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DISCLAIMER: I don't own Dir En Grey, nor do I have any affiliation with them. I'm just a fan who puts them in random situations and calls it art. I hope I have done accurate depictions of each members unique personality. As they are a Japanese band there will be sparse Japanese dialogue, if anyone requires clarification. Message me and I'll be glad to help. - Tokai

Chapter 4

A club. That was Toshiya’s great solution to his troubles. But he had to admit, the alcohol did help to ease his mind. He looked around, surveying the sights that surrounded him. Kyo was on the dance floor raving like an idiot, Die was hitting on a girl who looked like she should’ve been on her way home from cram school, and Toshiya and Shinya were drunk and making out in the corner.

He closed his eyes for a moment, taking in the heavy bass of the music and shook his head. Is this what his life had become? In the studio for a year, out on tour for what seemed like longer. More countries than he could count and even more so were the faces he saw in each one. Lives every night then dragged to a dance club where it seemed as though he wasn’t even there… He pondered this a moment and decided another drink was in order.

He made his way to the bar and ordered another drink. He looked over the sea of people dancing, his mind going back to that night’s show. The music had been awesome, the fans had been excited, the energy had been mind blowing, and though his mind pondered all these things, once again it came to rest on those green eyes in the third row. He shook his head slightly and took another drink.

“Come on Niikura get a hold of yourself. Don’t let this fuck with you. You saw her at a live. You see millions of girls like that every night. Just let it go.” But how could he? How could he just forget when those green flames still plagued his mind? He looked up just in time to see Daisuke leaving with his cram school beauty. See. He thought to himself. Why can’t you roll with things the way he does? But he already knew the answer to that. It wasn’t in him. He’d had the occasional one night stand but it always left a shred of dissatisfaction with him. Well if he couldn’t enjoy it at least Die could.

He shook his head and tried to push his way through the crowd. He received a quick nod from Kyo as he passed him on the dance floor and noticed Toshiya and Shinya had vanished from their corner booth. He was almost in the clear, reaching the edge of the dance floor and spotting a vacant table. But just as he could break free from the sea of people, he felt something solid connect with his body. He felt the alcoholic liquid slipping from his grasp and spill from its confinement quickly followed by a shriek. His eyes followed the sound and then realized what happened. Some raving idiot, literally, had bumped into him and he had spilled his drink on a girl.

“Ah, gomen nasai. Sumimasen. Daijoobu desu ka?”

“Hai, hai. Daijoobu desu yo.” Kaoru stood speechless as a pair of green eyes stared up at him through alcohol soaked hair

“Oh shit…”

“Oh my god… Kaoru-San. I was at the show tonight. It was awesome!”

“Arigatou” He grinned, momentarily forgetting the girl was still covered in alcohol. He took his jacket off, offering it to her. “Here, at least take this.”

“Oh, thank you.” She allowed him to drape the jacket over her shoulders.

“I know you were at the show tonight. I saw you standing in the crowd.” She smiled though he thought he saw a light blush on her cheeks as well.

“How did you see me in the midst of all those people?” He looked at her hair, “Daisuke” red with blonde streaks and then at her eyes.

“Well you do kind of stand out.”

“I guess I haven’t been in Japan long enough to blend in with the Harajuku kids.” Kao let out a short laugh.

“Are you an American?”

“Yes, I’ve been studying here though.”

“Studying what?”

“Japanese culture. Nothing really specific, traditions, religion, music, stuff like that. Plus I’ve always wanted to come to Japan so just being here is an honor. I’ve known about Dir En Grey for a few years though.”

“Really? How is that possible?”

“I’ve had a pen-pal from Kyoto since I was in Middle School. She told me all about you guys. She sent me the Vulgar album for my birthday. I’ve been hooked ever since.”

“Sou desu ka? How long have you been in Japan?”

“About a year. My Japanese wasn’t very good when I got here but with Tameko-Chan’s help, it’s improving.”


“My pen pal. I’ve been staying with her family while I’ve been here.”

“Ah, do you get a long with her family?”

“Her parents don’t mind that I’m American but her grandparents were a little uneasy.”

“I’m not surprised. Most of them are like that.”

“I never thought I would actually get to see you guys play though.”

“I guess the idea would seem a little impossible. Though I don’t think any of us were aware we had people listening to us in America.”

“Yeah, lots. And I’m sure they’d appreciate a tour over there once in a while.” She nudged him playfully.

“Hmm, I’ll have to bring that up to the rest of the band.”

“Yes you will.” She said with a grin.

“So how do you like Japan so far?”

“Well, I was always an outsider in school so being called ‘Gaijin’ here doesn’t really bother me.”

“How so?”

“Well I never did anything too out of the ordinary.”

“What is ordinary in America? Is it different than in Japan?”

“Well I never tried to gradually lighten my hair and then say it was chlorine from the pool or anything like that.” Kao smirked recalling the look on his parents faces.


“Not even though I knew damn well I couldn’t swim.” He opened his mouth to speak,

“Kao-San?” Kyo stood at the table next to him, “Have you seen Daisuke?”

“Hai, I saw him leaving with one of his schoolgirls.”

“Surprise, surprise… horny bastard,” Kyo smirked, shaking his head. “Who’s this?”

“This is um…” Kaoru cursed himself for a moment, realizing he had never asked her name.

“Atashi wa Cassandra desu. Hajimemashite Kyo-san.” She bowed briefly and Kao couldn’t help but notice his friend was thoroughly amused by this.

“What did you need Daisuke for?”

“It’s not important. You wanna dance?” Kyo asked looking at Cassandra. Kao noticed her look at him and then at Kyo.

“Sure.” Kao took his jacket back from her and watched them walk over to the dance floor. So far Toshiya’s great plan of making him feel better was failing…miserably.

He was still up at 4a.m. when Daisuke came stumbling through the door. He almost missed him lying on the couch on the way to his room…almost.

“Kao-San? You alright?” Die sat on the arm of the couch, his head tilted. “Hai, just had a long night.”

“What happened?” Kaoru momentarily debated telling him about Cassandra and the unbelievable event of Kyo asking her to dance.

“The show took a lot out of me tonight.” Liar. He accused himself, but how could he admit the truth to Die of all people. He could just imagine the night he was coming home from.

“Oh, alright. Then I’ll just leave you be.” Die stood from the couch and headed towards his room. “Oyasuminasai Kaoru.”

“Oyasuminasai Daisuke.” He stared at the ceiling, still feeling no real relief from the events of the night. He heaved a sigh and shut his eyes, drifting off to sleep.
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