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hey all-

sorry, but i'm probs not gonna update this week. know why? CUZ I FINALLY GOT POKEMON BLACK AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA geeky fangirl screams es tut mir leid, but i am going to be having WAY too much fun....XD

but i did write a oneshot, if y'all didnt notice. it's called "Kiss Me Goodbye and Sleep," and i cried so hard when i wrote it. maybe you'll cry too.

and lastly, recently i read a story that was so sad, miserable, depressing, etc. that i didnt even cry. i just stared at my screen, dumbfounded, for a full ten minutes in disbelief. and then i had nightmares that night. it made my oneshot look like a big fluffy bunny. i wont tell the name (it was on this site though; it was a frerard) but if you know who you are, i commend you. anyone who can do that to their readers has some serious talent that they seriously need to get rich off of. but as for me, i'm probably never gonna be the same until i write something that is so happy it's not even funny. so i'm giving you a choice. would you guys rather i wrote (a) some super-adorable, super-cheesy fluff, or (b) some super-hot smutty frerard sex? cuz i could go either way. whichever you prefer. because i'm writing that, though, this story here probably wont get updated for a while, though, so i apologize in advance.

alrighty, i have to go beat the second gym leader now. BYE!!!!

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