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For All The Dirty Looks

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I shook my head. “No one wants me, they hate me. Everyone hates me.”

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Unfitting title but whatever ;)

Where the hell am I going to go? I asked myself as I pushed the elevators lobby button. My own parents had just thrown me out of the apartment and basically left me for dead. I didn’t have any relatives in New Jersey and the ones I did have were all dead. Even though it was probably better that they were, my whole family loathed me. A hotel would only serve for a few days, my cash supply was low. I realized the only place I could go was Gerard’s house.

Stepping out of the elevator I tripped and fell onto my suitcase. Some residents looked over at me and smirked. They knew my parents finally kicked me out. It seemed no one in the apartment building approved of me. I picked myself off the ground, trying to fight the awful tears stinging my eyes. As I left I glared at a woman and muttered good riddance. She seemed taken back and I smirked proudly as I left the apartment. Breaking down as soon as I got out. I didn’t stop walking for one second, I didn’t stop to break down. Tears blurred my vision and I fell a few times but I never stopped. I was on autopilot to Gerard’s house and hoped his parents would let me stay. They would, wouldn’t they? I could only hope that Gerard’s persuasive skills were up to par.

I forced myself not to run up the Ways’ driveway. I was relieved to see their car was there, I wouldn’t know what to do if they weren’t home. I tried to wipe my tears as best as I could and took a deep breath. I knocked at the door. I dropped my suitcase and wiped more tears as I waited for the door to open.

Gerard’s mother opened the door and her face fell. “Sweetie whats wrong?”

I bit my lip and tried to hold my tears in, but failed. I broke down into a fit of tears. I was surprised to feel her arms around me, holding my shaking body. She didn’t ask questions and helped me inside, telling Mikey to get the suitcase. She led me over to the couch and called for Gerard.

My face was pushed deep into my palms as I cried my eyes out. She rubbed my back and called for Gerard again. I heard footsteps approaching.

“Frankie whats wrong!?” Gerard kneeled down in front of me, he placed his hand on my knee.

I looked up at him. “M-My par-parents kicked me o-out.” I stuttered.

Gerard gasped. “Oh honey.” He wrapped his arms around me as I cried into his shoulder.

I couldn’t stop crying, I just let Gerard hold me. Feeling his body comforted me and helped me calm myself down.

“Would you like some water?” Mrs. Way asked.

I nodded as I still clutched to Gerard’s black sweater. As soon as his mom left the room Gerard’s lips were on mine. Kissing me comfortingly, as to say it’ll be okay.

We broke away, Gerard’s kiss still lingering on my lips. Moments later a glass of water was placed into my hands and I gulped it down. “Thanks.” I tried to catch my breath.

“No problem sweetheart.” Mrs. Way looked worried. “Do you have anywhere to go?”

I shook my head. “No one wants me, they hate me. Everyone hates me.”

“Oh honey I’m sure thats not true.” She responded.

“It’s one hundred and ten percent true.” I looked down.

She didn’t respond for a bit. When she did I was shocked. “Would you like to stay here?”
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