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Am I Dreaming?

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Gerard's response.

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Gerard was taken back by my words but didn't respond. He seemed to be having a conversation in his own mind. His body was shaking and he looked nervous.

After about five minutes of his eyes darting in crazy directions I sighed. "Okay let's start studying."

We studied for longer then usual, Gerard insisted we study for two hours. All the while me becoming more and more self conscious as he stared at me.

When two hours finally was up I packed up my things and couldn't wait to start walking home. My tears of humiliation and depression were welling up and I didn’t want to start crying in front of Gerard.

"Okay well, have a good weekend." I said.

"You too." Gerard responded.

I turned and started to walk down the driveway. Of course it had to be fucking raining on top of everything. I was almost down the driveway when I was knocked onto the grass.

"What the-" Gerard's lips were on mine in seconds. He kissed with such passion and love, I was in shock.

Gerard smiled down at me. "I'm sorry I didn't respond. I'm sorry I made you feel horrible. I just needed time to think. But I believe you."

"It's okay." I smiled in disbelief. "It’s okay! I love you Gerard, I'll love you forever!"

Gerard crushed his lips onto mine once more. I gasped as he moved down to my neck. Pressing kisses down to my chest.

"Stay for dinner?" His cute hazel eyes looked up at me.

"Sure." I laughed.

Gerard got off of me and helped me up. We were both soaked.

Gerard giggled. "I have some extra clothes if you want."

"Sure." I laughed.

Gerard held my hand as we walked back into his house. My dream was coming true. Gerard was almost my Princess. I just hoped he had the courage to break up with Nick.

As Gerard and I walked back to his room he told me that he didn't know how his parents would react about him being gay. They didn't even know about Nick. So I had to keep quiet about the relationship we had.

I pulled on Gerard's overused Smashing Pumpkins shirt and an extremely tight pair of black skinny jeans.

Gerard handed me a pink brush and I laughed internally. Cute little sassy bitch.

"How do I look?" Gerard asked with a smirk.

Of course he had to wear a black shirt that was a size to small and tight black pants.

"You know you make me absolutely crazy right?" I laughed.

He smirked and walked over to me. Cupping my head he pressed his lips to mine. Then to my surprise I found his tongue pressing against my lips. I parted them and he moaned into my mouth. Our tongues fought as Gerard's hand started to slide up under my shirt. I threw my head back in pleasure.

Gerard pressed his lips to my neck. "Mmm you like that don't you?"

I couldn't believe Gerard was doing this. I had wanted him for so long and now I had him. I just hoped this wasn't a cruel twisted dream. I decided that Gerard's nipping at my neck was the equivalent to a pinch and that I wasn't dreaming.

"Gee! We're home!!" His brother, I presumed.

We broke away from each other. Blushing and smirking because only we knew what just happened.

Gerard opened the door. "Yes hello annoying little brother." Gerard laughed and rolled his eyes. He ruffled Mikey's hair.

"It's dinner time!" He exclaimed.

Gerard and I followed his brother up the stairs.

"What's for dinner?" Gerard asked.

"Spaghetti it'll be a few minutes. Gerard could you help Mikey set the table?" His mom asked.

"Sure mom." Gerard squeezed my hand in his and went to the table.

After, we all sat down and started to eat.

"Mom, Dad, Mikey.. This is my new friend, Frank. He goes to the same school and he's been helping me with English." Gerard introduced us, half smirking at the word ‘friend’.

"Nice to meet you sweetie." His mom smiled at me.

"And to you." I smiled.

Dinner was quiet except for Gerard's brother, Mikey. He asked me dozens of questions and talked to me nonstop.

I helped clean up after dinner and decided I should go home before my parents started to worry.

"Hey can I come over tomorrow?" Gerard asked from the door. "I still need some help with English."

"Sure Gee." I smiled and shivered, it was freezing out.

"Okay." He smiled and gave me a quick peck on the lips. "Love you."

"Love you too.." I turned and left. I couldn't believe this was actually happening.

Yay! Mikey finally comes into the story! Just a cute little chapter for all you wonderful readers :D
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