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It is decided to find means of escape after Locke retreats into the deep jungle with Ben. NOTE: This story does not follow any plotline from the series, so if a character who died shows up, don't b...

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"Dad, why do we have to wear these suits?"
"Because son, it makes people like us look more professional, if you walked in there with your pyjamas on, they'd laugh at you".
The two proceeded down te hall towards the conference room. "Remember, greet Mr. Grigory with a handshake, not a high five, ok?"
"Yeah, son?"
"Do you miss me?"
The man was taken aback.

Jack Shepherd awoke against the side of a boulder. He looked around. No one. He rose and walked towards Hurley, who was looking outward into the darkness. "See anything?" Jack asked.
Hurley shook his head. "No, nothing. It's be hours, man, since they left. What if they plan to come back, to kill us?" Hurley replied with a fearful tone.
"Then it means one thing."
"Tomorrow's our last day on the island. Wake everyone up, we need to get started." Jack walked over to the firepit. Hurley gaped after him for a moment, than rushed around, rounding up the rest of the group. Jack walked toward Kate, who was asleep beside the fire. He stared at her for a moment, then shook her to wake her up.
"Uh, Jack? What is it?" Kate muttered tiredly, as Jack helped her sit up.
"Come on, we need to have a meeting" Jack stood up as Hurley arrived with the others: Juliet Burke, Boone Carlyle, Michael Dawson, Daniel Faraday, Nikki Fernadez, Sawyer Ford, Desmond Hume, Sayyid Jarrah, Frank Lapidus, Claire Littleton, Charlie Pace, Paulo Ramirez, Shannon Rutherford and Miles Straume. They all took a seat around the fire and waited for Jack to begin.
"It's been well over 5 hours since Locke and Ben departed. We all know those two are capable of things i don't want to talk about. Our only plan is to get off the island."
"Oh, and how do you plan on doing that?" Sawyer questioned. We breathe and Locke knows. We escape and he'll know."
"But what he doesn't know will be our advantage. We need to build a raft of sorts to fit all of us. Sawyer, you, me, Kate, Sayyid, Charlie and Hurley will scout out some wood. Paulo, you, Daniel and Lapidus find some vines to tie it all together. The rest stay here and keep a watch out for Locke. Sawyer, can you trust me enough to get you off this island?" Jack asked, extending his hand out. Sawyer hesitated, but soon accepted this and grabbed it. "I guess i could live wih that." The two groups departed, with Vincent walking towards the others around the fire.
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