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Chapter Four

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...badly written sex scene in this chapter. Just a warning.

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Gerard and I figured the best place to go would be my house. Aunt Jess would be working until 7 tonight and I could get to my pyjamas this way. I unlocked the door for us and we got out of the cold air.

"Right, first things first." Gerard said. "Lunch."
"Actually I have a better plan." I replied. "I'm gonna get into some pyjamas, then we're gonna bake some cookies."
"Ok." Gerard said looking rather scared. I smiled at him and turned to go upstairs. "SEE! I can make you smile!" He yelled after me. I laughed. "And I made you laugh! I am the king!"

I went upstairs and threw on my old baggy shirt which belonged to my dad. I put on a pair of pyjama shorts. The shirt came down to my thighs so I didn't really need the shorts but it made me comfortable. I didn't realise that under certain lights my bra showed through the shirt. If I took it off, my breasts would show. Leave the bra on Nancy, you're with Gerard. I took my hair down then clipped it back with my big hair clip. I still looked like a zombie but I was getting my own way and that's all the mattered on March the first. It was selfish but I was mourning and I didn't care. Gerard was in the kitchen when I went downstairs, munching on a cookie from the cookie jar.

"Nice shirt." Gerard said in a bit of a daze. He was looking at my legs. I was glad I shaved them last night
"Thanks. It was my dad's. I got it when I lost the top that matches the shorts." I pulled up the shirt a bit to show him the pink shorts.
"Right, so we're making cookies?" Gerard asked. I nodded and found the big mixing bowl. I told him were to find flour and sugar. He did as he was told and measured out the ingredients for me.
"We'll need chocolate chips." I told him. "There should be some in that cupboard." I pointed to the same cupboard as the flour and sugar came from. Gerard went into the cupboard, he moved some things about and produced nothing.
"There's no chips in there." He said.
"Damn." Then I had a thought. "Is there some melting chocolate in there?" Gerard nodded and took a bar of chocolate out of the cupboard. "We can melt the chocolate and make them chocolate dipped cookies. It'll be messy but it'll be good!"
"Alright, you're the boss!" Gerard replied.

An hour late later we had cookies cooling on the tray and nothing to do. We decided to melt the chocolate a bit later, after we had something to eat.

"What should we do after cookies are all dipped in chocolate?" Gerard asked. I shrugged.
"We could watch a movie." I suggested.
"Which one?" Gerard asked.
"One that won't make me cry." I replied. "I cry almost every day of my life. Enough crying." I joked.
"You don't cry everyday." Gerard said.
"How would you know?" I asked. "You're not with me all the time."
"You didn't cry after that afternoon we kissed." That was out of the blue.

"I had a good day that day. I didn't need to cry." I stammered.
"Which parts were the good parts?" Gerard asked. He leaned forward in his chair and the tips of his fingers began running up and down my thighs. I swallowed.
"Well, there was the sunrise," I whispered. "And there was..."
"The kiss?" Gerard asked. He leaned in closer. Our noses were touching and our lips were almost touching.
"Yes that was pretty nice too." I whispered. He pecked my lips at first then his kiss became more eager. His hand was on my thigh and the other was holding my cheek while he kissed my lips. Our lips meshed together and before I knew it was straddling him on the kitchen chair.

We broke apart for breath. I could feel a bulge pressing through his jeans. I had to admit, I was ready for it too. But something in my mind told me to wait.

"Are you sure we should this?" I asked him.
"If you don't want to, then we don't have to." He replied.
"I want to. But don't you think it'll be weird. You're my best friend." I said. "And Frank, Mikey and Ray might thing its weird what with the age difference and all."
"Age doesn't matter right now. And you never know, this might be the only time we do this." Gerard said. He kissed my neck and lifted me up. My legs were wrapped around his waist and my arms around his neck. He made sure I didn't slip down my holding me up.

"My bedroom would be the best place to go." I told him. He nodded and took me upstairs. He kicked the door shut while we kissed and fell on to the unmade bed. Gerard took off his t-shirt and I unbuttoned my shirt. I removed my shirt and unclipped my bra, letting my breast fall freely. Gerard took my nipple in his mouth and rubbed the other one. I moaned and bit his neck. Gerard grunted and kissed my mouth again. His tongue massaged mine and he began to unbutton his jeans and shove them off. Gerard pulled my shorts only half way and before I knew it he thrusting inside me. I had lost my virginity before to a guy in England but it had been so long since my first time, it still hurt a little. I gasped with each movement at first but then it got better.
"Are you ok?" Gerard asked me through breaths.
"I'm fine, its just been a while." I replied. "Keep going though." I pleaded. I was close to a climax. Gerard's breathing got heavier and he came at the same time as me.

