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Locks & Bolts

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Frank's first night at the Ways'. Gerard is still struggling with trust.

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Hey guys! Ok so I’m going away on the sixth for about twoish weeks and I won’t have internet (OH NO!) so I’m trying to update as fast as I can. Hopefully I’ll have another update of this story before I leave. But I haven’t left you empty handed! If you like my work you can check out my other fic to keep you occupied. Lol well I just wanted to say what was going down. I will be writing a super long update to this over the vacation which I might break into chapters. So I hope you enjoy! :)

As I sat at the Ways' table I wasn't feeling threatened or rejected like I had felt in my own home. They all treated me nicely, his father was a bit more quiet about it. I sensed a bit of suspicion. Mikey noted it and went into action. Cracking jokes and talking about his summer plans. It was a very peaceful and happy night after the horrible day.

I helped Donna, as Mrs. Way had introduced herself, wash the dishes after dinner. I felt all of my emotions from my parents wash away along with the grime, feeling hope about living with the Ways'.

"I'm going to get some sleep. Hun you can either sleep in the living room or downstairs with Gerard." Donna said after we finished the dishes.

I turned to look at Gerard. He smiled at me and turned to her. "Mom he can sleep in my room I can get an extra sleeping bag."

"Okay, goodnight Frank, night Gerry." Donna kissed Gerard's cheek and hugged him tight before leaving. I had hoped she would have at least hugged me, I hadn't been hugged by my mom in years. I noticed I was feeling a bit jealous of Gerard but quickly brushed it past.

I followed Gerard down the stairs and into his room. He let me in first and closed the door behind us. I turned around to see him start to do all of the locks and bolts attached to his door. There had to be about eight or nine.

"Why all of the locks?" I asked.

Gerard's body tensed and he slid the last lock into place. He sighed and leaned his head against the door.

"It's okay Gerard, you don't have to tell me.." I said quickly.

"No it's fine.. I'm just- I'm paranoid." Gerard sighed and went over to his bed. He sat down and looked up at me.

"About what?" I asked.

"I'm paranoid of Nick coming through that door... When he does it's usually so he can fuck me." Gerard sighed and looked away.

I walked over to the bed and sat beside him. I placed my hand on his leg he flinched, tensed up and then relaxed. He placed his hand over mine.

"You're safe Gee...he won't hurt you anymore." I turned to look at him.  

Tears brimmed his eyes as he looked down.

“Gee, forget about him. He’s not worth the pain, sugar.” I leaned over to kiss the side of his head.

“He used me like all of the others..” He closed his eyes for a moment before turning to look at me with a pained expression. “Why do they all use me?”

I looked into his broken gaze. “Because they are assholes who don’t appreciate you. They take advantage of you and only want you for one thing.”

“Are you going to use me?” Gerard asked.

I was taken back, pain stung my heart. I would never even dare take advantage of the beautiful boy sitting next to me. I gulped down the lump in my throat. “I would never take advantage of you, Gerard.”

“How do I know?” He stubbornly asked.

“Have I pressured you into sex or asked for anything that’s put you in a bad place?” I answered with another question.

He pondered this and looked back to me. “You haven’t.”

“Exactly.” I brushed Gerard’s medium length, jet black hair over his ear and pulled his face to mine. “I will never make you do anything you don’t want to do.” I pressed my lips to his gently, lingering there for a moment before pulling away.

Gerard opened his eyes from the kiss, a half smile crossed his face. “You really mean it.. Frankie you don’t know how happy you’ve just made me!” He collapsed onto me, wrapping his arms around my body and kissing my lips passionately.

His hand crawled up under my shirt as he moved down to my neck. I gasped as his hand caressed my chest and his tongue flicked out against my neck. His lips closed as he nibbled and sucked at my neck.

“Gerard...” I let out a tiny moan and wrapped my arms around him.

Gerard smiled against my neck. “Mmm you like that?” He asked.

“Fuck yes..” I gasped.

Gerard sat up and pulled off his shirt to reveal his beautiful pale chest. He smiled down at me and helped me take off my shirt. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. Gerard started to rub his body against my pelvis, I felt my pants getting tighter. Gerard gasped and threw his head back. I bit my lip and closed my eyes tight.

I felt hands fumbling on my belt and my pants were slid down. When I opened my eyes again Gerard was smirking up at me, pulling down my underwear. His hand wrapped around my dick and he started to rub it slowly.

I licked my lips. “G-Gerard, y-you d-don’t ha-have to d-do this..” I forced out.

He smirked and opened his mouth.

“Gee?” The knock at the door snapped Gerard into action and he struggled to cover me.

“Yeah Mikes?” Gerard walked over to the door.

“I had a nightmare...can I sleep in your room?” Mikey asked.

Gerard sighed. “Sure.” He pointed to the closet. “There’s a sleeping bag in there.”
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