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Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Rose's POV:
We sat around the fire the next day, waiting. Sometimes, I had no idea who the true leader of our little sextet: some days it was Party Poison, others it was Grace, and sometimes it seemed like it was Kobra Kid. Today, however, it was Fun Ghoul. He called some meeting before I went to BLI today (meh), wanting to discuss something. Kobra and Jet were deep in conversation; Jet seemed to be smiling and his gaze flickered from me to Poison, who was staring intently into the fire. I made a mental note to do that if I ever needed to think; it seemed to work for the others. Grace came over, sat on my lap sleepily, and started playing with my hair.

Finally, Ghoul cleared his throat importantly. "Okay, so..." As soon as he said that, I was zoning out. I was never that great at paying attention unless it was a matter that genuinely interested me. Today, that matter was whatever Grace was doing. She had taken my hair out of its ponytail and was now dividing it into three chunks. I watched her intently as she did some complex twisting maneuver that made my hair into this design I'd never seen before.

"What are you doing?" I whispered to her curiously.

"It's called a braid," she whispered back. She smiled and said, "there's a bunch of different kinds. Fishtail and French braid-"

"Teach them to me," I commanded. She nodded and put my hair band back on the end of the braid. She sighed.


"Whenever you and I used to do know, before"-she swallowed-"it happened, I would braid ribbons in your hair."

"What are ribbons?" I asked, feeling like an idiot. But before she could answer, Ghoul shouted, "Gift!! Are you listening? I'm talking to you!!"

Grace giggled. "He looks like Mrs. Lisa."


"She was my first grade teacher."

I didn't get a chance to ask what the heck that meant, because Ghoul's expression looked murderous. "I said you should try and find that dungeon!!"

Dungeon? I racked my brains. Oh yeah. I think Korse mentioned that once..."Okay. Dungeon. Sure." I turned to Grace. "Before I go, can you teach me that braid thing?"

Ghoul threw his hands up in exasperation. Jet Star laughed out loud, and I definitely saw Poison crack a smile, making my insides go all fuzzy.


Party Poison's POV:
The night before

Singing that duet with her in choir, I couldn't help but watch her green eyes and her bright red hair. She was so hot...

During her solo, I told myself sternly, for the umpteenth time, that she was out of my league. I mean, really. She was the most popular girl in school, I was just another emo kid, and my friends and I were at the bottom of the social totem pole. The only reason we were singing that duet was because the stupid teacher had decided that we were the best singers.

There was no way-

As I started singing, the idea hit me abruptly.

Prom was coming up soon...and I didn't have a date yet...

That is the dumbest thing I ever heard, I told myself. Mikey would never let me see the end of it.

I spent the rest of the class barely noticing what I was singing, enduring internal arguments that reminded me of tennis matches. When the bell rang, I started to walk toward Ray-

And realized that she was walking the opposite direction. Making a split-second decision, I ran over to her, sprinting.

Hey, Elise!! I yelled. Startled, she and just one of her many friends turned around.

As I caught up, before my sudden burst of courage failed me, I said, Will you go to prom with me?

She looked at me blankly with her heavily makeup-ed eyes for a second, before she threw her head back and laughed cruelly, showing off her exposed cleavage. Her friend joined.

You cannot be serious, she sneered, pointing at me with her long, long finger with a perfectly manicured nail. Why on earth would I go to prom with a fucked-up emo like you?

The scene changed. It was a few hours later, and the most muscular senior I'd ever seen was stalking toward me with Elise under his arm. My entire body was numb. He yelled awful things that I didn't hear because all I could see was who might have been my high school sweetheart, watching it happen. The guy cocked his fist and-

"Party Poison!!"

"Whah?" I said. I opened my eyes to find an exhausted Kobra Kid.

"Can you take over" he said, failing to stifle a yawn. "I fell asleep."

"Sure," I said, sitting up.

"Thanks," he said. The smirk on his face was awful-looking, even if its intensity was diminished by fatigue. He mumbled something that sounded like "You're soooo gonna get it tomorrow" before clambering off to his sleeping bag.

I sat there, pondering. Back in senior felt like eternities since my biggest worry was my social status and getting a prom date. I got up and walked to the campfire, which was now embers.

It seemed like ages since I thought a high school crush on a slut was love. Now...I sighed as I sat down. Now I realize that I would have been thoroughly unhappy with Elise, as she probably slept with a different guy every night.

Now I realize I didn't have a clue what love was. I hadn't known, because I'd never been truly in love until I met-

My thought was interrupted by a scream.

Sweetheart Gift.

I stood up and ran over to her (being almost halted by the overwhelming rush of déjà vu). She was still asleep, that was for sure, but she was screaming so loud that anyone would think she was dying.

I guessed I wasn't alone in having nightmares tonight. I pressed my hand against her mouth because at this point, she needed to be quiet or she would wake someone up. Her eyes flew open and she started thrashing against my hand.

"What-the-hell-is-wrong?" I hissed through my teeth. Upon recognition of my voice, she stopped immediately and stared at me. I assumed her eyes were still adjusting, but I wished she wouldn't look into my eyes like that. I forced myself to keep my poker face as her big brown eyes melted me, making my heart flutter spastically.

