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Life As Kaoru

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Kaoru has always enjoyed being a part of the band and the life it affords him. But recently he's started to wonder if there's more he's missing out on.

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DISCLAIMER: I don't own Dir En Grey, nor do I have any affiliation with them. I'm just a fan who puts them in random situations and calls it art. I hope I have done accurate depictions of each members unique personality. As they are a Japanese band there will be sparse Japanese dialogue, if anyone requires clarification. Message me and I'll be glad to help. - Tokai

Chapter 1

The sun was low in the sky and a light breeze danced through the branches of the trees down Yakoru Street. There were teenagers laughing and walking on the sidewalks, no doubt on their way home from cram school. Nothing special. He thought. Typical dusk in the Japanese Spring. Heh, maybe I can incorporate that into a song. He shut his window and closed the curtains; he started his DVD back up and crashed on his couch. He propped his legs on the arm of the couch and stared at the ceiling as the show’s opening song played through.

“Moments like this come few and far between. Best enjoy it while I can.”

“Leader-San! Leader-San!!” KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK!

“Stop running Shin-Kun!” KNOCK! KNOCK!


“Just had to jinx it.” His eyes averted from the television, he closed them and heaved a sigh. “Can’t get two fuckin’ minutes alone…” He stood and walked to the door, opening it only to be trampled by a frantic Shinya who wasted no time in shutting the door behind him. Kaoru Niikura crossed his arms over his chest, eyeing the winded drummer. “So… What happened?”

“Toshiya-San. He’s chasing me again. He snatched Kyo’s cigarette and came after me with it.” Kaoru rolled his eyes and glanced back at the television.

“Drunk again?”

“Not yet, just trying to entertain Daisuke. But you should have seen Kyo’s face. He looked like he was about to murder Totchi when he grabbed the cigarette from his hand.”

“Well come watch Gundam with me until Toshiya stops acting like an idiot.” Shinya nodded and took a seat on the couch.

“Kao-San, why do Daisuke and Toshiya tease me all the time?”

“Well, you know the first time Daisuke met you he thought you were a girl and he had a crush on you…”

“Hai.” Kao grinned to himself

“He probably still feels like a real fag for it so he teases you to make himself feel better.”

“Oh. And Totchi?”

“Heh, Totchi’s just a freak.” Shinya smiled, giving a short nod of agreement. He didn’t know what else to say. Shinya was always getting picked on, sometimes it was impossible not to. What else could he do? He wasn’t exactly in a position to scold Die and Toshiya for hassling Shinya. There had been many a time he was guilty of it too and if he ever denied it surely there would be someone who was more than happy to jump on YouTube and pull up the videos.

“Kaoru, you okay?”

“Hm? Oh, yeah. Yeah I’m fine, just thinking…” Shinya began to speak but seemed to think it against his better judgment. Instead he offered a small smile and turned his eyes back to the television.

“Baka da yo!” The door swung open, as an irritated Kyo entered.

“Great.” Kaoru thought to himself, “Just what I wanted. More company.” It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy spending time with his band mates. He was probably closer to them than anyone else. But after spending a year or better in the studio with them, in their almost constant company and now given the fact that they all shared a place Kaoru found that he put a lot more value on the time he got strictly to himself. Nevertheless it didn’t change the fact that Kyo had strode across his room and was now taking a seat next to Shinya.

“I couldn’t take it anymore.” The singer said in a less than happy tone. “Have they always been like this?”

“What do you mean?” Kaoru looked at him with a raised brow.

“They’re having a contest to see who can get more shit-faced without wanting to fuck Shinya.” Kyo grinned with a sick satisfaction as the color drained from Shinya’s face. Kaoru shook his head,

“Don’t rub it in Tooru.” Kyo winced at the mention of his real name and shot a death glare in Kaoru’s direction. “Seriously Kyo, look at poor Shinya.”

“I see him, and I’m not rubbing anything in.”

“Sou desu ka?” Kaoru pursed his lips at the singer.

“Hai.” Kyo nodded. “That’s Die and Totchi’s job.” He smiled bigger as Shinya bit his lip. Kaoru rolled his eyes and turned his attention back to the television.

“Hey Shin-Kuuuun!” Die called from the other room. Shinya’s eyes grew wide as he stood up and a look of utter horror spread across his face.

“Don’t drop anything Shinya.” Kyo looked at Kaoru with an ‘I told you’ grin and took a drag from his cigarette.

“You’re an asshole, you know that right?” He exhaled the smoke and gave a small laugh.

“Hey, flaunt it if you got it.”
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