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You better give that camera to Frankie....

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Hey guys!
Sorry for my complete and total drop off of the face of the earth for about two days. I've been busy. The concert I went to (Maroon 5/Train) was fun. Yay!
Read away!

Frankie's POV
She looked about thirteen or fourteen, had braces, strawberry blonde hair, and brown eyes. She was familiar.
She was one of our actual stalkers that we all forgot to get a restraining order on, considering she was so young at the time she started following us.
"What are you doing here? I thought you were from Wisconsin or something."
"Yeah, whatever." I mumbled.
"But I could be from Wisconsin if you wanted me to..."
"Knock it off, May." I said. I can't believe I remembered her name. "Now what I need you to do is to give me that camera for a minute."
"No!" she yelled. 
"Why not?" I asked.
"This is information that must be revealed to the public!" she yelled.
We both heard a weird noise. I looked over to Gerard. He had hyperventilated so much that he passed out. That was the last straw.
"GIVE ME YOUR MOTHER FUCKING CAMERA, AND NO ONE GETS HURT!" I yelled at her. She started to run away, but I grabbed her by the arm.
"NO!" she yelled.
I sighed and said in a low-key voice, "Listen, if you don't let me delete those pictures I'll, I'll...." I couldn't do this. I collapsed on the ground, and started to cry. "We can't let anyone see anything. We just want normal lives. Don't you want that? Can't you understand that this can destroy everything?"
She was silent, and started to walk away. Walking turned into running, and running turned into sprinting. Before I knew it, she was at the street corner. Something stopped her from turning the corner. She started to run my way again, someone behind her.
I looked over my shoulder.
Gerard was gone.

Gerard's POV
I had heard their conversation, and she wasn't going to give him the photos. I heard Frankie crying, and that was just too much to handle.
Good thing no one was looking at me, because I hopped a fence and started sprinting to the street corner where she was headed.
I got there, and heard her running.
She stopped running when she saw me.
"Give him the camera, or I'll find where you live and brutally stab you repeatedly in your sleep. And if you tell anyone about this little encounter with us, I'll be sure to personally gauge your eyes out." 
She looked scared shitless.
She started running back to Frankie. I saw her hand him the camera, he sat there and pushed a few buttons, made sure all pictures were gone, shook her hand, and watched her run away.
I slowly walked over to Frankie.

Frank's POV
"Oh Gee... I don't know what would do without you." I said as hugged him tightly.
He was silent. I looked up at him to see he was crying.
"What's wrong, Gee?"
"It's just-" he wiped his eyes and sniffled. "I never thought I would hear you say that." I held him closer. 
"Neither did I, Gee. Nether did I..."
We pulled away from each other, and started to walk to Ray's again, looking like friends, just friends. I was okay with that for public's sake.
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