After a few moments that felt like hours, I removed my hand because I honestly didn't think my heart could take much more of this. She sat up and put her face in her hands, rubbing her eyes. My heart slowed down a little, but it was still going way too fast to be considered healthy.

"You were screaming bloody murder," I said into the uncomfortable silence. "I had to stop you or you'd've woken then all up."

There was a beat of silence before she put her head in her knees and started sobbing.

Seeing her like that was too much for me to bear. I wanted to whip out my ray gun and start blasting whatever bastard made her cry. Instead, though, I pressed my hand to her back and rubbed her, trying to be comforting.

I might have said something, but I honestly couldn't tell exactly what I said because I was so wholly absorbed by the fact that I was actually touching her. I felt like one of those celebrity stalkers, like "OMG I TOUCHED HER!!! I'M NEVER GONNA WASH THIS HAND AGAIN!!" I definitely planned on washing my hands again if I ever got the chance.

Her sobs got more and more distant and quiet, finally stopping altogether. For a few seconds, she breathed normally.

Then, all at once, I felt her heart rate shoot through the roof and her breathing speed up. It was perfectly in time with mine, my random mind noticed. Her head whipped around, and I saw eyeliner all down her face. She was breathing heavily, looking at me with an unfathomable expression. I took my hand away less than a second later. She bade an awkward goodnight while I went to sit by the fire.

For a few seconds afterward, I listened to her shallow breathing. The shiver I had been suppressing wracked me. I heard her lay down, and a few seconds later, her breathing became deep and even.

My lungs weren't so lucky.


The next day, Sweetheart Gift seemed like her usual self, laughing with Grace while not paying attention to a frustrated Fun Ghoul. Eventually, she got the message to look for the killjoy dungeon, waved goodbye to us, and departed.

I stared into the newly restarted fire for what felt like hours, Gift's face swimming before my eyes, until I was abruptly being dragged away by the collar of my jacket.

I looked around wildly, and saw a smirking Kobra pulling me to a corner of the campsite. He turned me around so I was facing him. "You and I have some things to discuss," he said, putting emphasis on the word things.

"Huh?" I said. What was he talking about?

"Tell me, why did you tell Sweetheart Gift you had had a wife and kid?"

Oh shit. Shit. Shit. SHIT!!!

How the hell did he find out?! "What?" I said lamely.

"Oh, come on!! Last night, she was thoroughly convinced you were a widower with a dead son until I told her!"

"Why were you talking to her last night?!"

"Never you mind. Answer my question first!" As he said this, his expression was entertained. He was having fun, and this infuriated me.

I tried to think of a response, but the only thing that came out of my mouth was: "Well, why did you tell her I was lying?!" Great. Way to confirm his claim, Party Poison.

When I said this, his smile grew so wide that I was sure it would break his face. "I knew it..." he said triumphantly, turning his face to the sky.

"What?" I said impatiently. I was starting to remind myself of Gift; I was definitely personifying her with this desperation.

He jabbed his finger at me and said, "Party Poison, you're in love!"

There was an awful silence, filled only with the sound of a gasp; Grace had been eavesdropping, and was now giggling like a maniac. I felt my face getting hot. "No, I'm not!" I spluttered, much too desperately to be in any way convincing.

"Look, his face is red!" Grace said with glee. "Ooo, that's so cute, Party Poison! When are you going to tell her?"

"I'm not going to!!" I yelled angrily, stamping my foot. I felt like a three-year-old with a tantrum. I turned on my heel and started to walk away.

"Dude, dude, dude..." Kobra put his hand on my shoulder. "Girls don't like it when you keep secrets from them."

I shrugged his hand off and marched toward the car. I sat in the front seat and rested my head on the steering wheel, my brain automatically going back to that time, running from dracs, Rose sat beside me.

Silly Party Poison. This is a lesson for all of you: don't lie. Lying is bad.

Sooo yeah. Hiyaaaa sup amigos?! I apologize that this story goes really slowly. But everything will be important. I promise. (says the author that hasn't even written the ending yet...XD)

So how about that MTV March Madness thing huh?!? It made me super pissed, that's what I say. Paramore sucks. Their lead singer is really mean so half the band quit. Now compare this to MCR. Is OUR lead singer mean? NO!! Does OUR band have more than two members? YES!! Do the fans of THEIR band give out virtual cookies, make jokes about unicorns and Gerard choking on coffee, write fanfiction that could entertain me for hours, and just generally kick ass? Lemme hear it: NO WAY JOSE!!!!! While I have no disrespect for Paramore's older music, pretty much everything about them besides that sucks. I do like their older stuff though. Apologies if you like Paramore, but if Green Day hadn't beaten them I would have been EXTREMELY pissed.

By the way, big thanks to MrsPatrickStump_FOB for giving me a new catch phrase. I now use "X makes me want to stab a kitten" way too often for my family and friends not to think I'm mentally deranged. Examples: "My physics teacher makes me want to stab a kitten." "If Green Day hadn't beaten Paramore, I would have stabbed a kitten." "If she doesn't curve our test grades, I'm gonna stab a kitten." You all make my day.

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