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The Show

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DISCLAIMER: I don't own Dir En Grey, nor do I have any affiliation with them. I'm just a fan who puts them in random situations and calls it art. I hope I have done accurate depictions of each members unique personality. As they are a Japanese band there will be sparse Japanese dialogue, if anyone requires clarification. Message me and I'll be glad to help. - Tokai

Chapter 3

The energy of a live show, surely that was enough to get his mind off everything that had been troubling him. Kyo screaming, fans cheering, drums pounding, the way the music washed over him. If he couldn’t lose himself in one of their shows then it just couldn’t be done.

He made his way to the edge of the stage staring out into the crowd from under his hair; his eyes coming to rest on a group of fangirls in the front row openly adoring the way he looked when he did that. From the corner of his eye he spotted Toshiya jumping onto an amp to give those diehard fans that were stuck in the back a better look at him. The fans were having such an awesome time, people jumping, fists high in the air, singing along with the lyrics.
This is why he loved playing shows. People came for miles to see them and for a few hours everyone was able to forget about their lives outside the venue. No one was worrying about the bills they had to pay or what a bitch it would be to get up for work or school the next day. The music was all that mattered. Just being there, just seeing the fans and the fans seeing him. The atmosphere, the music, that’s all that mattered. His eyes scanned the crowd and came to rest on a pair of green eyes that returned his gaze.

It was a girl.

More surprising she seemed to be American. Well someone is certainly far from home. He thought to himself. For some reason this greatly amused him but he couldn’t figure out why.
She was like any other fan in the crowd, standing in the third row. Yes she had her fist in the air, yes she was singing along, but her eyes never left him. He turned his gaze to the floor then to the fans in the balconies, but when his eyes found her again she was still meeting his gaze. Why? Why did she look at him like that? Why did those midori orbs bother him so? He moved his gaze to Toshiya then Die, anywhere but to her.

The rest of the set seemed to drag on and on, every song taking longer than the one before. He began to fear this show would never end. Tonight he was playing in front of thousands of fans. Tonight there were thousands of eyes on him. So what? Dir En Grey had been together for ten years, and he couldn’t begin to count the number of eyes that rested on his image night after night. But no matter how many others were looking at him, he couldn’t shake those green flames that burned him from the third row. He heaved a breath as he listened to Kyo screaming goodnight to and gave a small sigh of relief. He raised his guitar to the crowd and hurried off stage, thankful for the end of the night. Or what he thought would be the end…
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