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There was a person in the bushes....

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Well, I had an.... interesting? Got another MCR shirt with Syd (She got the same one). It says, "AIM FOR THE FACE" and I'm like, "Holy mother of fuck I have to get this shirt or I will fucking die!"
But that mall we went to sucks ass....

Gerard's POV
I got dressed in what I wearing yesterday, and slowly walked down the hallway. I looked out of the window.
Still raining.
I walked down the stairs. He was sitting at the kitchen table. I took a deep breath.
He smiled. I managed to smile back, but that smile turned into look of disappointment. Not in him, but in me. I had only set myself up for disaster.
"What's wrong Gee?" he asked.
"Nothing. It's just-" I sighed. Why was life so hard?
"Just what?" he asked.
"Frankie," I said. "I-I don't know how this is going to work out. Like, us. I mean, we're both happily married to other people! How are we going to love them, and each other?"
He was silent for a minute.
"What if we make this for a limited time?" he questioned, a smile starting to spread across his face.
"What do you mean, Frankie?" I asked, confused by his words.
"What I mean is- We should keep this up during their vacation, and when they get back, act like it never happened.... around them."
"Hmm..." I said as I thought about his idea. "I like the way you think, Frankie."
He smiled. "Just stay out of the limelight. Don't want anyone to find out about this." I nodded and agreed. Frank had his moments.

-Two Days Later-

Frank's POV
A lot had happened since the wives left for vacation. A LOT.
Gerard and I were walking down the street to Ray's house, when I decided to grab his hand. It was still raining. He blushed a bright red, and anxiously placed his hand in mine. I leaned my head on his shoulder.
This was nice, even for a rainy day. He seemed tense. Nervous. I looked up at him.
His eyes were focused forward.
"Hey, Gee?" I asked. I caught his attention. He was now looking at me. He nodded. "Did I ever tell you how long I've waited for this to happen?"
He was silent.
"Ever since I saw you." I said, blushing a little. He looked at me and stopped walking. His face was even redder than before. He faced me, turned my head towards him, and kissed me. We were in public.
And we were kissing.
He stopped, and looked behind me. There was a person in the bushes.
And they had a camera.
Oh shit.
I walked over to where the person was. Gerard just leaned against a building and nonchalantly hyperventilated.
I grabbed the person by the hair, and pulled them out of the bushes.
"Ow, ow, ow, OW!" said the voice.
It was a teenage girl.
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