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umm I dunno what to say about this chapter without totally giving it away. So please read!

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NOTE: I just wanted to say thanks for all your awesome reviews! They are what inspire me to keep writing this, thanks for helping me make my first FanFiction a good one :D Sorry about the length and boringness of this chapter but this chapter needs to be in here.

I spent almost forty-five minutes making my hair and makeup absolutely perfect for Gerard. I needed to look my best for him, I needed to show him I cared. When the doorbell rang I had just finished my eyeliner.

I bolted to the door and opened it with a smile on my face. “Hey Gee!” I kissed his cheek quickly.

He blushed again with a small smile. “Hey.” He said shyly.

“Goddamn you’re a cutie.” I laughed.

Gerard’s cheeks went a deeper shade of pink as he let himself into my apartment. He looked around. “Nice place.” He smiled back at me.

“Yeah, for a shithole.” I chuckled again. “C’mon, we can study in my room.”

I unlocked my door and let Gerard go in first. Laying back on the headboard of my bed I opened my books. Gerard lay on his stomach in the center of the bed.

“Okay so we left off at Unit 6 right?” I asked.

“Hmmm maybe I dunno.” Gerard rested his head on the sheets. “Your sheets smell nice.”

“Thanks but Gee, can’t you at least try to pass? Don’t you want a free summer to do whatever you want?” I asked.

Gerard sat up. “Okay.” He crawled over to me, nudged my arm over his shoulders and cuddled up against me. “Ready.” He looked up at me with those adorable hazel eyes.

I smiled. “Okay...” I started to read.


“Thanks so much Frankie!” Gerard wrapped his arms around my neck. The English had finally sunk into his head (after a night of studying) and he was feeling pretty good about it.

“It was all you Gerard, you just had to have the self motivation.” I returned the hug.

Turning him over onto the bed I pressed my lips gently to his. “You can do anything you set your mind to, Gerard.” I brushed the hair out of his eyes and looked down at him, smiling and pressing my lips to his again.

“Frank.” Gerard gasped as I moved down his neck, pressing kisses along it.

“You are the most beautiful person I’ve ever met.” I whispered against his neck, sending him into a fit of shivers.

“Frank I lo-”

“Frank? You in there?” Dad called from the door, cutting off Gerard. He couldn’t know about Gerard, he was severely homophobic and I would literally be killed for it.

I quickly got off of Gerard. “Yes!” I called back.

Dad opened the door. Only to see me staring guiltily at him and Gerard gasping on my bed.

“Who’s this?” Dad looked suspiciously from me to Gerard.

“My friend, Gerard. I’m helping him with studying for the English exam.” I responded.

“Well, it’s eleven on the dot. Make sure your friend is home by midnight.” Dad emphasized on the word friend. He had accused me of being gay since I started wearing makeup.

“Sure Dad.” I smiled at him. He glared at me and left the room.

When Dad was out of hearing distance I sighed and turned to Gerard. “My Dad is totally grossed out by ... us.”

Gerard nodded. “My parents hate it too... Like I said before I’ve had to keep all my relationships from them.”

So that was perfect...

Gerard’s parents, and my Dad wouldn’t accept us as a couple. If our relationship did grow into something more we wouldn’t be able to keep it from them forever. Just another fucking roadblock that was keeping me and my Princess apart.
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