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Author's Note:)

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Author's Note
Okay. So as most of you have noticed, part of this story is in German. I am not fluent in German; I'm a German student. And I know that when I read a story in English and the grammar is bad, I can't read it. No way. It could be the best story ever, but if there's run-on sentences, misspelled words, or no capitalization, I can't read it. My eyes hurt. So if you are fluent in German and you notice mistakes in my grammar, please tell me how to fix it. Because I don't want bad grammar to deter anyone from my story. And plus, that's just plain embarrassing. So please help meeeh. Because as I said, I'm just a German student. I'm not fluent. This is my first time trying to write it (hell, this is my first time writing for fun, ever), so if any of the sentences look suspicously Google-translated (it's a verb), they were. Uh oh, you caught me. Ich brauche Hilfe. Danke schön!!!

And for those of you who don't speak it, I didn't foresee the lack of Google translate being a problem. So here:

In chapter 8 (braces means in German):

Meanwhile, as the horrible truth dawned on me, Gift was lost in her own thoughts. She was muttering to herself. "{Why..what...can't remember...boyfriend...}" She seemed totally unaware that she was speaking German, which was...unbelievably sexy.

Whoa. Did I just think that?

"{Family...Korse does...WHY?}" she said loudly, staring right into my eyes. "{Why can I not remember}?"

She cleared her throat. "Why can't I remember?" There were desperate questions in her eyes.

I knew. Right then, I knew that my suspicions were confirmed. I could answer her question.

Later in chapter 8:

What in God's name had made me stay with that motherfucker for the two years I had?!

"NO!" I yelled. "{No! How could he? After all I did for him, he thinks he can get away with killing my family?}" I was screaming now. The others stared at me in stunned silence. I wanted to punch something. Tears streamed down my face.

"{What is this shit?}" I turned and kicked a dead tree as hard as I could. It flew out of its roots and landed with a thud on the ground. I didn't even care. I turned around and punched another one repeatedly till it broke in half. Then I fell down on the ground, sobbing.

A small voice stopped me.

"{Why did you break trees?}"

In chapter 12:

"{Really? You like my hair?}" I asked Grace later, stroking my hair.

"{Oh yes! It's so pretty!}" she replied, stroking it jokingly. "{But why do you dye your hair?}"

"{Korse makes me!}" I said indignantly. "{He said: 'Dye your hair. You must be blond.' And I said: 'No!' And he said: 'I'm sorry.' And he hit me and fucked me!!}"

We cracked up. Normally, this would not be an appropriate conversation to have with a 12-year-old, but when you're a killjoy, normal rules kind of go out the window.

"{Why his girlfriend should be blond?}" I asked, throwing my arms wide. "{I've never found out!}"

"{Yeah, I know!}" she said, nodding vigorously. "{My dad-}" She caught herself before she started talking about her family.

I am a morbidly curious person. I hate not knowing things. So of course I decided to press her.

"{Where is your family?}" I asked gently. "{Are they dead, too?}"

She stared at me, her eyes pleading me to stop. She opened her mouth to say something, but decided against it.

"{You know, I'll ask again}," I pressed. She knew I was right; she knew me too well. She sighed in defeat.

"{It was two years ago. We were at dinner.}" She paused and took a deep breath. "{They broke the door and offered us the pills. My parents had heard about the pills, so they refused. They began to shoot at us. My parents died, but I fled. I had no idea what they had done with my sister.}"

She said all of this very fast, probably hoping that I wouldn't catch all of it. But I had.

I enveloped her in a huge hug, but then I realized something.

"{You said 'had.' Not 'have.'}" She stared at me, uncomprehending. "{You had no idea.}"

Her sobs got louder as she buried her face in my chest. "Gift..."

"{What...}" I took a deep breath, then plowed on. I had to know. "{What's your sister's name?}"

Meehh. I've never really liked that chapter. Chapter 11, I mean. If someday you look and see that it's been updated, reread it becuz it probably means I changed the dialogue. I just feel like those paragraphs are really weak, you know? Ughh I really don't like it. If you have any ideas to make it better, tell me.

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