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Melody closed her hand around Jean's. "I think kids should be grown in jars on the windowsill," she said weakly.

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All Lorna Dane had ever wanted out of life was to be rich, famous and loved by all. Not such a big demand. Maybe she could have been an astronaut, too, on her spare time from spreading world peace.

But her stupid being a mutant got in the way. All the other kids used to get jealous, that her parents were cool enough to let her dye her hair green. Silly them. One had to have parents for them to be cool enough to let nine year olds get dye jobs. Funny how the envy turned to disgust when the other kids figured out it wasn't dye.

It wasn't like Lorna ever asked to be a mutant. The last thing she could remember actually asking for was probably some bubble gum from the big blue guy, Dr. McCoy. She felt bad for being scared of him earlier, he really was nice. Maybe she'd dye her hair blue, if Mr. Summers let her.

Well, maybe if she didn't die in the next few minutes, at any rate.

Lorna repeated over and over in her head that she was safe and that as the adult, Forge would never let anything happen to her, but her heart wouldn't listen. It pounded against her ribs and she was certain that everyone in the room could hear it.

Forge put his hand on her shoulder and pushed her behind him. "What are you doing out of your containment field, Kevin?"

"The field fell." Kevin grinned as he staggered forward. His body looked strange, like the joints were hooked together wrong.

"Peter," Forge said. "Get in front of Lorna."

Kevin scowled. "You're trying to kill me, Maker."

"You can return to the containment field, Kevin," Forge said. They Cheyenne man moved slowly, cautiously.

"Live in a prison?" Kevin cocked his head to one side, it swung loosely like a vertebra had been crushed.

Forge snapped his attention to Peter who had been edging his way towards Lorna. "Keep yourself between Lorna and Kevin," he commanded. He turned back to Kevin. "Your body's failing, boy. Get back to the field."

"No," Kevin said. He lurched a few more steps towards them. "There are other ways to live. I know this. You know this, Forge. I won't go back there."

Forge's eyes narrowed. "You can't have the girl. I won't allow it."

"You would be the more satisfying host," Kevin slurred. "Trapping me in that hell hole."

"Then take me, boy." Forge flexed his metal hand before he crossed his arms.

Lorna reached up and wrapped her hand around Peter's index finger. "I don't want to be here anymore."

"I would," Kevin said. "If your body wasn't so useless."

"My prosthetics work well enough." Forge stuck his metal hand out at Kevin. "See for yourself."

Kevin recoiled. "Don't touch me!"

A sick feeling curled up in Lorna's belly and the universe shifted. Forge's outstretched hand began to melt, molten metal burnt holes into the ground. When the man's hand had vanished, the skin and meat on his arm followed suit, like pulled taffy dangling from his bones.

Sweat beaded at Forge's brows as he closed his eyes. "It's just an illusion," he said between rapid breaths. "It's what Kevin does when he's upset."

"I want to go home," Lorna mumbled. She didn't like how tight her throat felt. It made her words choke.

Peter glanced down at the girl. He gently put his hand on her shoulder and pulled her towards his side. Lorna clung to the older boy's leg.

Kevin beckoned towards her. "Little girl, come here." The floor rolled forward, nudging her towards the strange man.

"Don't want to." Lorna looked down, tried to pull her hair over her face like that would hide her tears. She'd never be an X-Man if she kept crying whenever she got scared.

Peter scooped her into his arms. "I don't know what your plans are, tovarisch-"

"I'm not talking to you." Kevin dragged his thumb and forefinger across his lips and Peter's mouth melted into itself.

"It's an illusion," Forge insisted softly. His breath was ragged as he gripped what remained of his arm with his good hand.

"I'm getting impatient, Maker," Kevin said. His movements were jerky and unnatural.

"Get back into your containment field, boy," Forge grated.

"You're not in much of a position to make demands," Kevin snarled. "Now, since I have only so much time, I'm going to say it once more before I get angry. Give me the girl."

"Go away!" Lorna thrust her hand out and the screw that had been the bane of her existence only moments previous raised from the table and stabbed Kevin in the stomach.

Kevin blinked and looked down at the minuscule wound. He took two steps backwards and began to scream hysterically.

Peter's mouth went back to normal and Forge's hand reformed.

"Good work," Forge said. "We need to move him back to the containment field, quickly. Before he dies."

"Anyone mind telling me why the power's out?" Logan asked as he walked through the door.

"Perfect." Kevin giggled. The man's body collapsed, a husk of a living thing, as a bright, effervescent light left Kevin and sank into Logan.

Forge shook his head.

Logan slammed into the doorframe, his body quaking. The Wolverine's mouth fell open in a cacophony of screams.

"Is that him?" Peter asked. His grip on Lorna tightened. "Or the other one?"

"That damn fool boy," Forge muttered.
"Holy moly..." Melody dropped the tray of food she had been carrying. "How long has she, I mean, how dilated, wait a minute, I'll go get the doctor..."

"The baby will be out before you find him," Ororo said. "Stay here, I could use an extra set of hands."

"Will she be okay?" Melody asked. She hovered over the other woman's shoulder. "This is too early for the baby to be born, right? Has to be a whole nine months and all and, and... wow."

"I've done some midwife work in the past," Ororo murmured. She glanced over Jean's thigh. "Try to push, Jean. We're almost there."

Melody closed her hand around Jean's. "I think kids should be grown in jars on the windowsill," she said weakly.

Jean's knuckles turned white as she clamped onto Melody's hand. "Who are you?"

"A guardian angel, Mom." Melody laughed. Her face turned a lovely shade of green. "Let's get this baby out, okay?"

"Jean, push!" Ororo commanded. "I think I can see the head."

Melody glanced over at Ororo. "Yeah, that's a head, alright. I think." She turned back to Jean and rubbed sweat from the redhead's forehead with the heel of her hand. "You're doing great. But you're crushing my hand."

"No stopping now, Jean," Ororo said. "Melody, grab me a towel."

"I'm on it." Melody pried her hand free from Jean's and headed towards a supply closet.

When she returned to Ororo's side, the other woman had a tiny infant in her arms. Ororo worked quickly with her fingers to clear the baby's mouth and nostrils of gunk. Without a look to acknowledge Melody, Ororo held out a hand for a towel and proceeded to rub the infant clean.

The baby blinked three times, stunned, before it took a deep breath and began desperate squalling shrieks. Ororo wrapped the child in a clean towel and handed it to Melody.

"It's a healthy baby boy," Ororo murmured. She gestured to the blood and fluids on her hands and shirt. "I need to get cleaned up."

"A boy?" Melody glanced down at the infant in her arms. Eyes dark blue, face deep red, he wouldn't stop screaming. She swallowed. "Hi there, little guy. Let's get you to your mom."

The infant paused his crying and focused on Melody. His eyes glowed and for a moment, Melody's eyes were green instead of her normal brown. Melody shook her head and passed him off to Jean.

Jean beamed, sweaty and exhausted. She kissed her son on the top of his head. "Hello, Nathan Christopher."
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