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Drowning Lessons

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When the boys of My Chemical Romance are on a cruise ship that's sinking at sea, whose last words will mean the most? ONESHOT. (Frerard.)

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Well I have no idea where this came from, but all I'm saying is: BREAK OUT TISSUES!

"Attention, this is your captain speaking, our ship has had an explosion in the engine, and we are sinking. I'm forced to inform you that during this explosion, we lost practically all of our lifeboats, and the rest have already been used. Please remain calm, and we'll all stick through this together. This is your captain speaking, do not panic."
These words from the captain sunk each of the four friends' hearts, just like the ship that would soon cause their impending doom.
It was all Frank's idea. The words "tropical cruise" and "vacation" had lured Gerard, Ray, and Mikey in, despite Mikey's fear of large bodies of water.
It was decided they were going to go without the wives, considering this was a vacation, not a headache waiting to happen.
Well, now that idea of not bringing their wives seemed very good to all four of them. They didn't want them to suffer the horrible demise they were going to.
They all sat on the main deck, trying to comfort each other. The sun was slowly starting to set.
"Okay, guys. It's going to be okay. What matters is that our loved ones are safe." Mikey said, trying to be the mature, calm one in this situation. 
"No." said Ray. "No it's not." he was looking down, holding his hands behind his back.
"Ray, that kind of talk isn't going to help-"
"I don't think you get it Mikey. Five days before we left, Christa told me that she was pregnant. I'm never going to know my kid...." Various gasps were heard from around the circle of the four friends. 
"It's okay, buddy. We're here for you. How do you think Frank and I feel? We both have kids, and they probably won't remember us...." Gerard tried to say calmly. But Ray was right, things weren't okay.
They were all going to die.
Ray sighed. "I wonder what life would have been like if we hadn't ever boarded this ship. I can't help but wonder...."
"Listen, Ray. We all know how you feel. What's most important is to be happy right now." Mikey's words were right. They all should try to enjoy their last moments. "Now, I want all of you to think about one of the happiest moments in your lives, and share it with the rest of us." Mikey said.
They all thought about this.... Ray was the first to speak up.
"The happiest moment in my life was probably the day I married Christa. She is the sweetest person I have ever met. I love her so much." He sighed. "She's my everything." Frank gave a little "Aw."
Mikey was next.
"The happiest day of my life, was when I met Alicia. She slapped me across the face for trying to flirt with her, then she kissed me. She's amazing." Laughs could be hear from the friends, and now the people that were listening. "What about you two?" Mikey asked Gerard and Frank.
"The day Bandit was born. I couldn't have felt any emotion stronger, than the love I felt when I first held her in my arms." Everyone who was listening awed. Everyone but Frank.
Frank was secretly crushed on the inside. All of the guys were talking about their wives, or in Gerard's case, his daughter. Frank didn't know what to say. He wanted so badly to finally open up to the Gerard about his feelings towards him.
"Now or never." he thought. 
As Frank opened his mouth to speak, a huge wave washed over the deck, causing people to be thrown off the boat by the rushing water, or in Mikey's case, being hit harshly in the head and chest by a piece of heavy driftwood. He collapsed, trying urgently to breathe.
"Mikey!" Gerard squeaked. "Mikey are you okay?!" 
"G-Gerard? I-I-I can't feel anything. I can't br-breathe. M-my chest." Mikey gasped, gently putting his hand to his chest. He gasped for air, several ribs obviously broken. His lungs were collapsing.
"Mikey! Mikey don't leave me!" Gerard demanded his younger brother. Mikey and Gerard were very close.
"I-I-I love you g-guys." Mikey weakly said before slowly going still. A glazed look grew in his eyes.
Mikey Way was dead.
"No!" Gerard cried out in sorrow. "No, not Mikey! Not my brother! Not my baby brother...." He started to sob and weep uncontrollably. Tears started to flow down Gerard's face. Who could blame him? Mikey didn't deserve to die. He was such a sweet and kind soul.
"Gerard." Frank said, trying to get Gerard's attention. "Gerard!" he said louder. It was no use. He refused to listen to Frank. "Gerard! It's no use! Mikey is dead! The water is fucking rising!" Gerard's head snapped up. "He wouldn't want you crying over him, you know that. But what's important is that we get somewhere where the water isn't as high, or we'll be next." 
Gerard looked over to the body of his brother, then up at Frank again. He nodded. "You're right. Let's go." he said, grief surrounding his words like the steam and gas sputtering out from the ship as the main components got wet. Frank held out his hand for Gerard to take, and helped his best friend to stand. 
Frank, Gerard, and Ray all made a run for the upper deck, which was safer than the main one. It took a lot of running to make it up  there. The boys took a second to catch their breath.
A sudden explosion in the engine's main components that got wet, caused the ship to shake, and part of the upper deck to collapse and break. Loud screams were heard, and Frank and Gerard looked over to see Ray holding onto a pipe for dear life. 
"Ray!" they both said simultaneously as they rushed over to him.
"Don't bother with me! Save yourselves!" he yelled and motioned for them to run.
"But Ray-" Gerard was cut off.
"GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE GERARD! YOU'RE TOO NICE FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!" Ray screamed at the top of his lungs. Frank and Gerard wouldn't move.
"NO! RAY!" yelled Gerard. 
But Ray started to slip. He lost his grip on the pipe and was swallowed by the water. Frank burst into tears as Gerard grabbed his hand and pulled him to a safer place, farther away from the water. If Gerard had looked where he was going, he wouldn't have fallen. When part of the upper deck broke, so did part of the structure Gerard was standing on. It broke in half, leaving the one half facing upwards. He fell into an open door, hitting the wall at the bottom.
"Gerard!" Frank screamed. He jumped through the door frame and went to Gerard, not caring about his safety.
"Oh, my god! Gerard are you okay? Are you hurt?!" he urgently said. "Yeah, I'm fine but-" Gerard's words were cut off by the sound of the door shutting. He looked at Frank. "Oh, shit."
Gerard immediately started to panic, and climbed all the way to the top, banging on the door, trying to get it open. It was no use.
They were trapped.
Gerard fell back down to Frank. They were both silent.
"We're gonna die." Gerard said.
"Gerard." Frank said. He snapped his head towards Frank. The water was knee-deep now.
"Yes?" he answered.
"Do you know how we were talking about the happiest moments in our lives?" Gerard nodded. "Well I didn't get to say what mine was." 
"Well what was it, Frankie?" Gerard asked hesitantly.
"The day I met you." Frank said, staring into Gerard's hazel beauties. The water was waist-deep now.
"Really?" Gerard asked. Frank nodded.
"I'm sorry. I probably just screwed up everyth-" Gerard cut Frank off with a deep, passionate kiss.
"I love you." Frank said, holding onto Gerard.
"I always have." Gerard replied. He kissed Frank again, this time, sweeter, and gentler. Frank couldn't believe his words. He put his hand to Frank's wet face, and pulled him into kiss even more. The small amount of moonlight that shone though the small window in the door illuminated Frank's delicate features. The water was rising quickly, now at neck-depth. "And I always will." the older said. He pushed the hair our of Frank's face, and placed his forehead against Frank's. He took Frank's hands in his, and pulled him into one more passionate kiss as the water went over their heads. 
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