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Frankie contemplates his and Gerard's relationship in his last moments. ONESHOT.

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Hey Everyone!
Well, as most of you know, every time I post a new story, I also post a new oneshot, so here's the oneshot! Expect the story soon!
This one's kinda sad.... I'll have happier oneshots soon, I just had this idea out of nowhere and decided to write it! Thanks for all the reviews on Guardian Angel. My stalkers mean a lot to me! :)

Frank's POV
As I tumbled down that particular flight of stairs, I thought about my whole life. I had so many memories on this same staircase.
Whether it was running up the stairs to find him and console him, or him carrying me up these same stairs bridal style on various occasions, memories were made. When I came home and found him crying on these steps because he found out she cheated. A second time when his next wife left him, and he had nowhere to go. When I broke my leg pulling some sort of stunt and he had to carry me up these stairs constantly. When we both took a tumble down because we lost balance at the top of the stairs in the middle of us kissing. When he tried to throw himself down the staircase because he never got to see his little girl, and I had to stop him. When I slipped and fell on my ass going up the stairs and we laughed.
Memories were made.
Well, now one last memory of ours was being made now. Not one, but two. The first of the two was very clear.
Gerard was kicking me out.
I had tried at my feeble attempts to apologize for what I did, I didn't even know what it was this time, he wouldn't listen. I tried to comfort him, but he slapped me across the face. I tried to be there for him through everything, but my love wasn't enough. I tried to pull him into an embrace and tell him how much I loved him, but he just pushed me away, not knowing that the stairs were right behind me, and now I was falling. I tumbled down, hitting my arms and legs, and even my head on the stairs that we shared so many memories on. It seemed that all of those memories, beautiful and ugly, were the things hitting me as I went down, not stairs.
As I took that last tumble down and hit the floor, smearing it with blood, I heard his running footsteps down the stairs.
"Frankie?! Oh my god, Frankie, are you okay?!" his voice said gently as his lips tickled my ear. "Frankie? Can you hear me?Sweetie, I'm so sorry. I lov-" that was all I heard as the second and final memory for the both of us was made.
My death.
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