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Well it Could Have Gone Worse...

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“I know what he wants and I’ll give it to him.” Gerard flipped his hair back, sassy.

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“Hello? Can I help you?” A curly blond haired woman asked.

“Um, is Gerard here?” I asked.

“Yes, why are you his friend?”

“Um.. can I just speak to him for a few minutes?”

“Mom just let him in.” I heard Gerard’s voice from inside.

She opened the door wider. Gerard’s eyes grew ten sizes when he saw me. I walked in. Without speaking Gerard led me down the stairs and into his room.

Crossing his arms and sticking his hip out to one side he took in a deep breath. “What you here for a blow job too?”

“No.” I responded.

“Oh... well why are you here? Stalking me everyday isn’t enough for you?” Gerard glared at me.

Pain stung in my chest as he said that. I know I was a bit obsessive, okay scratch that, a lot, but still.

“No, I just wanted to give you these.” I handed out the rolled up art.

Gerard took and unrolled them. “Why-what-how-?” He was shocked.

“Your art shouldn’t go to waste, and you shouldn’t quit the art club. You’re really talented.” I smiled.

A light shade of pink crossed his cheeks and a small smile crept upon his lips. “Thanks.” He almost whispered.

“Anytime.” I smiled. “I really like the one called Demolition Lovers ll.”

“Really?” He was almost excited.

“Yeah.” I replied. “The blood is a really good effect. And your drawing skills, wow. You have a very different style. Its cool.”

“Are you into art too?” Gerard asked, obviously now interested. My plan was working.

“Yeah, I mean, I like looking at it. Especially dark artwork like yours. But I can’t draw if my life depended on it.”

“Oh what about this one?” Gerard dug through his binder filled with art. He pulled out a picture of a woman in a hospital bed, with blood seeping through the sheets. “I call it Just The Way It Goes.”

“Aw sweet!” I took the drawing from him and looked at it.

Gerard sat down on his bed, flipping through the binder. I sat next to him, looking over.

“See, do you really wanna give up something you’re passionate about just for someone who hurts you?” I asked, edging closer to him.

Gerard sighed. “He loves me.”

“Does he ever spend time like this with you? Does he care to look at the beautiful work you do?” I was now pressed up against Gerard, but he didn’t seem to care.

“Well.. there was this one time..” Gerard trailed off.

“What happened?” I asked.

“He told me it was shit...” Tears glazed over Gerard’s eyes. “So I threw it away.”

“What was it a picture of, sweetie?” I asked him.

“Me and him, him and I.” Gerard closed his hands tightly around the corners of his binder. “It was the most personal thing I ever drew.”

“I would never do that.. that’s just wrong. If you really love someone you embrace the things they do for you.” My breath brushed his cheek, he shivered.

“Nick knows whats best for me..” Gerard stammered as I lay my head on his shoulder.

“While he’s out on a million dates with other girls and guys?”

“He doesn’t cheat on me.” Gerard’s hands shook.

“While he’s making out with everyone right in front of you?” I wrapped my arm around his waist.

“My punishment for not respecting him.” Gerard responded.

I stood up. “Goddamn Gerard! Don’t you see? He’s totally manipulating you! He’s going to hurt you even more!”

Gerard closed his eyes and turned his head away from me.

“Gerard please! If you let him come over tonight he’s just gonna hurt you! Why do you think he wants your parents gone?” I couldn’t stand it. I loved him so fucking much I didn’t want him hurt.

“I know what he wants and I’ll give it to him.” Gerard flipped his hair back, sassy.

I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t bring myself to say anything. I silently set his drawing beside him and walked out of his room.

Note!! Well I hope this starts the story in motion. :)
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