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On the Same Side

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Two drabbles taking place during and after Cartoon Wars.

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On the Same Side


Note: I do not own South Park or any of its characters. Takes place during Cartoon Wars Pt. 1, after they leave Colorado but before they split up. Spoilers for said episode.

There were no clouds, which meant that Kyle could see all the stars. The sun had gone down but the sand was still warm. He and Cartman had long since lapsed into silence. Cartman. Kyle still couldn't believe Cartman of all people was doing something good for. After all the times he had ripped on Kyle for being Jewish and now Cartman was defending someone else's religion. Kyle had very nearly given up on Cartman.

Cartman had always been an asshole but when they were little he had been a much lesser one. Over the years, Cartman had become more and more or a bigot and racist. Kyle, Stan, and Kenny had hung out with him out of habit but every year that passed it became just a bit more annoying until it had finally gotten to the point where Kyle barely considered Cartman a friend. Barely. But now… could Cartman be making a recovery?

"Cartman?" Kyle said, turning to face his unlikely ally.

"Yeah, Kahl?" Cartman asked, turning his head. Kyle still couldn't see his friend's face but he didn't sound like Kyle had woken him up.

"I like this."


"Us working together. " "Yeah. I know what you mean."

"It's nice being friends again."

"Yeah, I guess it is nice." Cartman replied.

"Well, good night Cartman."

"Good night, Kahl." Cartman smiled. Kyle returned the smile and rolled over. 'Yes.' Cartman thought. 'It is nice. And it will be even nicer when Family Guy is off the air.'
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