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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Rose's POV:


Who's Grace?

A little girl walked out from behind Good Luck Helmet. "Wuzzgoinon?" she mumbled, rubbing her eye. She looked like she had been asleep.

She caught her breath when she saw me, and I was a little confused. She was sort of familiar, but I don't know where I had seen her from.

"Are you Grace?" I asked. She nodded. "Well your friends here are deciding whether or not to kill me, and-"

"Stop talking!" Fun Ghoul cut me off, glaring. "We'll explain."

Grace was shaking her head. "No," she whispered. "Let her."

Okaaay. This little girl was kinda creepin me out. The way she stared at me was the fucking weirdest thing. But I guess my life rested in her hands. So, I mentally shook myself and began to speak. "Umm...anyway, they think I'm associated with a certain BLI, which still sounds to me like some sort of sandwich. So, um, these two over here, Fun Ghoul and..."

"Kobra Kid," Good Luck Helmet muttered.

"Right, Kobra Kid, they both called me an 'unknown risk' that must be killed. I personally disagree, but-"

"You ARE a fucking unknown risk!" Fun Ghoul snarled. Grace held up her hand to silence him, never taking her eyes off me.

"Go on."

"Yeahh...anyway, um, this guy-"

"Jet Star," Eye Patch Man said warmly, smiling at me.

"Right, Jet Star and Party...Party Poison, they don't want to kill me," I said, looking at the ground. Why was I unable to say his name?

Grace didn't say anything for a while. I looked at the ground. Finally, she murmured, “What’s your name?”

“Rose…,” I said, looking up at her. Tears were streaming down her face.


“Your name is Rose?” she asked, disbelieving. I nodded. She turned slowly toward Fun Ghoul. “Fun Ghoul? You can’t kill her. You just can’t.” He nodded.

Okay, what the fuck?

But I guess I’m alive. For now.


Party Poison’s POV:

I was unable to explain the huge rush of relief that I felt just then, or the fact that I had been holding my breath until Grace gave the verdict. Ghoul slumped down and pouted, and Jet went to console him. Kobra went off to put Grace back to bed.

“Ummm…so are you guys gonna untie me or what?” she asked of no one.

“Oh!” I said. “Sorry.” I crawled over to her, but I didn’t have a knife on me. “I don’t have a knife right now…I’m gonna have to shoot the ropes.”

“Fine,” she said. She sounded bored and relieved. I shot the ropes holding her arms to the tree, and she untied the ones holding her legs.

“So…I guess you’re a killjoy now. Wanna join the fight against BLI?” I asked, trying to make small talk. She looked at me like a crazy person.

“Oh right. You still don’t know.” I sighed. “BLI, which stands for Better Living Industries, is an evil corporation that’s trying to take over the world.” I could feel my expression getting more intense with hatred. She watched, fascinated. “They make pills that rid your body of all emotion and brainwash people, and they tell everyone that it will make everything better. But it won’t. It only makes it better for them. People who swear to never give in, who die with their masks on if they’ve got to, those people are called killjoys. Are you one?”

“Uh…sure. Killing brainwashing sons of bitches sounds fun to me.”

“Well then, you’re gonna need a killjoy name.”

“A killjoy name?”

“Well, sure. You didn’t think Party Poison was my actual name, did you? It’s Gerard, by the way.”

Shit. I wasn’t supposed to tell her that. But she seemed…trustworthy. “A killjoy name….”

“Well, while you think about that, can you tell me what you’re doing way out here with no knowledge of BLI?”

Her face hardened. Oops. Bad question. “My…stupid…boyfriend….was hitting me…again,” she said through clenched teeth.

Boyfriend. Why did my heart sink like a ton of bricks when she said that word? I felt like this was the true end of the world.

“I’ve got it! My killjoy name!” she said excitedly, snapping me out of my despair.

“Great! What is it?” I said, hoping that the false excitement was believable. She didn’t notice.

"Sweetheart Gift,” she said dramatically.

Okaay. “Uhh…”

"I know, it sounds stupid,” she said. “Too girly. Well, that’s just what I want you to think! To think, ‘oh. She’s just a stupid dumb blonde.’ Then, BAM!” As she said this, she lunged at me, almost scratching my face. I giggled like a thirteen year old girl. “You’re dead because you didn’t expect it.”

“Hey, that’s not bad,” came Jet’s voice. “I kinda like it.”

“Also…” she sighed. “My boyfriend used to call me his Gift. His precious Gift from God.”

There it was again. That one word sent me into a spiral of unexplained despair. I swallowed, told myself to get a grip, and asked, “What’s your boyfriend’s name?”

She looked out onto the horizon. “His real name’s Shane, but most people call him by his last name.”

“And what would that be?”

She turned and stared into my eyes. “Korse.”


Dun dun DUNNN!!! Ahhh!! Oh my god, did you see that one coming? Because because because ahhhh!!! I tried to foreshadow a little in the first chapter sooo if you saw it coming then yay! Foreshadowing works!! If not then SURPRISE SURPRISE!!! :DDD

Second of all, I have an iPod touch. I would love to be able to update using that, since my family likes to monopolize the computer, but I have a problem. Whenever I log in to ficwad using my itouch, nothing happens. It just refreshes the page and I'm still not logged in. If someone could help me with that then I will give you cookehz:)

Lastly, I probs won’t be able to update till this weekend. But there might be no school on Tuesday, so cross your fingers!! Love you!!

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