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I Don't Love You

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"We're done." I said bitterly. Gerard makes a brave decision, but it ends bad.

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Okay another chapter with Gee's POV in it :D Hope you enjoy it! And thanks for all your nice reviews! They mean a lot!


I was walking down the hall, swinging my hips and holding my head high with the same fake smirk on my face. Even though Frankie had helped me I just couldn't seem to break the habit. Plus I had to act strong, I didn't know how Nick would respond to me breaking up with him. Frankie was my motivation. I truly think he loves me. I hope he does. I've been waiting so long for true love and if this was just another lie I would seriously think about ways to end my stupid, fake, loveless life.

"Hey babe." Nick pushed me against the locker when I walked over to him. He grabbed my face and harshly kissed my lips. No love or passion whatsoever, unlike Frank's.

I took a deep breath. I had to act strong, I had to be strong. For Frank, for any hope of true love. I stared Nick down, piercing my eyes through his and putting a stern look on my face. "We're done." I said bitterly.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Nick laughed.

"I mean we're done. I don't love you anymore and you never loved me." I responded.

"Yes I do love you, Gerard. Blah blah blah.” Nick rolled his eyes. “C’mon babe." He put his hand up to my face and I slapped it away.

"Get the fuck away from me. You don't love me. If you did you wouldn't force me into sex, you wouldn't continue to fuck me when I beg for you to stop. You wouldn't make me get down on my knees for you every two seconds and you wouldn't abuse me." I glared at him.

"You fucking deserve it." Nick responded.

"Excuse me?" I raised an eyebrow. "I'm pretty sure no one deserves daily rapes and beatings."

"You're a fucking unloved easy bitch. Who gives a fucking damn what happens to you?" Nick was getting angry.

I resisted the urge to apologizing. He would just hurt me again and again.

"Fuck you, Nick!" Tears welled in my eyes. “I thought you loved me! All you did was manipulate my thoughts! Its all because of you why I constantly think of ways to kill myself!”

"Little whore!" Nick grabbed a handful of my hair and use it to slam my head into the locker.

I cried out in pain as my head made a small dent in the metal. He continuously slammed my head into the locker until I begged for him to stop. Blood was running down my face as he brought me to the ground. I tried to fight back but I was too weak. My eyesight was blurring. Nick was hitting me or something, I couldn’t tell. I heard gasps and screams but they were muffled. I was going deaf.

"Fucking bitch." I heard Nick sneer.

There was a punch to my face and everything went black.



I ran down the hall, panting and sweating. I had heard from a bunch of kids that Nick and Gerard had gotten into a huge fight.

Please don’t let him be hurt....please. I ran and ran. As I neared the hallway that Nick’s locker was in I heard Gerard’s screams and cries. I rounded the corner just in time to see Nick punch Gerard in the face.

“Fucking bitch.” Nick spit on Gerard’s unconscious body.

I gasped, tears rolled down my face. Gerard was lying unconscious, in his own blood. A large gash was spitting blood.

“Someone get the principal!” A girl from the big crowd of kids shouted.

“Get the fuck away from him.” I glared at Nick as I walked over to Gerard.

I kneeled down beside my Princess. I brushed his hair away from his bloodied face, bruises covered his beautiful face and the last of his tears rolled down his face. Please let him be okay.
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