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It's summer and the Way's have just moved to Belleville, New Jersey. This should be interesting...

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[Gerard's POV]
Great. What a very "great" day.
Pfft. Bullshit. Here I am in a music store working my shift while my little bro Mikey's at the park with his new friends. Whatever. I'm a loner anyway.
I sigh, sipping my coffee.
I really don't want to be here at all. First of all, I should be out making friends like Mikey, but I'm a shy bastard. Second, I'd rather be playing video games or reading some comics, like X-Men. But no. I'm just working my shift.
I glance at the clock and groan. I'd have to be heading to my shift at the comic-book store in fifteen minutes. Fucktastic!
"Sir?" I hear someone say.
I look up, seeing a kid about my age with an epic fro. He must've been about eighteen or so. He is friggen tall! Next to him is a blonde kid with a lip ring and clear blue eyes. He seems interested in CD's on a rack, but it's obvious that he's hiding behind the afro-man to avoid attention.
Shy, just like me. Hmmmm... Guess I'm not the only one.
"Yeah, I'd like to buy this Misfit CD?"
"Sure, that'd be seventeen thirty-five. Anything else?"
"Bobby. You want anything from here?" says the afro-man to the blonde kid.
He shakes his head. "No, thanks Ray. I'm just looking..."
Ray shrugs and hands me a twenty. "Guess that's all."
"Alright. Well, your change is two dollars and sixty-five cents. Here you go, sir. Thanks and come again."
"Thanks, man." Ray takes his change and turns, poking Bob's back. Bob jumps slightly and blinks.
"Oh. Coming!" he says, running after Ray. "Wait up!"
I watch them, thinking they might be pretty cool. I shrug and put away my name tag in my bag, telling my boss I'd be leaving now.
As I walk out, I bump into a short boy with brown hair and green eyes.
"Hey, watch it, you fag."
"Sorry, jeez. Calm down, it was an accident."
Since when was I bold?
"Right. I bet you did that purposely. Like rubbing up on guys, eh?"
"Hey, fuck off!" I shout, pushing him. I wasn't gonna let another homophobic asshole push me around again. Hell no!
"What did you say?"
"I SAID FUCK OFF!" I yell, clenching my hand into a fist. I let it snap forward, hearing a satisfying crunch as my knuckles collide with his nose.
"FUCK!" he said, holding his nose. I spit on him and grin.
"Get the fuck out of here," I say as he runs off. He so happens to drop his phone. On the back was a tag that said "PROPERTY OF MITCHELL VICKNAIR".
Huh... I'll be sure to remember in case I see him around.
I step on the phone and crush it, throwing the remains away in a nearby trash can. And with that, I carry on my walk towards the town comic-book shop.

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