We lay in each others arms for while, trying to catch our breaths. I don't even think we meant to fall asleep, but we did and I woke up first. Gerard had his arms a wrapped around me and he was snoring lightly in my ear. I manoeuvred my way out of his grasp carefully. My shorts fell to the floor when I stood up and I was very naked. I put on my panties and shirt and went downstairs.

The cookies needed to be finished. They were definitely cooled down. I melted the chocolate in the microwave and put some music on. Aunt Jess had been listening to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack and I couldn't be bothered to find another CD. I was about half way with the cookies and swaying my hips from side to side in time with In the Still of the Night, when Gerard emerged from upstairs. He had put on his jeans but left his shirt upstairs. I didn't realise he was in the kitchen until he wrapped his arms around my waist and started swaying with me.

"Hello." I said with a smile.
"Hi," He replied. He kissed my cheek. "What time is it?" I looked at the clock on the oven.
"Its half past 4." I replied. I put down my knife and the cookie I was working on. I had chocolate all over my fingers. I turned to face Gerard. "Chocolate?" I put my finger up to his mouth and he licked it and made a satisfied sound.
"Don't Frank and Mikey usually come here at this time?" He asked. I nodded.
"Which is why you better unhand me and go put a shirt on." I said. I kissed his lips. "Oh, did we make any mess on my bed?" I asked sheepishly. I blushed deeply and so did Gerard.
"We did a little, but I cleaned it up." Gerard replied. There was a knock at the door and I heard Frank and Mikey come in. Gerard jumped back and leaned against the counter. I turned and continued with the cookies.
"Anyone home?!" Frank asked.
"Kitchen!" I yelled back. "You still don't have a shirt on!" I whispered to Gerard.
"Shit!" He said.

Frank and Mikey came into the kitchen.

"Where the hell did you go?" Mikey demanded.
"Well someone opened their big mouth about my brother's anniversary, so Gerard decided to get me out of school." I explained.
"Ok next question." Frank said. "Why are you both half naked?"
"Well, I like to wear my dad's shirt on days like this and we got chocolate on Gerard's t-shirt so I'm gonna wash it for him." I lied. Whew.
"You made cookies?!" Mikey asked. I nodded and handed him and Frank one each.
"You can have one too, Gerard." I said, handing him a cookie. He smirked at me. I poked him in the chest and went to fridge to get my boys some milk.

Aunt Jess didn't find out I skipped school that day. We forged a note and handed it straight to the Principal and when he insisted, that he call her to confirm the note I insisted that Aunt Jess was a still a bit upset over my brother's anniversary and that my parents' anniversary was coming up, so she was upset about that. The Principal, being an idiot even offered me a day off. I had already arranged one anyway.

I know it was bad using my family's death and I felt horrible about it. I swore I would never do it again.

"Nancy, you've been staring into space for past ten minutes." Frank said taking me out of my thoughts.
"Sorry, I was just feeling guilty." I replied.
"About what?"
"Using my family's deaths as an excuse!" I put my head on the desk. "I should have just come clean."
"Then come clean." Frank said. "If you're feeling terrible, just come clean. If you want, I'll come with you and say it was my idea."
"That probably won't make much of a difference." I said. Frank shrugged.
"Ok, at lunch time we'll go to the office."


We went to the office, came clean. I got a detention, Frank got a warning for influencing me and Aunt Jess was going to be told everything. Which was fair enough really. When I got home that afternoon, Aunt Jess was already there, waiting in the kitchen for me.

"School called today." She said.
"I know." I replied. "I really don't want to talk about it." I went over to the fridge and took out the milk.
"I just want to know why you ditched." She said.
"I was feeling crappy. It was Ben's anniversary and I just wanted to mope around the house in my pyjamas." I poured myself a glass of milk.
"Honey, you have to tell me these things. I'm your legal guardian and more importantly, your Aunt." She replied.
"I know that, but I knew you wouldn't let me have the day off."
"I'm a tough but I'm not that tough. You were mourning your brother, I would have gladly let you have the day off. I would have taken the day off with you and we could have both moped around. He was my nephew. I loved him too." Aunt Jess had tears in her eyes. Tears formed in my eyes.
"I'm sorry. I've got a detention, I'll pay my dues." We stayed quiet for a moment, both of us lost in our own thoughts.
"Did you just come straight home after you skipped?" Aunt Jess asked me. I didn't tell her that it was Gerard's idea. He didn't need to be in trouble.
"Yeah, I came home then I phoned Gerard. I needed some company." She nodded. I smiled weakly. "Speaking of which, I'm supposed to be meeting him for dinner. If I'm still allowed to go?"
"Tell you what, you're grounded over the weekend, I know you guys were set on going to the City for the weekend, me forbidding you to go, is your punishment." Aunt Jess said, she stood up and patted my cheek. "Have fun at dinner." She left the room and I heard her footsteps going up stairs. I went upstairs to change out of my school uniform and then headed out the door.
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