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Let The Cuts Heal

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Frank makes Gerard feel better about himself. Trying to make him his.

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“Gerard...” I forced out of my dry throat. “What the-? Why is my name...” I trailed off.

Tears and blood stained Gerard’s beautiful face. He wouldn’t look at me and kept his gaze to his wrist, running over the cuts. His face went from hurt to anger and he pressed hard with his thumb on his wrist. Blood started to pour from it again.

“No Gee, stop it.” I grabbed the last tissue and patted his wrist with it. I sighed, it wasn’t enough. I got up and walked into the bathroom and grabbed a towel.

I walked back out to see Gerard had fallen onto the ground, right in the blood and he was reaching for the blade again. I ran over to him and snatched it out of his hand. “No, Gerard. I won’t ever let you hurt yourself like this.” I got down onto my knees and wiped the blood from his face with the towel and then started to pat his wrist with it.

“I want to.” Gerard responded in a hoarse voice.

“No you don’t. Hurting yourself is just letting Nick win.” I stopped myself and looked up at Gerard. “Or do you want him to win?”

Gerard’s shoulders slumped and he sighed. “I’m doing it to keep you safe.”

I chuckled. “What?”

“Nick said that unless I stayed with him he would hurt you.” He looked at me through his tears. “I don’t want you hurt, Frankie.”

I fought the urge to burst out in a fit of laughter. Nick was such a little weakling that a weakling like me could even take him down. Instead I kept my expression neutral. “And I don’t want you hurt, Gee.”

Gerard looked down. “It doesn’t matter what happens to me.”

“Yes it does, sugar.” I sat beside him and put my arm around his shoulders. I pointed to your scars. “I used to do that.”

He looked over at me. “Really?”

I nodded. “But I stopped when you and I became friends. Gerard, you got me to stop hurting myself.”

Gerard didn’t respond but he looked down at his wrist, running his fingers over the cuts and looked back over to me. “How could I have done that?”

I smiled. “Because you are Gerard Way. You are the boy I love. You are the most amazing person I’ve ever met.”

Gerard’s cheeks faded to a light pink and a small smile crept across his lips. “I am?”

“Yes Gerard, you are.” I smiled and leaned towards him. I pressed my lips to his and broke away quickly.

I stood up and held out my hand. “Let’s get you cleaned up.” I smiled.

Gerard took my hand and I helped him up.

“Go clean your wrist and I’ll get your pajamas.” I ordered.

He nodded and walked into his bathroom. I heard the running water moments later and turned to open his closet. Black was all I saw, nothing else. Black shirts, black skinny jeans, black leather jeans. My pants got tighter at the sight of the leather, he looks so damn hot in those. I shook my head and tried to calm my hormones. Gerard was hurt and I was fantasizing about him. I leaned down and found the black pajama pants crumpled at the bottom of the closet. I grabbed them and walked over to the bathroom.

I knocked at the door. “I have your pajamas.”

The door opened and Gerard’s shaking hand popped out. I handed him his pants and the door closed. I tried to block out the sound of him undoing his belt and letting his pants fall to the ground. What a perv I was.

I tried to keep my mouth from opening as he walked out of the bathroom. The loose pajama pants hung on his perfect hips and his pale chest almost gleamed in the dim light.

Gerard giggled. “Take a picture it’ll last longer.”

I blushed and pointed to the bed.

Gerard laughed again and climbed onto his bed and pulled the sheets up to his neck, he was so adorable. I walked over to him and leaned down to kiss him. “I’ll take care of Nick. Get away from him and don’t hurt yourself anymore, okay?”

Gerard smiled and pressed his lips to mine. “Okay.”

“You are worth it Gerard. I’m here for you baby.” I smiled at him and turned to leave.

“Frankie, please stay.” Gerard’s voice went shaky and nervous.

I turned around to look at him. He patted a spot behind him. I nervously climbed in beside him and wrapped my arms around his body.

“Please stay with me, don’t leave me.” Gerard turned around and wrapped me in the covers with him.

“I won’t Gee, I won’t.” I wrapped my arms around him.

He pressed his body against mine and crushed his face into my chest. His body rubbed against mine, we were dangerously close and my hormones kicked in.

This was gonna be a long night.

Woohoo! I got this chapter finished before heading out on the road! Sorry if it seems a bit rushed but I just HAD to upload it :D
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