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The Cuts Are Much Deeper On The Inside

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Gerard is spiralling into a world of deeper pain than before.

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What happens that night at the Way household. Gerard is acting strangely and also reveals a new way to numb his pain. Which isn’t a good way. No Frank in this chapter this is just a small side chapter.


Another night with only three people at the table. Gerard was locked up down in his room and refused to come out. Dad and mom weren’t too pleased at this but after about an hour of me banging on his door and trying to lure him out of his room mom finally said that it was useless.

“Mikey please go deliver a plate of food to your brother.” Mom ordered.

I got up and scooped some spaghetti onto a plate and then went over to the fridge to get a can of soda. I walked down the creaky stairs to my brother’s room, balancing the food in one hand and holding the soda in the other.

“Gee? I have a plate of food for you.” I said through the door.

“I-I’m not hungry.” I groaned, I could tell when he was lying, he always stuttered and put a really fake, innocent tone on.

“Gerard come on.” I said a bit more stern this time.

I heard him sigh and get off his bed, he walked towards the door. After he undid the millions of locks and bolts on his door it finally creaked open. The Gerard in the door wasn’t the Gerard I knew. His face was bruised, his eyes didn’t sparkle in the light, he looked tired and afraid.

I smiled. “Can I come in?”

He nodded with his head to the floor and moved out of the way so I could walk in. As I walked in I shivered, the room itself felt sad. It was colder than any other room in the house and carried the scent of... oh god. As I looked around I noticed that all of his artwork was on the floor, crumpled and torn.

“Sorry about the mess...” Gerard said in a voice that wasn’t his own.

“Why are all of your drawings ruined?” I put the plate of spaghetti and can of soda down onto a side table and turned to face him.

His face fell and tears glazed over his hazel eyes. “Nick didn’t like them.” He responded in a light voice, trying not to cry.

“Why do you stay with him?” I asked. “Even though he’s hurting you.”

“Because he loves me..” Another lie through his teeth.

“Gerard just tell me the fucking truth.” I said more bitter then I intended to.

Gerard couldn’t hold it in any longer. His shoulders started to shake violently as tears streamed down his bruised face. “Just... f-fucking leave... you don’t u-understand what I-I’m go-ing through!” He yelled through tears.

“Gee please-”

“LEAVE!” Gerard pointed to the door as he sobbed.

“Okay okay Gee, I’m gone.” As I left the room I saw Gerard out of the corner of my eye, fall to his knees sobbing.


I didn’t want him to leave. I wanted him to stay with me. To tell me everything was going to be fine. But he couldn’t stay, because no one could know what I was going to do next. I had thought about suicide to get away from Nick. But I was too scared to try, so I did the next best thing.

My trembling hand wrapped around the saw blade I stole from my dad’s workshop. I turned over my wrist and held the blade to it. I bit my lip to stifle a scream as I pierced into my skin. Instantly feeling relief as the blood trickled down. I thought about Frank, how mad he was at me. I made the second cut longer and deeper. I thought about my parents, who could never accept who I was. I cut long and thin.

I spent a half an hour going through a list and looked down at my mutilated wrist. The pain from Nick was numbed, at least until the next violation. I walked into my bathroom and washed my bloody wrist.
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