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Just when you think it's over

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DISCLAIMER: I don't own Dir En Grey, nor do I have any affiliation with them. I'm just a fan who puts them in random situations and calls it art. I hope I have done accurate depictions of each members unique personality. As they are a Japanese band there will be sparse Japanese dialogue, if anyone requires clarification. Message me and I'll be glad to help. - Tokai

Chapter 5

SMACK! Kaoru’s eyes shot open when he felt someone’s hand connect with his face. He blinked for a moment then sighed heavily realizing it was his own. He looked to see Toshiya crouching in front of him grinning; feather in hand.

“Toshiya… Ohayou gozaimasu.”

“Ohayou gozaimasu.” Toshiya replied, a mischievous grin still on his face. Any other day he’d be happy to ask what the hell he was so happy about but after the failure of last nights plan and shitty night’s sleep the couch had provided he really didn’t care.

“Why the hell does Kyo sleep on this thing? It’s impossible to get comfortable.”

“I don’t know, he’s weird like that. Why don’t you ask him?”

“I’m not entirely sure his answer or the pursuit of it would be worth it.” He stood up from the couch; retrieving his cigarettes from his room he realized he’d lent Kyo his lighter last night. Heading through the living room towards the kitchen he stopped at the door on the other side of the room. He started to knock but decided to forgo the formality and walked inside.

“Kyo, can I have my…Lighter…” There was Cassandra sitting with Kyo.

“Hello Kaoru-San.” She said, a sweet smile curving her lips. “It’s good to see you finally up and about. You were still sleeping when I arrived.”

“Sou desu ka…” He hesitated a moment before remembering why he’d gone in there. “Kyo. My lighter please?”

“Hai, hai…” He grabbed the lighter from his jeans tossing it across the room.

“Arigatou.” He said plainly, he nodded to Cassandra turned and retreated to the kitchen. Finally a moment of peace to himself, he leaned on the counter resting his forehead on his arm.

“Kaoru-San?” FUCK what did these people want!? He looked up to see Shinya rise from the other side of the counter. He gave an aggravated sigh.

“Hello Shin-Kun. What are you doing?”

“Just feeding Miyu, she was hungry. Is everything okay? You don’t look happy.” Kaoru hesitated


“Let me guess… Cassandra-Kun?”

“How did you know?”

“Just had a feeling.”

“Oh. You can do that?”

“Not really. Daisuke said you were feeling down last night and when she showed up this morning after Kyo called her I took a chance and guessed.” Shinya offered him a friendly smile

“What have they been doing all morning?”

“Just sitting in there talking... You like her ne?” His eyes widened for a moment before he looked up.

“Don’t be ridiculous Shin, I’d never do something so irrational. Besides I just met her last night and we’re on the road way too much for something like that.” Shinya gave him an uncharacteristically stern look. Even if the rest of the band couldn’t see through his lies, Shinya damn well could.


“Okay so maybe I’m a little attracted to her and I was a little pissed off last night for letting Kyo interfere in my time of getting to talk to her. It makes no sense to me. Daisuke picks up random girls at clubs and that works perfectly but the one time I try to talk to girl and get to know her this shit happens…”

“I know it can be discouraging Kaoru, but is she worth it?” Kaoru looked at him and shook his head,

“I’m not sure.” Shinya looked over Kao’s shoulder then back at him, giving a slight nod toward the door. Kaoru turned around to see Cassandra peeking through the cracked door only to disappear when she saw him turn around. He stood up and hurried out into the corridor just in time to see her shut the front door behind her. “Damn…”
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