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Heaven Help Us

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"Heaven help us now." I whispered. "Don't take my Princess from me." Nick did a lot of damage.

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The beeping from the cold machine was the only thing I could hear. Making sure it was still beeping, that there was still hope of my Princess’ life. Nick hurt him bad. He had a severe concussion and had been out for almost a day. He was having trouble breathing, an oxygen supplier was attached in his nose. He had to have stitches in his head from the gash. I was sitting in a chair beside his bed, grasping onto his cold hand. Tears fell from my stinging eyes as I stared at his beautiful face. The tender, pale skin was bruised and cut. His soft lips were torn and bloodied. I felt horrible, I felt like it was my fault Gerard was in this state.

The nurses came in to make sure everything was in order and put a new IV into his arm.

“Is he going to be okay?” I looked up at them.

“He’s in a stable condition now, but he should have woken up hours ago.” The nurse replied glumly.

“Oh, thank you.” I tried to smile.

The nurses left. I leaned my head beside Gerard and intertwined my fingers in his. “Please be okay... please.” I whispered. I closed my eyes.

“Frankie?” I looked up to see Gerard’s bruised face looking down at me, confused.

“I’m here Gerard...” I responded.

“Why am I here?” Gerard asked.

“Nick knocked you unconscious. You were out for a day. He hurt you bad.”

Gerard’s shoulders shook, his whimpers grew into sobs.

“Aw Gerard, baby. It’s okay.” I leaned over and pressed my lips to his.

Gerard eagerly accepted my kiss, pulling my body down onto his. The friction of our bodies made me gasp. I crushed my lips onto his and kissed with my burning love for him. I kissed away his tears.

“I love you...” Gerard said through sniffles.

“I love you so much, babe.” I pressed my lips to his nose.

“Frank Anthony Iero!”

“Gerard Arthur Way!”

I spun around, only to be greeted with a gun being held to my face. The gun’s owner was my own dad.

I woke up terrified. What was gonna happen to my Princess? If he did make it out of here we would most certainly be killed by our parents when they found out. I wrapped my hand around his and gave it a comforting squeeze, even though he probably couldn’t feel it.

"Frankie..?" Gerard's voice came from above me. It was tired and forced from his weak body.

"Yes Gerard?" I looked up at him.

"Why... am I... here?" He gasped in pain.

"Nick..." I responded.

"Oh...yeah..." Tears filled Gerard's eyes. "I was ..just trying to..break up..”

“Its okay Gee. Its okay baby.” I rubbed his hand.

“Please step out of the way he has to get another blood test.” The nurse said from behind me.

As I stepped away I noticed that Gerard was shaking. When the nurse prepared his arm to get the needle he tried to pull his arm away and got scolded. I couldn’t tell you how much I wanted to kill the nurse. My Princess had tears in his eyes. Was he really that afraid of needles? I guess he was because a single tear rolled down his beautiful face as the needle pierced his pale skin. They took out a lot of blood, more and more tears filled Gerard’s eyes. The nurse finally pulled the needle out of Gerard’s arm and he sighed in relief.

Once the nurse was gone I sat back down beside Gee’s bed. I rubbed his arm.

“I fucking... h-hate needles.” Gerard stammered.

“Yeah they suck don’t t-” I was cut off by the solid beep in the background. Gerard’s head hit the pillow and his body went still.


I was almost pushed out of the room by the cluster of people that rushed in. Tears filled by eyes as they pulled open Gerard’s hospital gown and put a defibrillator on his chest.

“CLEAR!” Someone screamed.

Gerard showed no sign of life.

I curled up in the corner. “Heaven help us now.” I whispered. “Don’t take my Princess from me.”
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