "I think we should,'ll be like secret, y'know?"

He shook his head, "How long will it be a secret for?"

Forever. "I dunno, a while. Until I figure everything out." I stepped closer to him and touched his arm lightly. Then I remembered that we were at the school and anyone could walk into the bathroom, so I stepped back.

He sighed, "I'll think about it." he said flatly, while walking out the door.

I stared into the mirror, hating what I was looking at. I had never felt that way before. I couldn't believe that Mikey had that ability to change how I felt about everything. The bell rang and I started walking to my next class. At least I had lunch with Amy to look forward to. I day dreamed my way through the next period. I figured, that if I hooked up with Amy it would compensate for the stupid feelings I had for Mikey. The bell finally rang and I booked it from the classroom, heading outside to my truck.

"Hey Frank!" I heard from behind me. I turned around to see Amy running up behind me. "Hey, would you mind if my friend joins us for lunch?" she asked.

That was actually the last thing I wanted, but I did want to say on her good side. "Yeah no problem,"

"Okay, great. I'll go get him and meet you out by your truck." she flashed me a smile and walked in the opposite direction.

I sighed and walked outside, lighting a cigarette as I made my way to the truck. Not only was she bringing a friend, she was bringing a dude. This was not going as I'd planned. I leaned against my truck and took another drag of my smoke. Hopefully I at least got along with the guy.
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