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Intro (Sort of)

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"He didn't treat Gerard right. But Gerard didn't care." Gerard just wants to be loved. But someone does love him.. for real.

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Jet black hair, beautiful pale skin, mysterious hazel eyes, soft pink lips. These are just a few of the characteristics that describe the bitchy princess known as Gerard Way.

He was the most beautiful boy I'd ever laid eyes on. He was perfect in every way, down to the sassiness. But of course he was taken by the nastiest man-whore in the school. Of course, just my luck.

Nick didn't treat Gerard right. But Gerard didn't care.

In middle school, Gerard was a loner. Made fun of to no end and teased because he was bi. Which also sent him into this downward spiral of no self confidence or self love.

The cutting started the year before high school. Which made the teasing even worse. I was always off to the side when this was happening. Gerard and I were never really friends, though I wish to God we were.

Gerard had made a new reputation for himself in high school. I guess to hide the feelings. He was now known as the bitchy little gay boy. Always had a smirk on his face, head held high, and wrist bands covering practically his whole arm. I knew he still felt horrible about himself, I could see it in his eyes, feel it in my heart.

So Nick's 'love' made Gerard happy and good about himself. No matter how many times Nick yelled at Gerard, abused him, told him he wasn't good enough and didn't deserve him. Gerard always stayed, at least someone loved him. I wished it was me.

Right then, in the middle of the hall, (during lunch hour so no one was around) Gerard and Nick were having a fight. It was a big one, I wondered what it was about.

"You little bitch!" Nick slammed Gerard against the lockers.

"I'm sorry baby!" Gerard said through tears.

“You want me to leave you!? You don’t even deserve me you ungrateful whore!” Nick let Gerard fall to the ground.

“No please Nick! Don’t leave me! I need you!” Gerard pleaded.

“You spend to much time on that shitty club! You’re practically married to it!” Nick glared at him.

I groaned, Nick didn’t give a damn about where he was. Only when he wanted Gerard to himself and another whore wasn’t available to cheat on with. He just wanted to make Gerard feel even more horrible about himself.

“I’ll quit art club then! Anything! I’ll do anything for you baby!”

I internally gasped. Gerard loved art. Now he’s quitting all because that asshole told him to. It was a fucking stupid fight and it made me sick to my stomach that Gerard would quit something he loved.

“Oh I’m still not convinced..” Nick smirked and looked down on the ground at Gerard’s art.

Gerard quickly got up and grabbed the art pieces. He threw them away. I gasped. Gerard looked up at me, his deep hazel eyes made contact with mine and my heart stopped. Behind the glare he gave me I saw pain and fear. I wished Gerard would have stayed longer but Nick called him over. He grabbed Gerard and pushed him into the boy’s change room.

I grabbed the art out of the trash and put them securely under my arm. I then silently went into the boy’s change room. I walked down the short hallway and peered around the corner, hoping they wouldn’t see me. But they were too busy.

"Mmmm..." Nick moaned.

Gerard was on his knees in front of Nick, who had his back turned to me. Nick had his hands wrapped in Gerard’s beautiful black hair and pushed Gerard against him. I could hear that Gerard was gagging, but continued even though I’m sure he couldn’t breathe. Tears were in Gerard’s eyes but he didn’t stop.

"Mm.. Are your folks home tonight?" Nick asked through moans.

"They don't have to be." Gerard responded, muffled.

"What about your brother?" Nick chuckled.

"Who gives a fuck? You're more important."

Nick laughed.

I was disgusted, Nick didn't even care about Gerard. If I had him I'd truly love him for who he is and I'd help him through his hard times. Plus, I'd make him feel so good in bed, the things I’d do to him... oh man..

I shook my head. What the hell was I thinking. Gerard wouldn't wanna be with me. He's sassy and beautiful and perfect.. I'm just.. Frank. Though Frank Jr. was making my pants tighter and I secretly wished that it was me that was with Gerard at that moment.

Fuck Frank! Your such a pervert! I yelled at myself, but stopped dead in my tracks. Mesmerized by those hazel eyes, who stared at me. Gerard’s pale cheeks glowed a faint pink, he was horribly embarrassed. I turned away and left the change room.
Plotting a way to make him mine. To show him how crazy he made me. To show him how much I wanted him, how I stayed up at night wishing he was beside me.

I'm now standing outside the Ways' front door with the art still tucked under my arm. I just finished knocking. Getting ready to make Gerard my princess.

The door opened...

What the fuck did I get myself into?

Note!! Hey this is my first FanFiction so it might not be that good but it'll get better! Please only constructive criticism! Thanks! =D
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