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Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

Rose's POV:
When I awoke the next day, no one bothered to even acknowledge my existence except for Party Poison. Even my own sister was starting to become distant, and Jet's usual cheer was rare and fake-sounding.

That was all changing today. I knew it. "Morning, Gift," Poison said sleepily, rubbing his eyes and yawning. He used to be a lot shyer, but after last night, I guessed we had reached a silent understanding that we were now best friends.

"Hey," I said, not tired at all.

I spent about an hour getting all ready, doing my makeup extra-pretty, braiding my hair (I was definitely getting the hang of that), and picking my outfit (my usual pink-and-black ensemble didn't fit with my "pretty" makeup today). I didn't have any clothes out here though (obviously); all of my clothes were in my room at BLI. I'd change there.

No one bothered to say goodbye. I was a little shocked; it was as if I was dead to them. Fun Ghoul, who had confessed to me that he had loved Atomic Jumper before he told any of the others, wasn't looking at me at all. I had thought that would have made us at least acquaintances, but no.

Grace eyed my hair, and I could almost see the pang of hurt on her face. I was useless; they had no idea why I was still hanging around with them. I had not served my purpose as being their eyes and ears. And yet, I still didn't understand why my own sister was giving me the cold shoulder. She opened her mouth to say something, but closed it quickly.

That's what I thought.

I continued walking, passing Party Poison. I heard his breath catch in his throat, and felt a little thrill of excitement. What was wrong with me?!

"You look...nice," he said. "What's the occasion?"

I pursed my lips. "It's for Korse. Today's the day I'm going to that Kiljun." 'Kiljun' was the word we had invented for the Killjoy Dungeon. Predictably, everyone's head snapped up.

"Wh-really?" Ghoul said. I nodded stiffly. I didn't really want to talk to any of them right now.

"Bye," I muttered to them all.


His fist connected with my head. No surprises there. "How many times do I have to tell you? NO!!" he screamed. My prettiness hadn't helped one bit, even though I was wearing a white sweetheart-neckline dress and white shoes. Although I thought I looked precious, he remained a douche.

"Please?" I said weakly. His answer was another hit.

I felt something swelling inside me, something white-hot that wanted to place its hands around the bastard's neck.

"Give me a good reason," I snapped. I wasn't going to take this anymore. No matter what the guys wanted, no matter how much I was screwing this up, I was not going to take this lying down anymore. This was personal.

He stopped mercilessly pounding me and just stared, blinking. I seemed to have stumped him. Dumbass.

"Umm..." He thought for a moment. Then-

"Fine," he grumbled, rapping my head one more time for good measure. "Chi Chi!" He yelled for some Japanese worker. He muttered something to her in Japanese, and she bowed deeply to him.

"Come with me, Rosalyn," she said. The 'R' and 'L' in my name sounded weird when she said it. "I will take you there."

As I followed her, leaving Korse behind, I wondered why the fuck I hadn't thought to play the 'give me a good reason' card earlier. It would have saved me so much trouble, to say the least.


I memorized the route to the Kiljun effortlessly. Chi Chi wasn't a very talkative companion, so I didn't have to concentrate on carrying on a conversation. I guessed she felt awkward when Korse was being...well, Korse. I would have.

Finally, she led me into a gigantic hallway. The walls were so bright a white that it sort of hurt my eyes. Lining the walls were rooms, about 7 feet by 8 feet (way too small, in other words). One of the walls of each room, the wall facing the hall, was what looked like glass, but when I touched it, my finger sort of sunk in. It was freaky.

But the freakiest part was the people in the rooms. They looked so...depressed. They didn't even look up when we passed by. They were all dressed in mismatched clothes, some of them with masks....dressed like Killjoys. With a start, I realized that if we were caught, we would be here...

No. Korse would take us, torture us personally, then kill us. I knew that.

"What's that one's name?" I asked suddenly, pointing to a man. He was around my age, muscular, and wore tight pink jeans with a blue t-shirt emblazoned with "Merci pour le Venin". Over the t-shirt was a black vest to match his black shoes, and he had a blue headband in his brown hair. His pink mask covered his nose almost all the way. I couldn't really see his expression, but he was so still he could be dead.

Chi Chi looked at her clipboard. "This was found in zone 9, named Flying Venom." I had no clue what 'zone 9' meant, but I could see the distaste in her face when she said his name, like she couldn't believe that was his name.

I whirled around and saw a girl, around age 19. She wore a strapless dress. In one corner of it was a blue rectangle with a bunch of white stars in it, and running down the rest of it were red and white stripes. At the bottom it was sort of flowy, revealing black tights and red boots. She wore a black leather jacket over her dress. Her hair was brown, streaked with blonde, wavy, and down to her waist. Because she had no mask, I could tell she had a very attractive face with lots of makeup.

"What about that one?" I asked, careful not to refer to her in a way that made her seem like an actual human being.

"Found in zone 13, named American Pie," Chi Chi spat. "It gave us quite a bit of trouble when we were trying to catch it." What, so we were 'its'? I continued walking.

And then...I saw a woman around my age. She had straight black hair a little longer than her shoulders with red streaks in it. She wore electric blue skintight jeans and a black tank top, with big red sneakers. Her arms were covered in tattoos, and a blue and red mask lay at her feet. She had on red and black eyeliner and red lipstick.

She looked extremely familiar. This was absurd; the only Killjoys I had ever seen were the guys. As I looked her up and down, I noticed that she was extremely pregnant. I stared at her for a few moments, trying to remember where I'd seen her from. She was staring tiredly at the ceiling.

"What's her name?" I murmured to Chi Chi. She looked at her clipboard.

"Found in zone 6..." She flipped through her notes. "Name is Atomic Jumper."


So I apologize for the shortish chapters. But after this point, things start to really heat up. The end will come faster than you know it, lovelies. And it may or may not involve a certain two people getting together...;)

Um. So I bet you're all hoping for good news about my original frerard right? Well I've actually been working on two frerards. And one, I was surprised, is coming along much better than the other. So, in lieu of the story "Once Upon a Mattress" (still a tentative title), the story "All I Ask of You" (also tentative) will be up by mid June. I'm really excited about this one; it's Phantom of the Opera, modern-day, Frerard-style. It's gonna be really cool. And don't worry, I haven't given up on the other one!!

Also, since 'killjoy_frerard' is a lot for me to type, I'm gonna start signing off with 'A'. Because a) it's the first letter of my actual first name, and b) it makes me feel like I'm in Pretty Little Liars (DON'T YOU DARE SPOIL ANYTHING IM ONLY ON THE FOURTH BOOK)

Ps yes, I did name the Japanese worker after Chi Chi from Dragon Ball Z :)

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