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Taking A Stand

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"I stepped back, breathing hard. “That was for my Princess.”" Frank acts out.

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I walked into english class with my head down, dreading to sit next to Gerard. I used my bangs to cover the bruise on my head from my father and took my seat.

“Hi Frank.” Gerard said shakily, looking down at his hands.

“Hi.” I said through gritted teeth.

“I’m sorry about the mall yesterday.”

“Its fine.” The kid was really getting on my nerves.

“Maybe we can-”

“You know what Gerard? Don’t speak to me anymore. I’m sick of seeing you hurt yourself like this.” I said it before I could stop myself.

Gerard didn’t respond and looked down. I raised my hand and excused myself to the bathroom. I bolted from the room and down the hall. No fucking way was I going back to english. I slammed the bathroom door and sat on the counter, letting my head fall into my palms. Why was Gerard doing this? Did he suddenly decide I was a waste of his time?

I didn’t have anymore time to think because I was punched against the mirror. My head cracked it and the shards tore through my scalp. I looked through my blood at Nick’s disgusting face.

“C’mon little girl, fight.” Nick pulled me by the collar of my shirt and threw me to the ground.

Fury built inside of me, I would NOT take anymore shit from anyone as worthless as him. I backed away and stood up in fighting stance. “I’m not taking your fucking shit anymore! You fucking ruined Gerard you will not ruin me!” I screamed.

Nick smirked and aimed his fist for my face, I blocked it and punched him back. I hit him against the sink and continued to wail on him, fucking up that smirk on his face. I stopped when his eyes rolled into the back of his head and blood poured from his nose.

I stepped back, breathing hard. “That was for my Princess.” I kicked his ugly body to the ground and walked out of the bathroom.

I’m SO sorry it was so short! I have major writers block and this is all I could write :/
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